BLACKPODS REVIEW : From Budget To High-End

LAST UPDATED: October 18th, 2022 | BY: Stacy Merci

Blk Pods

Black Pods which were found in 2018 in Chicago, Illinois have become popular after some humble beginning and are much loved by millions of people. Although, they are not designed by Apple.

Blvck Pods has gained much relevance and interest as these are the classiest, coolest, and comfiest earbuds available that have taken the market by storm.

The tiny matte or shiny black twin of AirPods with the newest technology is nearly half of the price of the AirPods.

Black pods offer a unique, ergonomic shape in comparison with the traditional wireless earbuds, which are round in shape.

As per your convenience and preference, you can buy the one you like. The sound quality feature of the ear pods is better than any other fake pods.

But many customers reported the issue of sound leakage at the maximum level and there may be a chance of hearing minute noises while wearing earplugs as the complete blocking of the surrounding noises is not the case.

The Black pods are worth the purchase only if you want to use them at home they are highly portability, easy to use and carry.

4 BLK Pods Review For You



Use Of Premium H1 Chip

In Built Control Panel

Bluetooth Connectivity Up To 40m



QI Compatible

Good For Travelling

Single Touch Sensors


Blackpods 3

Light Weighted

Wireless Charging

Automatic In Ear Detection


BlackPods Pro

Light Weighted

Good & Comfortable Grip

Bluetooth Connectivity Up To 30m

Most Recommended Black Pods, Reviewed Below:

Blackpods 2.0:

The stylish matt black finish wireless buds with a wireless charging case and with an additional two black ear tips and USB-A lighting cable case comes at the price of $49.95.

Being similar to the apple AirPods in looks, an average user can’t find out the difference between both of them.

The easy connectivity and the small dots on the sides ensure easy control to the functions. The finger sensitive dots help you to connect with Siri, play/pause the music and skip a track.

They are good for travelling as they can offer 4 hour battery charge and the case offers 24 hours of battery power.


  • Automatic-in-ear-detection.

  • Good for travelling.

  • QI compatible.

  • Single touch sensors.


  • Not so good sound quality.

  • Battery starts draining after a certain time.

Blackpods 3:

The stylish matt finish is hard to ignore with the features like wireless charging and loud voice. They fit almost like AirPods and feel great when you use them in your ears.

They offer auto pause and play features in addition to skip a track. The automatic pairing of Bluetooth connective makes it easy to use. They are good for hearing a call, watching movies and for listening up the songs.

But they are not suitable for almost all the ears and some of the users also faced the issue of leakage of sound at the maximum volume. Some of the user’s complaints about the ear pain after prolonged use.


  • Automatic-in-ear-detection.

  • Bluetooth connectivity up to 30 m.

  • Light weighted.

  • Wireless charging.


  • Lack of noise cancellation and transparency mode.

  • More expensive than the worth.

  • Sound leakage issue.

  • Ear pain after a prolonged use.

Blackpods v3:

The use of H1 chip with IP6 rates and wireless charging up to 4 hours listening time is definitely worth reading about and buying too.

They fit almost like AirPods and feel great when you use them in your ears. They offer auto pause and play features in addition to skip a track. The automatic pairing of Bluetooth connective makes it easy to use.

They could be used for simple leisure purposes like listening to songs, watching movies or even for a call too.

For many people it was utter trash as they aren’t good enough for maintaining the power backup as well a leakage in the sound quality adds to the other major drawback.


  • Automatic-in-ear-detection.

  • Supports the bluetooth connectivity up to 40m.

  • Use of premium H1 chip.

  • Comes with in-built control panel.


  • Does not offer any noise cancellation.

  • Not worth the price.

  • Lack of sound privacy.

  • Poor battery life and power backup.

Blackpods Pro:

The stylish matt black finish buds with a charging base comes at the price of $69.95. Although being a little small in design compared to Apple AirPods but are very comfortable, easy to use and stays in the ear even if you are doing exercise.

They come with Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity up to 50m and are very light-weighted. The automatic-in-detection feature makes them better than any other model.

The major drawback many of the customers felt is the lack of noise cancellation and transparency option.

The option is although given in the ear buds but doesn’t work. The product offers a long battery.


  • Good and comfortable grip.

  • Automatic-in-ear-detection.

  • Bluetooth connectivity up to 30 m.

  • Light weighted.


  • Lack of noise cancellation and transparency mode.

  • More expensive than the worth.


1. Boltune BT-BH024:

The comfortable and portable design with base-heavy sound profile is one of the best earbuds to use during a workout session or exercising.

They come with the Bluetooth connectivity v5.1 with automatic-in-ear detection and CVC8.0 noise reduction which helps you to focus on the sound better.

The excellent sound quality is great for hearing the calls clearer and with the use of IPX8 waterproof technology; this is definitely a great deal.

The earbuds come with a quick C charge for 42 hour playtime with two mics.

2. Boltune Bluetooth Wireless Earbuds:

They offer a superior stereo sound with its Built-in Qualcomm QCC3026 chipset and PEEK + PU high fidelity dynamic drivers. Further help in delivering powerful bass and breath-taking sound with exceptional clarity.

These black pods come with 8th noise cancellation technology that effectively blocks out background noise and picks up your voice accurately.

On a single full-charge you have 42 hours of playtime with these Bluetooth earphones. They have been installed with touch sensors of high-sensitivity that remain smart enough to detect every touch.

This wireless device delivers the most comfort and accurate way to adjust songs. They have enough protection against water, sweat, and rain with the IPX8 and own a warranty of 18-month.

3. Boltune Bluetooth V5.0 In-Ear Stereo:

These are another pair of wireless earbuds and deliver 2x faster transmission, speed, and more stable connectivity than the Bluetooth V4. Tackles range of up to 50 ft. away and you need not worry about cut off during controlling and listening.

They offer breath-taking music quality and helps you to feel the music and a whole new feel of crystal-clear phone calls.

The Ear stereo flaunts of a CVC 8.0 noise reduction functionality with an impressive 40 hrs of playtime. They come with a compact and lightweight charging case, which reduces the level of power consumption and its type-c quick charge offer a safer and stable charging.

4. Wireless Earbuds IPX7 Waterproof:

The use of Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity and supports hands-free calls with a zero-transmission delay and a stable connection. The wireless transmission range is up to 10-15 meters. These are the best choice for walking, running, travelling, and driving.

The built-in, large speaker provides rich, great Hi-Fi music helps you to enjoy music even in the cloud environment. These are ergonomically designed and weigh about 0.16 oz and fits firmly in your ear while you retain your comfort.

Delivers 4-6 hours of listening time on one full charge and comes with a 400mAh charging case and lets you recharge your earbuds up to 5 times. The multi-functional control button makes the use and handling easy.

5. True Wireless Earbuds, Vankyo X200:

With the advanced Bluetooth 5.0 technology, you get 2x faster transmission speed and more stable connectivity without signal loss or music dropouts. These offer superior stereo sound quality and you can experience podcasts, calls, movies, and more.

They provide an authentic sound with a powerful bass performance with its 8 mm large size speaker driver. They come with a portable 3500mAh smart charging case and allows you to recharge your earbuds when you are in the go.

On a single charge, You get 7 hours of listening time and 5 hours talk time. These are perfect for fitness, travelling, and more with the IPX8 sweat and water-resistant quality.

6. Tozo T6 True Wireless Earbuds:

Like the others, this also adopts the most advanced Bluetooth 5.0 technology and provides in-call stereo sound with stable and fast transmission without tangling.

The TOZO T6 offers a truly natural, authentic sound, and powerful bass performance with 6mm large size speaker driver. They connect each other automatically and then by one-step pairing you can easily enter Bluetooth setting for best results.

These are IPX8 waterproof and have a charging case with an inner Nano-coating that are ideal for sweating out at the gym.

With a single charge, they can last over 6 hours playtime. The charging case provides convenient wireless charging with no strings attached.

7. Soundpeats Truefree2 Wireless Earbuds:

These are customized exclusive and soft silicone air fins that provide you with a secure and comfortable fit. The reinforced design with an IPX7-rated product keeps you to enjoy an active, positive lifestyle.

You get an uninterrupted connection and auto-pairing with the earbuds and an instant pairing right after out of charging case. The built-in 6mm bio-compound diaphragm driver streams finely tuned sound with no distortion and outstanding clarity.

A 12 months hassle-free warranty is ensured by the Sound PEATS. They provide full control along with easy operation while you switch tracks, adjust volume, handle calls, activate voice assistant. The type-C charge brings convenience and ensures safe and fast charging.

Why Are BLK Pods Good?

blackpods 3

Improve Physical Performance

They have been proved and suggested by studies that fast-paced music works well to increase the performance of athletes after the pace of moderate exercise levels. Black Pods are working amazingly in this concern.

Increases Power

Be it the endurance levels, productivity, power, or strength, music plays an essential role in empowering you. Black Pods constructed with the latest technology have been appreciated wonderfully by the users while they are on the go.

blackpods v3

Psychological Effect

The music works to train your brain. These black pods work brilliantly to trigger you with much zeal and relaxation at the same time. They are so light and easy to use and maintain that one can’t resist to buy them.

Design And Function

Black pods and earbuds have designed brilliantly to provide you with the maximum output with a perfect fit for your ears. The features they exhibit are marvellous and keep you away from any sort of distractions around. These can be called wireless magic devices.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Are Black Pods Android Compatible?

Ans: After you do a simple one-tap setup these amazing compact devices work like magic and remain automatically on and always connected. They can sense when they are in the ears and automatically stop playing the audio when you take them out. The Black Pods are universally compatible with IOS, Android device, and Bluetooth 5.0.

Q2. Black Pods Or Air Pods Which Ones Are Better?

Ans: Black Pods are trending these days but as compared to the Air pods they may show some signs of leakage at a maximum volume. The fitting is just fine like the AirPods and personally speaking they go parallel in quality and performance.

Q3. Are Blackpods Worth It?

Ans: The BlackPods Pro is currently available for $69.95, a discount on the original $99.95 price. I cannot advise you to get these headphones. Fake AirPods have become a fraud, and crooks have an easy time taking advantage of the enthusiasm created by technology critics.

Q4. Is BLK Pods Legit?

Ans: “This is a complete ruse! I’m serious when I say there’s no customer support. User advises you to use a different firm.” “I ordered Six weeks ago and have yet to receive my item!

Q5. How Long Do Blackpods Take To Deliver?

Ans: Clients have the option of receiving their order in two days. Orders placed outside of the United States may take up to 20 business days to arrive. In typically, our deliveries arrive within weeks, but the total time specified by the shipping firms is no more than 20 working days.

Q6. Who Makes Black AirPods?

Ans: The most well-known comes from the ColorWare firm. Custom-colored AirPods are available from ColorWare. You can still purchase the Black AirPods you need for an extra $40. The caveat is that you must purchase them from ColorWare.

Q7. Why Won’t My Black Pods Connect?

Ans: If your AirPods aren’t connecting, ensure they’re charged, Bluetooth is turned on for the gadget you’re connecting to, and the gadget is reset before trying again. If none of the above methods work, disconnect your AirPods from your smartphone, reset them, then reconnect them.


We can say that Black Pods have made a solid place by their occurrence in the market. Whether you are a nature lover or a gym-goer don’t miss out the earbuds or the best Black Pods to use.

We have some of the best ones mentioned here and our vote goes for Boltune Bluetooth Wireless Earbuds, but the other competitive products are also not less. Grab one pair of Black Pods soon!!!!!