Clarity Phones For Hearing Impaired



Clarity Cordless Phone

Clarity xlc3 4 amplified cordless phone

Severe hearing problems can no longer prevent you from using phone, this amazing product Clarity XLC3.4 Amplified Cordless Phone is designed especially for you. Trouble hearing mild as well as moderate tones too? Then go for this specialised phone which converts the incoming sound to highest level and outgoing to a moderate level.


4 Tone settings

Sometimes, it is really hard to listen to few tones even your phone is audible. In that case, increasing the volume is not going to help you at all. This 4 tone setting can help you to customize the tone so as to hear clearly of what they are talking.

Amplified Sound Quality

The person who is attending the call is having severe hearing loss so this phone understand the situation and customizes incoming sound up to 50+dB where as the other one who is listening is having a normal hearing power so it changes the sound of outgoing speech up to 15dB. Isn’t great?

Caller ID

When the phone rings we might be hurrying to pick it, but what happens if it is an unwanted sales call?. You would definitely be frustrated after picking this call in a hurry. Here comes caller id to rescue you from this situation. You can simple avoid those unwanted calls after seeing the number that flashes on your caller id.

Dual Power Battery

Power outages can never leave you deserted when you use this phone. The Dual power battery backup is an excellent feature that can help you to make and attend calls even when the power id out.

Bright Visual Ringer

Elderly people who have both severe hearing with slight visual problem need a phone that addresses both the issues. The flashy and bright visual ringer can be very helpful in this case.

DECT 6.0 Technology

Expect a superior sound clarity even interference created by wireless networks. This DECT 6.0 technology allows you to enjoy interference-free communication.


Speaker facility is one of the most important one in this phone and that too it can be turned on without having the base nearby.


  • Add up to 4 additional handsets if you have many rooms in your house.

  • Dual power battery allows calls even when the power is out.

  • Caller ID displays the number so it is easy to avoid unnecessary calls.

  • 4 tone settings is a fantastic feature that allows a customised listening.

  • Comes with a belt clip for Hands-Free Mobility.


  • The volume adjust knob is placed on the side of the unit which might be comfortable for some users.

  • Comes with high price tag but it is worth it.


Adjusting, just the volume might not be enough for severe hearing loss people as they need tones to be adjusted to understand clearly of what other speak. Though Clarity Phones is a great product, reconsider if you are having Verizon wireless landlines as it may not provide you complete satisfaction.


Clarity Phone System

clarity wireless phone

Some might not prefer to go for cordless version because they might not render very good voice quality like corded ones. This Clarity Alto 54005.001 Digital Extra Loud Big Button Speakerphone is one such model that can amplify the incoming sound to its maximum volume so that hearing impaired can easily hear.


Easy To Dial Keypads

Those over sized back lit keys are the best feature for people with sight problems. Tiny keys can definitely be suitable for normal persons but not for elderly, they need extra assistance in manoeuvring the keypad.

Extra Loud Ringer

This extra loud ringer volume is indeed the most demanding one which each elderly would ask for. In case, you want to shut the ringer off just press the mute button to do its work.

Battery Backup

This feature is the most essential ones in modern phones that hit the market. Even, when there is a big power outage you should be in a position to make calls or receive which is possible with Clarity Alto 54005.001 Digital Extra Loud Big Button Speakerphone.

Bright visuals

When it rings, you can definitely notice from any corner of the house. Yes, this phone lights up brightly when it rings which is an added treat. Especially at night, this feature is so beneficial for elderly who might miss to notice the phone when it rings.

Digital Clarity

Many seniors and severely clarity phones for hearing impaired people would always feel the stress of not able to talk over the phone properly. Some prefer to attach amplifier boxes to the regular phones, which might or might not work at all. This phone is a boon for such people as this phone incorporates hearing aid technology for clearer call quality.

Attractive Design

This clarity phone not only suits all your demands but also looks attractive too. The black keys on white background are not only visible but also look pretty good. The maroon lower part which has digital display of tone, volume and boost buttons looks even more catchy.


  • Clear call quality is 100 percent guaranteed in this phone because of its incorporated hearing aid technology.

  • You can control this volume with simple and easy to use wheel and large boost button.

  • Extra loud ringer volume is so convenient with this Clarity Alto 54005.001 Digital Extra Loud Big Button Speakerphone.

  • Battery backup is available that lets you to make a call or attend calls, when the power is completely out.


  • Not a cordless version and comes with a regular desk phone.

  • No caller ID display is available with this phone.


If you want to present a good phone to your granny who is having hearing issues, then this would be a perfect choice as it amplifies the incoming sound to as high as 53 dB. Extra loud ringer volume and oversized back lit keys are added benefits that comes attached with this phone.