10 Best & Coolest Protective AirPod Cases For 2023

LAST UPDATED: January 5th, 2022 | BY: Stacy Merci

If you own devices like the AirPods you need to keep them in mint condition. Heaven forbid they may break, get scratched or you may lose them.

This is like the cherry on the top of the cake, as when you buy the cool air pod cases you are getting the perfect blend of style with protection.

Who wants those boring cases? As we have a rush of some cool and interactive airpod cases in different shapes, colors, characters, fun combos, and even spinners.

Believe me!!! There is a case designed for all. Get the one that match your personality and attitude, mood, outfit……

3 Best Airpod Case Covers | Comparison Chart

     ★ Best Overall ★       

Mobosi Military Airpods

best airpod case cover

  • Easier To Grip

  • Amazing Durable Case

  • Perfect For Wireless Charging

     ★ Best Budget★       

Hamile Airpods Case

funny airpods case

  • Anti-Static Coating

  • Easy Access Light Connector

  • Made Of Super Strength Silicone Rubber

     ★ Premium Choice ★       

Jelo Premium Plush AirPods

coolest airpod case

  • 3d Cartoon-Designed

  • Best For Long-Term Use

  • Fit Firmly, Hard To Fall Off

Top 10 Best & Coolest Airpod Cases

1. MOBOSI Military AirPods Case Cover

A top-rated product that flaunts of a perfect fit and is compatible with Air Pods 1 and 2. This military designed soft TPU AirPod case provides reliable protection.

The anti-slip stripe and a full wrapped design keeps the case anti-shock, anti-slip, and anti-fingerprint. Comes with a thickness of 3 mm and the protruding design slows down shock waves.

The AirPod case features a metal carabiner clip that makes it convenient and safe to carry the Airpods wherever you want. This has a dampening and drop-resistance quality.

This enables convenient charging and supports wired and wireless charging case for AirPods. This comes with an LED light that comes on when charging.

Note: This case provides ultimate protection and allows your AirPods to survive in unexpected falls and scratches.

2. MARBLEFY Custom Name Airpod Case

This is another really cool airpod case from MARBLEFY official that features a detachable keychain. Like the others this also provides enough protection and security to your airpods.

These come with anti-slip, anti-scratch, dirt-resistant, and shockproof quality. The keychain hoop can be used for attaching onto your keys on your bag. This fits comfortably over your airpods and look stylish and fashionable.

These are lightweight, compatible with wireless charging, with airpods 1, 2, and airpods Pro. When you purchase you get a custom apple airpods clear rubber case, detachable keychain, and a neck running strap.

They come in a brilliant white and black color and made from quality rubber and silicone material, which would suit your white or black air pod. The custom characters are printed with UV laser and won’t rub off the case.

Note: The case achieves the most shock-absorbent effect possible with a mix of TPU and hard PC.

3. Hamile Compatible with AirPods Case

The Hamile specializes in producing quality products that offer a snug fit. Like others, this is also specially designed for wireless AirPods 1 and 2.

This has been tested on both charging cases and the front LED remains visible for AirPods 2 wireless charging. 

This is different from others as it exhibits an excellent nightglow that makes it easy to be located in the night.

This features a carabiner that is convenient to attach the case to a handbag or a backpack. You need not worry about missing anything.

This is a powerful and cool airpod pro cases made from super strength silicone rubber. This comes with qualities like anti-slip, anti-scratch, shockproof, silicone rubber, flexible, and impact-resistant.

The company promises to provide greatest protection against daily wear and tear with minimal bulk. The case supports wireless charging and provides easy access to lightning connector without removing the case.

Note: Smart design with anti-static coating and the night glow keeps this airpod case unique.

4. JELO Premium Plush Doll Pendant Airpods Case Cover

The JELO Premium features an interesting design, is super cute with a stylish plush doll pendant appearance. What makes it look cool?

It is the 3D cartoon-designed case that makes your AirPod look stylish, cool, and different. At the same time the charging port is retained.

This is made from high-quality silicone material, looks cool, cute and sits suitable for Air pods 1 and 2. This ensures easy insertion and removal of the charging case and works as a great gift for family and friends.

This provides all-round protection with dust-proof, shockproof, anti-scratch quality for long-term use. The sturdy metal keychain helps you attach to the keys and keeps protected.

Note: This is cute, environmentally friendly, and hard to fall-off.

5. Lupct Green Camera Compatible with Airpods

This is cool fashion and best protective case for your AirPods and the appearance is unique and interesting. This chic, stylish, and symbol of lick airpod case is a great gift for girls, women, and children alike.

Excellent protection is provided by this and high-quality silicone case remains tough, durable, and can’t be easily deformed. This is anti-fall, anti-fingerprint, and anti-scratch case that effectively prevents dirt too.

This is a partner of Air Pods and is not easy to lose and after the installation is complete the sync button and charging port can still be used normally. This features a flexible wrap-around design for easy and user-friendly installation.

Note: If you are hiking, running, or relaxing this airpod case is the best partner of your airpods.

6. Elago AW5 AirPods Case Cover

The AWS features a classic handheld game console design that makes your AirPods adorable and unique. This shows compatibility with Apple Airpods 1 and 2 the case supports wireless charging for the Apple AirPods wireless charging case.

This is made from flexible, impact-resistant silicone material. The additional layer will prevent scratches and buffs up protection from external impacts.

The case features a special anti-slip coating inside the cap and you should push it down completely and adjust the case for a perfect fit.

You can buy it confidently with a 30-day, 100% money back guarantee and 1-year replacement warranty.

Note: Along with protection you can take the feel of a retro handheld gaming device.

7. Spigen Urban Fit Airpods Case Cover

This Urban fit by Spigen cool Airpod case cover is trimmed to fit and provides precise fitting for absolute coverage. You can stay powered even with the case on and the easy to carry strong carabiner holds it firmly.

This features a precise cutout which is detailed for all charging. This features a minimal look with a premium knit fabric and PC lining.

Soft microfiber inside keeps case clean, scratch-free, and the cover for cover protects it from drops and surface scratches.

This has an open and raise feature for easier access and supports LED light and wireless charging. This is compatible for both AirPods 1 and 2.

Note: This cover is rugged and sturdy than the others in this category.

8. Lumarke Airpod Silicone Cover Case

This is a fashionable and stylish Apple Air Pod case which is made from high-quality TPU material. The case cover offers you with the best AirPods and you can experience soft and lightweight protection.

This keeps your airpods protected against drops, scratches, and bumps. This is adequate and removes the hassle of carrying an additional case.

This looks beautiful with the distinctive marble and floral design. This features a visible front LED and will surely get you compliments from your friends.

You get a 30-day with 100% money back guarantee and a 12-months replacement warranty.

Note: This is a cute roses marble design for girls and women.

9. Lupct Grey Man Compatible with Airpods

This airpod case cover is interesting, stylish, unique, chic, and perhaps a great case for your AirPods. This is a symbol of luck, a suitable gift for children, girls, and women. This cute gray man provides best protection to your airpods.

Made from high-quality soft silicone this case is quite durable and tough. Won’t get easily deformed and at the same time has anti-fall, anti-scratch, and anti-fingerprint quality.

This works as a great partner for Air pods and not easy to lose as the hole provides a perfect fit.

This doesn’t slip-off and after the installation is complete, the sync button and charging port can still be used normally. This features an anti-lost keychain ring and a carabiner to hang the airpods on your back pack.

Note: This is unique in itself, kids and teens just love it.

10. Joyleop (Luminous Skull) Compatible with Airpods

This features a lovely shape with a very cute fashion 3D luminous skull shape case. This unique and stylish case hanging on a bag or a key is a great choice and if you gift it to your friends or family then they will really love and appreciate it.

This is made of high-quality soft silicone and is soft and comfortable to touch. The inside is smooth, perfect for your airpods with easy to open and close and disassemble feature.

The bottom of the charging port allows to charge without the need of picking up the case. This protects well because of its anti-scratch, anti-fingerprint, and shockproof quality.

After long-term use it may become dirty, so you can clean it with a bit of water and shampoo. The same style ring and a keychain allows you to carry it easily.

Note: A great Halloween airpod case that is liked by kids and teens a lot.

What To Look For In An Airpods Or Airpods Pro Case?

A huge variety of AirPods or AirPods Pro Case is available in the market these days. But, prior to selecting the best Airpod case, you need to look at some considerations and those few extremely important things are:

AirPods Pro Cases

1. Size: Be it the AirPods or the AirPods Pro, they come with charging cases that are impressively small in size. Small could still be bulky for your pocket and a thin silicone case will keep your pocket light.

2. Protection: A thicker case will always provide more protection to your AirPods. Avoid investing in a thinner material for long-term use.

3. Key ring Clips: Portability or protection, a case with a good key ring or clip will always work better. Some of the airpod cases are more clip-centric and have little belt clip or keychain rings. Getting an airpod case is probably the best bet.

4. Lighting Port Dust Covers: If you stay in an area where there are more chances of duct and debris that could spoil your AirPods case, then this feature is a must-have. Many of the AirPods cases covers come with a built-in dust cover.

5. Wireless charging: Most of the cases in the write-up above come with the wireless charging feature and this is also important like the others mentioned above.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What Should I Look For In A Cool AirPods Case?

Ans: There are a few things to consider when it comes to case material. Silicone, plastic, metal, textured fabric, and leather are all good options for Cool AirPods case coverings, although metal, plastic, and leather are less likely to collect dirt and lint in your pocket or bag.

Q2. Is It Worth It To Get An Airpod Case?

Ans: The most effective approach to protect your AirPods charging case from cosmetic harm is to use an AirPods case. It is critical, however, to buy a case that fits snugly over the body of the AirPods charging case.

Q3. Is A Hard Or Soft Case Better For Cool AirPods?

Ans: The soft microfiber inner maintains your Cool AirPods clean and scratch-free, while the durable exterior guards against even the most severe drops.

Q4. What Happens If I Drop My AirPods Case?

Ans: The AirPods casing is constructed of silicon and strong vulcanized plastic. It is, however, significantly heavier than the AirPods. When accidentally dropped from a height of up to head height, they are expected to incur scratches and scuff marks, even if they do not collapse or sustain major harm.

Q5. What Kind Of Case Is Best For AirPods?

Ans: The Curve from Native Union is the finest silicon case for the AirPods currently. The ultra-light shell is available in a number of solid and patterned colors and features a large cutout around the AirPods’ Lightning charging connector. The case’s textured feel, which makes it simpler to grasp.

The Wrap up

The Airpods are durable and built to resist submersion and drops but prone to scratches and breaks. Now you don’t have to worry that why are air pods so expensive? that you have to always protect them, as now it is good enough to keep a handy and cool AirPods case then.

These AirPods cases are unique, give a visual panache, are lightweight, and preserve your AirPods well. Ensure to check the features before you finalize your deal.

Add more color and aesthetic to your style with some chic AirPods cases!!