The Complete Cowin E7 Active Noise Cancelling Headphones Review For Buyers Looking For Bluetooth Over Ear Headphones

LAST UPDATED: July 14th, 2021 | BY: Stacy Merci

Picking your choice of circumaural Bluetooth headphones from a list can be tough, as most products appear to be similar. However, you can easily tell the difference if you understand the features properly. Get a clear picture of what each product offers and check to see if it matches your specific needs, before you freeze your choice.

This Cowin e7 active noise cancelling headphones review will give you a heads up on everything that you need to know about this model in the Bluetooth over ear headphones category. We have simplified the terms from audiophile lingo into layman terms to help you understand each feature clearly.

What Are Bluetooth Over Ear Headphones? Why Go In For One At All?

Let’s get this straight. You need to first determine if you need a Bluetooth over headphone. Are you buying it because it looks cool, or are there specific needs?

Over ear headphones, technically known as circumaural or noise cancelling headphones that eliminates sound leakage, and gives you an exceptionally crystal clear listening experience. If you wish to block out the sound from the environment, receive crystal clear audio clarity, get rid of wires, have Bluetooth connectivity with devices


and take/make calls from your phone, then yes, you need “over ear Bluetooth headphones”. However, if you need to be aware of the environment sounds, then you need the supra aural headphones that are commonly known as on ear headphones.

Cowin e7 Active Noise Cancelling Headphones Review


Here’s a roundup of the features that you should know about the headphones.

  1. Audio source :– computers, smartphones, mp4 devices, iPhones/iPads.

  2. Power supply :– battery, micro USB cable.

  3. Connectivity :–microphone, aux, Bluetooth with NFC.

  4. Playtime :– 30 hours

  5. Buttons :– volume control, track skipping, call/music, noise cancelling, Bluetooth on/off.

Let’s look a little more into the tech specs to understand what it means to you as a user.

  1. Since the headphones connects to all devices, you can use this with anything that plays music/videos apart from all phone models including iPhones and iPads. This makes it universal, dispensing with the need for multiple headphones for different devices.

  2. You get to use the headphones by either plugging it to any other powered device through the micro USB cable, or you can rely on the 750 mAh battery. The battery packs in a whopping 30 hours of playtime or talk time which makes this extremely portable.

  3. Next in line is the connectivity. You need not have to plug in wires for high quality audio, the Bluetooth will take care of that requirement. The NFC feature is cool, you need not have to use complex or complicated methods to pair the headphones to other Bluetooth devices. Just tap the NFC touchpoint of the headphone on the NFC touchpoint of the other device to quickly pair the two. You can use the aux cables to plug in the headphones to gaming consoles that do not have Bluetooth connectivity. The microphone allows you to make/receive handsfree calls from your connected phones with impeccable sound quality, free from all outside environment sounds.

  4. The buttons are well thought out designs, giving you control over the routine functions that you will need. The headphones does not come with any companion app, which means that all the controls are on-device.

What’s so good about the Corwin e7 Active Noise Cancelling Headphones

I. The active noise cancellation function :-

Is something that you will love in this headphone. You could be in an airport, traffic, on a train, or in the park and the environment sounds may actually ruin the listening experience. These sounds belong to lower frequencies and are typically known as pink noise and white noise. The Cowin e7 effectively cancels out these low frequency sounds, leaving you to fully enjoy the music or continue a conversation on the phone without distractions.

II. Wireless connectivity :-

Gives you the freedom to indulge in some activity and enjoy it with the overpowering influence of music. You can jog, walk or travel with your favorite music playing, without having to contend with troublesome wires. What’s more, you can take calls on the go, and get back to what you were doing, seamlessly. However, sound quality should always be a non-negotiable dimension in audio, regardless of wireless or wired connections. Here, the Corwin e7 scores highly, giving ultimate sound quality through wireless connectivity.

III. The appeal of music :-

Is the quality of reproduction of the minutest sounds. From the subtle strings on the guitar, the thumping bass, to the crystal clear vocals, every sound makes a difference and good quality speakers like Corwin e7 bring out the sounds admirably.

cowin e7 review

IV. Audio leakage :-

Is another important requirement when you use headphones outdoors/indoors. Imagine wanting to listen to your favorite music at decent volumes, but being unable to do so, because someone beside you says that the sound from your headphones are disturbing. Good circumaural headphones like the Corwin e7 prevent noise from leaking out of the headphones, giving you the freedom to listen to music wherever, whenever. This is also important when you do not want others to overhear what’s being spoken by the other party in a phone call.

V. Comfort and build quality :-

Are important qualities that you may want in your headphones. If you are a music lover or an avid gamer, then you would want the fit to be snug, the feel to be comfortable, without too much of sweating from constantly wearing. The model comes with a breathable design, which means that you will not experience a temperature build up after wearing it for a long time. The build quality is good, the headphones will fit in snugly, and the ear cups can be made to sit flat when you are not wearing them, which adds to the comfort.

What Could Have Made This A Better Offering?

A few additional features could have made the headphones even better. Here’s a small list that we compiled.

  • Sound recording could do with a little improvement.

  • A companion app would have helped in handling the controls and settings.

  • Compatible with PC/PS4 Analog and Xbox One Analog, would have helped if it was compatible with wireless models as well.

  • Could have come with a docking/base station for power supply/charging.

How does the Corwin e7 fare overall?

We rate the Corwin e7 at 4.2/5.

The product is priced competitively with a couple of premium features that are typically found in models that are priced higher. Overall the Corwine7 is definitely a good buy – suitable for use indoors, outdoors and while travelling.

Here are the features that added up to give it 4.2/5 stars.

Features Quality Rating
Bluetooth, NFC Very Good 4.5
Battery Very Good 4.5
Microphone, aux Very Good 4.5
Active Noise Cancellation Very Good 4.5
Sound Leakage Very Good 4.5
Sound Quality Very Good 4.5
Build Quality, Comfort, Style Good 4
Gaming Console Compatibility Good 3.2