Does Medicaid Cover Hearing Aids?

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medicare coverage hearing aid

While researching, I got to know that nearly two-thirds of the population, who is above the age of seventy, suffers from hearing loss. Unfortunately, many of them think that Medicare does not offer any coverage for hearing care. You should have any additional insurance that they might pay you some or all the services, based upon your plan.

But let me tell you, this isn’t the entire correct statement. Despite this, The Company has clearly stated that they do not cover any hearing aid or any exam for fitting the hearing aids. The customer is solely responsible for hearing aids and exams. But this is only limited to parts A and B of the plan.

Medicare part C or Medicare Advantage plans do cover hearing assist. They offer other additional benefits like vision and dental.

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Medicare Coverage hearing Aid [year]:

The plans offered by Healthfirst, a private insurance company, offer a Medicare Advantage plan to more than 1.6 million people.

Medicare Advantage plans are limited to specific cities, mostly all the cities covered New York state, including New York.

These plans do not require any referral for in-network provided they are offered by HMOs.

Some special includes both Medicare and Medicaid advantages.

Read below to know more about the Medicare plans:

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Where Are They Available?

All the Medicare Advantage plans offered by Healthfirst are only limited to New York state. They include New York City, long island, orange, Rockland, Sullivan, and Westchester shire.

Types Of Plans:

Several plans are being offered by Healthfirst. You can choose any plan depending upon the availability of where you live.

does medicare pay for hearing aids

Healthfirst Medicare Advantage (HMO) Plans:

An HMO plan is an application, offering you the care from the plan’s network of providers.

In case, you wish to opt for the services which have not been included in the plan, you may have to pay extra.

These plans do not require any referral from the primary care doctor for an in-network specialist.

Some of the plans have described below:

Coordinated benefits plan :

The plan with a $0 monthly premium does not include a prescription for the drug. This plan is only recommended if you are already having a prescription for drug coverage.

The plan includes every year physical, vision, and hearing exams. This further includes hearing aids, dental coverage, eyeglasses, and meal delivery services, and many more.

These are other key benefits offered by the plan, in addition to the benefits offered by parts A and B.

Increased Benefits plan:

The plan is highly recommended for those who can qualify for Extra help as the plan includes prescription drugs coverage and acupuncture coverage.
The plan includes all the benefits offered by the coordinated benefit plan.

In addition, the plan has an over-the-counter (OTC) allowance of $15 per month for the purchase of OTC items (approved non-prescription drugs and health-related items)

65 Plus Plan

The plan with a $0 monthly HMO Advantage is for those who would like Healthfirst coverage and have not registered for any Extra Help through a Medicare savings program or Medicaid.

The plan offers basic insurance. In addition to the added features, the objective is similar to the increased benefit plan.

medicare coverage for hearing aid

Healthfirst Medicare Special Needs Plans

There are two Special Needs Plans (SNPs) offered by Healthfirst. These are HMO plans which have specially designed for those who are certified for both Medicare and Medicaid.

Check below the details about Healthfirst’s two SNP options.

Healthfirst Life Improvement Plan:

The plan could be a fruitful investment for the people who are eligible for both Medicare and Medicaid or are entitled to cost-sharing assistance from Medicaid.

The Life Improvement Plan doesn’t require you to urge referrals to work out in-network specialists.

Some of the key benefits offered by the plan include:

The plans incorporate every year physical, vision, and hearing exams. The scheme further covers hearing aids, dental coverage, eyeglasses, meal delivery services, and many more features like over-the-counter medication worth nearly $1,740 per year ($145 per month).

The plan encompasses a Silver Sneakers fitness program, acupuncture, and routine transportation (non-emergency). All the people living within NY City, still as Nassau, Orange, Sullivan, and Westchester shier, are eligible for this scheme.


The scheme offers a medical aid manager, acts as a supervisor for your day-to-day health needs. This manager also helps identify health concerns for those that need in-home care and long-term medical aid services.

Benefits associated with the plan comprise almost all the salient features offered by Healthfirst Life Improvement Plan. Plus, adult day healthcare and residential care.

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What Medicare Part D Coverage Does Healthfirst Offer?

Healthfirst doesn’t offer any additional Medicare Part D plans. Meaning, Part D coverage is going to be bundled into your scheme instead.

Part D coverage includes Increased Benefits Plan, 65 Plus Plan, Signature falling in the category of Healthfirst Medicare Advantage (HMO) plans.

Both the parts of Healthfirst Medicare Special Needs Plans (Complete Care, Life Improvement Plan) have been included under part D.

medicare hearing aid coverage

What Is Medicare Advantage (Medicare Part C)?

Medicare Advantage, or Part C, is an alternative to original Medicare (Part A and Part B) where a personal non depository financial institution contracts with Medicare to supply your health benefits.

You may prefer a Medicare Advantage plan if you’d like extra coverage for things that are not offered by traditional Medicare, like medicament benefits or vision, dental, and other services.

The Conclusion:

Healthfirst offers several Medicare Advantage plans to those living in certain areas of recent York state. Both the schemes are worthy of a purchase if, choose according to the need. SNP’s have highly recommended for the people looking for long-term care in Medicaid. Whereas HMO is a highly demanded scheme among people.

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