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eargo neo reviews

Eargo is a decade old; an American hearing aid brand helps to provide another hearing life to the people. All the designs of the hearing aid, designed by the company are inspired by a fishing fly that aims to improve the sound quality, virtually invisible, and provides the best possible comfort.

Compared to other hearing aid brands, the Eargo is quite affordable (starting from $1850) whereas; other brands usually charge $4500+.

All the products the company offers are rechargeable. They are perfect for any person suffering from mild to severe frequency hearing loss.

With the great and emerging efforts of the team, the brand has been baptized with the title of Best Invention -2018, By the Magazine Time.

Eargo Neo Detailed Review

Eargo Neo

Eargo Neo hearing aids come with almost all the new features the hearing aid offers. They are known for their better noise reduction and stable gain (for signals below than 65dBSPL) which further comes with easy adjustments.

The hearing aid uses artificial intelligence and comes with four different volume control settings. After using them once, the hearing aids automatically shift to the other setting, once you are moved.

The mobile connected hearing aids offer better feedback cancellations. The mobile or web-friendly app is simple to use. The app also helps you to book an appointment without any hustle.

They can even make hearing better in noisy environments.

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  • Comfortable and simple open-fit design

  • Provides customization

  • Comes at affordable EMI options

  • Offers various Insurance benefits

  • Uses AI and provides 4 different environmental modes


  • A reliable product does not offer replacement of batteries.

  • Although claimed for mild to severe hearing loss, real AMAZON users say, they are not suitable for mild hearing loss.

Key Eargo Hearing Aid Features

Eargo Neo Design & Built

Eargo doesn’t seem like the other ordinary hearing aid. They are tiny, virtually invisible, and come with rechargeable batteries.Usually the other brands offer charge for one day.

They provide an extremely secure and warm fit. In addition, the corporate offers you free lifetime support with the special Eargo’s team, who are licensed as hearing professionals.

eargo hearing aids

The company offers all this because they believe that people should not feel that they have a hearing aid. They ought to feel that they need one.

Eargo Neo Sounds Amazing

The higher audio fidelity with advanced features like noise reduction provides an experience that may impress any audiophile.

The company ensures the crisper, clean, and sleeker sound fidelity ever. The hearing helps in aiming and bringing back your world with full, rich, Technicolor sound without making any compromises.

eargo neo

If you are looking for the aids which can provide you with a crystal clear conversation then Eargo Neo is highly recommended for you .

Eargo Neo Material Used For Manufacturing

The company uses patented Flex is made up of medical-grade silicone, which is responsible for listening to the low frequencies sound and deep tones as naturally as possible; while it amplifies the high frequencies for clarity, leading to a more natural sound.

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Eargo Neo Is Tiny But Is Extremely Powerful.

Eargo provides a premium and detailed sounding experience. They are minute that nobody will know you’re wearing the hearing aids.

The only drawback the user may face would be the inability to facilitate tall buildings during a single bound.

eargo reviews complaints

Eargo Neo Is Prepared To Travel

Eargo Neo’s charging case offers you a great battery backup which enables you to charge for a whole week. Once they are in full charge, your Eargo Neo device lasts nearly a day long.

Put them on a charging case on a charge, before going to bed, and by the time you get up, they’ll be able to opt for the day.

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Click here to check new accessories by Eargo which will make traveling easier.

Lifetime Support

The licensed hearing professional is there to guide you from the day you are planning to buy them. Plus, with the telehealth service, you will enable you to get Eargo Neo hearing aids and this further helps you to connect with the audiologist who will be there to comfort your queries either through call or by making the appointment via email.

This will further reduce your regular visits to the clinic for the check-up and paying the doctor over and over again.

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After receiving your Eargo neo hearing aids, the company is always there for you to assist you virtually and there to answer your each and every question. They will further guide and provide you with the valuable tips to assist you to create the foremost of your Eargo.

The support of the company does not stop here; you can enjoy the free and unlimited support till the time you are using any service offered by them.

Eargo Neo Is Customizable

The use of modern technology will make life easier. As the hearing aids use Bluetooth connectivity without holding any wire behind your ear. Moreover, the Eargo Neo charger is cloud-connected.

The Eargo’s hearing professionals further provides you with a personalized hearing plan for your ears only considering your specific situation of hearing loss.

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The Eargo Neo hearing aids also allows your hearing professional to realize insights into what your ears are all about so that they can make adjustments and build your best hearing experience ever.

The use of AI will further help to automatically identify the environment and ensure the simple interface between the app and the user. Watch the video to know more about the app‘s working.

Knowing More About The Eargo

Eargo offers three different models when it involves hearing aids: a) Eargo Max b) Eargo Neo c) Eargo Neo Hi-Fi.

Eargo Max

Eargo Max

It provides excellent sound amplification with improved noise reduction technology. The employment of Flexi fiber (known as Flexi dome) with the advanced sound profile memory also has noise indicators.

Eargo Neo Hi-fi

Eargo Neo Hi-fi

The beautiful, state-of-the-art design offers the simplest sound quality for the individual affected by mild to severe deafness. The complete bodied, the highly enriched design fits great within the external auditory canal with a 2-year warranty. The user-friendly app functions similarly to Eargo neo, making the items simpler and straightforward to use

Upgrades In Eargo Neo HiFi, If Compared To Eargo Neo

  • Increased bandwidth for the higher sound quality

  • Smart feedback cancellation providing the crisp speech at both indoors and out locations

  • Use of brand-new, highly advance, ultra-sleek Flexi Tetra Palms for increased comfort level

  • The revamped Eargo mobile app offers more specialized personalization options

  • Increase one-year warranty offers extra peace of mind

Frequently Asked Questions

Q 1. Do I Need Any Prescription Before Making The Purchase?

Ans 1. No prescription is required. Eargo are designed for a special type of hearing loss caused due to exposure to noisy environments or through aging. They are great with moderate to high-frequency hearing losses.

Q 2. Can I Charge Them USB?

Ans 2. No, The Eargo Neo charging case is Bluetooth enabled.

Q 3. Does The Company Offer Any Return Policy?

Ans 3. Yes the company does offer a return policy valid for the next 45 days after the delivery date.

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