Do you have hearing loss? Take the free online Echalk hearing test to find out.

Takes 5 minutes. No email required.

5 Min Online Hearing Test

Do you think you have hearing loss? Take a free hearing test online here. It is anonymous and does not require an email.

With this online hearing test, you can find out if you have hearing problems and test your hearing.  In just 5 steps and from the comfort of your own home, you can assess whether you can distinguish numbers in background noise and whether you can hear clearly as the noise level increases. From the results, you will be able to assess if you have hearing loss and if you should see a professional.

This “home” test is not a frequency test, but a speech-in-noise test; with it you can check if you can hear sounds clearly with background noise. It can help you get an idea of whether your hearing is impaired and whether wearing hearing aids, such as hearing aids or hearing implants, might help.

Make sure the earphones are close to your ears.

Please be reminded that this test is not the same as a professional precision hearing exam to check your hearing and determine if you need hearing aids. This online test is a tool you can use yourself as a guide to check for any signs of possible hearing loss.

When should I get a hearing loss professional test?

If the results of your online hearing test suggest that you may be hearing impaired, it’s a good idea to have a proper professional hearing exam by a hearing doctor, who can determine if hearing aids are necessary. . However, through this free virtual test, you can test your hearing comfortably from home. If the results suggest that hearing aids would benefit you, you should see a professional for an examination.

Hearing Test Information

How is the hearing test carried out?

A professional hearing screening usually consists of a series of tests that, taken together, can determine if a person has hearing loss and, if so, to what level. The result of the hearing test is reflected in an audiogram.

How long is the test?

The full hearing test usually takes about half an hour. You can learn more about professional hearing tests here.

Where can I get tested?

Where can I have a hearing test? Who is in charge of doing it? It is usually carried out by a hearing care professional or a doctor specializing in otolaryngology. Learn more about finding a hearing care professional.

Hearing tests for children

How is children’s hearing measured? The type of hearing test depends on the child’s age, her ability to understand, and usually the type of hearing loss she is suspected of having. Newborns may have a hearing screening and an auditory brainstem test (ABR).