Hearing Aid Vs Hearing Aid VS Hearing Amplifier: Differences, Pros & Cons 2023

LAST UPDATED: December 31st, 2021 | BY: Stacy Merci

Hearing Aids Vs Hearing Amplifiers

Many people believe that hearing amplifiers are the replacement for hearing aids. But audiologist themselves are trying to convince people Despite having the same motive, however, hearing aids and hearing amplifiers aren’t very similar, both of the products do have a difference.

Although sound amplifiers as seen on the TV have become a very popular and tempting purchase these days. If you are suffering from frequency-specific hearing loss then it cannot tranquilize by amplifiers whereas hearing aids could be dangerous.

Hearing aids are the gold standard treatment and are not everyone’s cup of tea as they’re not frequently placed under the cover of insurance.

Whereas, the penny-pinching people, attempts to reject the treatment offered by hearing aids and usually goes for hearing amplifiers as they are cheap and budget-friendly.

But before making any purchase over, I recommend you to read this article and recognize the key difference and then observe which one is the best suited for you.

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Hearing Amplifiers vs Hearing Aids

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According to the audiologist, hearing assist, and personal sound amplifiers (commonly known as PSAP), both products are used for improving the hearing quality but the major difference depends upon the type of hearing loss an individual is going through.

Both the products are wearable, uses almost similar technology, and have alike functions.

Sound Amplifiers:

PSAP is usually used to boost up the environmental hearing without any hearing loss. They simply make the voices louder without interrupting the frequency or the volume of the sound.

You can easily busy PSAP without any prescription or heaving evaluation test. They, however, could lead an individual to hear the loss in later life.

They are not customizable according to one’s requirement as everyone has a unique pattern of hearing loss.

Hearing Aids:

These are the products that are regulated by the FDA and are designed with considering your personalized pattern of haring loss.

They are highly customizable and perform a complex motive, as they are not only associated with raising the volume, but they change the frequency of the sound and tune them depending upon the wearer.

To summarise, we can say that hearing aids are tailored to hard of hearing people; whereas, PSAPs are used by the people for only increasing up the volume or to listen to sounds at a full range.

Do personalized sound amplifiers work? How to know which one is for you?

The first and foremost question you need you to ask if you are interested in PASP’s is that why you are buying them?

These cheap electronic devices are designed for normal people to increase up their hearing ability while doing recreational activities like hunters looking for the prey, attendees can use them for hearing up the lecture if standing or sitting far away while working in a theatre, etc.

Getting a PASP’s, however, may lead to hearing issues later on in life.

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Signs For Hearing Loss:

Investing in both the products is freely your choice but sometimes we are unable to identify the occurring problems in life. But if you experience any of these signs, we recommend you to visit the audiologist soon or take up an online hearing test.

  • A sense of muffled hearing.

  • Again and again, asking the same question during the conversation.

  • Always keep on the increasing volume on TV, radio, or with music.

  • Unable to hear properly in noisy or busy environments.

  • Focus and attempt to lip-read during the conversation.

We recommend you to get your free online hearing test once, before buying any of the products. This will help you to know more about your requirement and if there would be any problem, the audiogram will help you to identify it. This help will help you to make up a better decision.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which type of hearing loss can be categorized as and requires a hearing aid that amplifies sound best suited for treating?

The best kind of hearing aid for treating profound hearing loss is a behind-the-ear (BTE) hearing aid. The larger case allows for a larger battery (size 675), which in turn allows for more amplification.

After which level of hearing loss, a person requires a hearing aid?

If you are unable to hear sound below the 30 dB, you have a mild hearing loss, and unable to hear below the level of 50 dB is called moderate hearing loss.

Do hearing amplifiers really work?

Hearing amplifiers (also known as personal sound amplification products) are used to make sound louder. But due to several numbers of limitations, they are not registered by the FDA and are not considered medical devices.

Audiologists or audio experts do not recommend amplifiers as a hearing loss product and these are not regulated by the FDA for hearing loss.

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