Hearing Assist Reviews – Is It Best Rechargeable Hearing Aid ?

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Hearing Assist Reviews

In comparison with the conventional manufacturers, Hearing Assist is the hearing aid maker that produces hearing aids at an enormously lower price. See a list of the upcoming festival offers here.

They sell their hearing aids directly to the customers and not through a hearing clinic. This actually saves a thousand dollars that could have been a part of the entire process.

Later to their launch in 2008, the brand put much effort into producing hearing aids with an affordable price tag. This has improved the quality of life of many people and has opened doors for many others to use this brand which ranges between $700 and $900 a pair.

Are Hearing Assist Any Good!!!

“Are Hearing Assist effectively treating hearing loss, or for a low-cost brand you are sacrificing a lot on performance?”

You will get a broader view after navigating through the write-up below as we have tried to answer this potent question by doing a deep look at the Hearing Assist styles, technology, quality, and durability of the product.

We have compared with other alternatives too to give you the perfect picture.

Hearing Assist’s Design And Technology:

The strategy of Hearing Assist products concentrate on effectiveness and affordability and this is visible in its design and technology. Click to see why Frankie Jones, who bought it for her husband, called it “Awesome Stuff”

They manufacture and sell:

  • In-The-Ear (ITE) Style

  • Behind-The-Ear (BTE) Style

hearingassist reviews

This further aims at function design technology and offer no-frills look due to maximum cost-efficiency.

The main four design features that make it stand-out:

1. Beige Color:

Most of the hearing aids by Hearing Assist are beige in color. But one of the mid-range model – ReCharge behind the Ear Hearing Aid comes in a gray option.

2. Functional Design:

The overall design of the Hearing Assist is utilitarian in nature. These aren’t designed to win any fashionista competitions.

3. Push-Buttons, Dial, Or App-Based Operation:

  • Push-buttons are used to turn on/off by all the Hearing Assist designs.

  • The two-entry-level models use a dial or a push-button for controlling volume.

  • App-based volume adjustments and adjustments for sound environment, are used by ReCharge Behind-The-Ear Bluetooth Hearing Aid which is the highest-tech Hearing Assist model. Without the app this hearing aid cannot be operated.

4. Lower-Quality Feel:

In terms of quality you may feel that the brand has compromised on quality when they are constructed.

Hearing Assist Recharge Reviews | Top Models Explained!

1. Hearing Assist Recharge In-The-Ear Hearing Aid

Since this is In-The-Ear hearing aid by Hearing Assist so the complete gadget sits in the user’s ear. This is a medium-sized ITE model and unlike others this remains a bit visible, here’s the complete working video.

If any of you are interested in a hearing aid that’s not so noticeable then probably choose some other manufacturer.

Suitability for mild, moderate, or severe hearing loss is covered by this.

When you buy this, you get this:

  • Digital sound technology

  • For 18-20 hours of operation the battery takes 3-hours

  • Two HABIO-KLR-S in-the-ear rechargeable hearing aids

  • Amplification as much as 35 dB

  • Feedback suppression features

  • Layered background-noise reduction features

  • A de-humidifying charging case

  • 1-year warranty with 60-day satisfaction guarantee

To get an ITE design the users are sacrificing some helpful tech-features as this is the lowest tech-offering by Hearing Assist.

Multiple sound environment programs are not included by this and the volume setting can be changed by pressing a small side button.

If you are keen on buying the Hearing Assist then you can consider other models of this brand such as the “ReCharge behind the Ear” model as this offers better hearing aid performance with technology with the same price tag.

Where per pair price is $699.99 of ReCharge In-The-Ear Hearing Aid.

2· Hearing Assist Recharge Behind-The-Ear Hearing Aid

This model is a BTE style and the constituents of the hearing aid rest behind the ear. This is the brand’s mid-level offering and as compared to the ITE model that we have reviewed above this vaguely offers better tech and performance.

Shows suitability for mild to moderately-severe hearing loss condition, see how professional audiologists rate it.

No smartphone connectivity is supported by this hearing aid and all the adjustments need to be achieved by the hearing-aid on its own.

For cycling through 4 different sound environment programs the model comes with a single button for turn/off purpose: Quiet, Noisy, TV, Outdoor.

A dial is included in the hearing aid for adjusting volume as your prefer.

When you buy this, you get this:

  • Digital sound technology

  • Feedback suppression technology

  • Charging station

  • Amplification as much as 43dB

  • Noisy conditions can be dealt better with this directional microphone

  • Layered background for noise reduction features

  • Two rechargeable BTE hearing aids

  • For approx., 20-hours of operation the battery takes 3-3.5 hours to charge

  • 4-sound environment programs

  • 1-year warranty with a 60-day satisfaction guarantee

There are some others also in the market which are priced lower than this and offer more features and you can compare accordingly.

3· Hearing Assist Recharge Behind-The-Ear Bluetooth Hearing Aids

The maximum advanced features of the of the Hearing Assist product line-up is included in the ReCharge Behind-The-Ear Bluetooth Hearing Aid.

If we talk about technology and hardware then this is similar to that of the one discussed right above “ReCharge Behind-The-Ear Hearing Aid”.

But one major difference is that this model connects to a smartphone through Bluetooth.

The smartphone app makes the users to have a complete control over the hearing aid. This comes with a “Hearing Check” feature also that not only tests your hearing but optimizes the hearing-aid automatically based on the results.

The unique hearing profile of the users can only be dealt with this automatic adjustment feature. The support staff at Hearing Assist cannot make adjustments to reflect a medically-tested hearing-loss profile.

There are some more hearing aids that promise promisingly provide more precise customization and that too by a certified audiologist.

This shows suitability for mild to moderately-severe hearing loss.

When you buy this, you get this:

  • Digital hearing-aid technology

  • Amplification as much as 43dB

  • Two rechargeable BTE hearing aids

  • Feedback suppression technology

  • The hearing aid is automatically optimized by the app

  • Layered background noise reduction

  • For 18 hours of operation this takes 3.5 hours approximately to charge


Undoubtedly, the Hearing Assist has opened doors to more and more economical treatments but still the online real user reviews say a lot more about it. The durability, craftsmanship, and quality of this product are also pointed out.

At highya.com also there is an average rating of 2.3-star out of 5-star.

Let’s take a look at the hearing assist complaints:

Problems with the quality of the product and not returning of the defective item:

  • According to one of the customers Bob, who bought a Hearing Assist Aid for $720.00 and there was no-warranty except the 60-day money-back guarantee (until you paid additional fee).

  • Then began having problems with the attachment tubes that got loose after using it for two weeks. After Bob contacted the company he came to know for additional tubes he had to bear an extra expenditure of $300 to rectify this defect.

  • Henceforth, buyers should get all the facts up-front prior to investing in them.

Refunding of broken product was refused by the manufacturer (1-star out of 5-star rating):

  • For the left ear-piece the hearing aid won’t hold a charge. As per Charlie, one of the users he had brought a protection-plan, but I was shipped back with a note that stated about the expiry of credit card of the aids and protection plan.

  • This validity was only at the time of purchase when they got paid in full. So this is kind of they don’t seem to honor their plans.

  • I won’t recommend this personally.

After One Month of Use the product fell apart (1-star out of 5-Star Rating):

  • According to Sharon, one of the users, after the purchase of the Hearing Assist the plastic ear-inserts got separated. The metal remains screwed to the plastic part of the device and after it separated from the hearing device the reattachment was very difficult.

  • She found this of low-quality and doesn’t recommend to pick this one.

Very Happy With Product Quality and Performance (5 Out of 5-Star Rating):

  • One more customer who bought this just loved them like anything. The wife of Derik said that she was happy that her husband could hear much better after using the Hearing Assist hearing aid.

  • The happy couple strongly recommends to buy the Hearing Assist.

Four Hearing Assist Hearing Aid Alternatives To Shop Right Now

Personal Rechargeable Hearing Amplifier

hearingassist.com reviews

USB - Portable Hearing Amplifiers

hearing assist hearing aids

Rechargeable Pocket Talker Hearing Amplifier

hearing assist devices

Digital Rechargeable Hearing Amplifier

hearing assist hearing aids reviews

1. Hi-FiSoundy Rechargeable Hearing Amplifier

hearingassist reviews

When you buy this, you get this:

  • Full charge: About 2 hours

  • Larger capacity: Use 20-24 hours at a time

  • Comfortable to wear as comes with ear domes of 3 sizes

  • Small, lightweight, and discreet design is almost invisible behind the ear

  • Optimized digital signal processing hearing amplifier

  • 1-year manufacturer warranty and a 90-day free return or replacement

This hearing aid model is simple and easy to operate and you can charge it with a USB cable anywhere and anytime you want. This features open fit domes to assist hearing and saves your money too as you need not buy any batteries.

On full-charge the battery runs around 20-24 hours continuously. With a single switch the program can be controlled and volume can be adapted to different environments with one switch.

People can use it with much ease and adjust volume with a finger. The lightweight material makes it easily wearable and you will forget as if you are wearing something.

This features two kinds of sound tubes left and right with 3 earplugs.

If you wear glasses then also you can use these comfortably. You can enjoy your life more comfortable with the optimized digital signal processing hearing amplifier.

2. Maihear Personal Digital- Rechargeable Hearing Aids Amplifier

hearing assist recharge reviews

When you buy this, you get this:

  • Intelligent identification of charging direction

  • Limited charging current protection system

  • Fast charging: Less than 3.5 hours for a full charge

  • Long use time: Up to 20 hours

  • 2 Channels WDRC DSP

  • Indicator light: Solid Blue light when charging, Solid Green light when fully charged

  • 60 Days Money-Back, 1-year manufacturer warranty and unlimited customer service

The Maihear Personal Digital is a smart and high-quality advanced Mini Microprocessor for background noise reduction and feedback cancellation. This Magnetic Contact Charging Hearing Aids or Amplifier makes normal speech clearer and suitable for mild to moderate hearing loss but not for severe or profound deaf.

This is rechargeable with limited charging current protection system that makes charging more convenient and safe. You need to charge less than 3.5 hours for full charge and use time up to 20 hours.

The hearing aid amplifier comes with 4 working modes:Quiet, Noisy, TV Mode, Outdoor.

After switching the press button you can hear beeps that you can match with 4-programs. For on/off, you need to press the button for long.

The design is: User-friendly, Compact, Lightweight, Flexible.

You can easily carry it anywhere. The after-sales service is just perfect.

3. HiFiSoundy Upgrade Rechargeable-Hearing Sound Amplifiers Aids

hearing assist review

When you buy this, you get this:

  • Beautiful stylish design looks like earbuds

  • Easy to control volume and on/off

  • 3-ear tip sizes ensure a secure fit

  • Rechargeable- after charging for 2 hours can be used for 10-12 hours

  • Protection box has built-in 300mAH battery

  • Hassle-free after-sales

This is updated version which is designed for mild to moderate use. This amplifier upgrade is a better speaker and a Hearing Assist that looks like earbuds which helps its users to hear missed sound with maximum clarity.

The HiFiSoundy Upgrade is easy to operate and features a key switch to adjust volume and turn on/off. You just need to short press for volume and long press for turn on/off (no need to take off).

This gives 10 hours working for sound amplifier and 3-4 times charging with portable case. Charge it anytime and anywhere without replacing the small expensive batteries. This is compact, comfortable, and the earplugs will fit any sized ear (3-shape earplugs included).

You get hassle-free after-sales service in case of any issues and the volume control button is below while the MIC is above.

4. Maihear Rechargeable Pocket Talker - Hearing Aid Amplifier

hearing assist reviews

When you buy this, you get this:

  • Transmission distance: 20M, remote Microphone in Audio transmitter Box

  • USB rechargeable: 1-2 hours for full charge

  • Lithium-ion battery capacity: 180 mAH

  • 3-preset listing programs with app for easy choice

This Maihear model flaunts of a distortion-free wireless data transmission technology which is designed to blocking out unwanted noise without compromising music, video, and podcast sound quality while you are watching TV or enjoying music.

This Pocket Talker Hearing Aid Amplifier for TV Watching also has an ultra-long transmission distance and the audio transmitter box can achieve a transmission distance of up to 20 meters, and even if you are away in the other rooms you won’t be missing out any important piece of conversations.

USB charging makes everything more convenient and you need not change any batteries thereby it saves money and benefits the environment too. This takes only 1-2 hours with a service time of up to 15 hours.

There are 2 working modes switch: Normal, TV Mode.

This helps you meet different environments and improved intelligibility of speech. Noise- reduction technology eliminates the interfering noise and also provides the most realistic sound while amplifying important sounds.

An honest comparison of Hearing Assist with its counterparts

Though there are good and bad aspects of every product but some important things that makes the Hearing Assist and its other alternatives different:

Fine-Tuning And Customization Comparison:

hearing assist commercial

  • As far as the customization feature of Hearing Assist even of the Bluetooth-compatible model is concerned it is primitive and basic while some of the models not even support this.

  • While the other alternatives like the HiFiSoundy and Maihear provide more precise fine-tuning and customization.

  • Noisy situations are handled in a much better way by the alternative devices than Hearing Assist hearing aids.

  • The optimization features and settings (allow more convenience) of the alternatives are much advanced than the Hearing Assist.

Smartphone App Independence Comparison:

rechargeable hearing aids

  • The Hearing Assist smartphone model is joined to the app and the users don’t have the freedom to make changes without making use of the smartphone app of Hearing Assist.

  • On the other hand the others alternatives that are smartphone-compatible are app independent and you need not depend on the smart phone to benefit from the high-tech features.

  • After the set-up and customization as per your hearing-loss profile the volume and different sound environment programs can be changed (4) accordingly by the user through the hearing aid buttons.

Materials Used:

The Hearing Assist in order to keep it gadgets low-prices uses low quality plastic in some of its models and the other alternatives use superior quality materials. You need to ensure that the product you buy is durable or not.

Cost Comparison:

The counterparts of Hearing Assist are available at different prices but promise to offer much better and advanced features than the Hearing Assist. You should compare and refer to the prices and features of all models before finalising your purchase.

Final Thoughts On Hearing Assist And Its Alternatives:

After the opinion and review of some real users, we are a bit worried that the Hearing Assist is providing products at such lower price have a bit compromised quality.

After the warranty expires the product can’t be returned and this seems to break in many cases when you buy from Hearing Assist.

For some advanced technology, higher-quality craftsmanship, more precise and prescriptive hearing loss treatment do consider other alternatives that are available at similar prices in the market.

Better quality, durability, advanced technology, and better customization features should be always focussed for enjoying your life in a better way.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Can I Control my hearing assists through a smartphone app?

Ans. Yes, the Hearing assists which come with Bluetooth compatibility can be connected through your smartphone. With specific apps you can control the hearing assists. With this you can hear phone calls, music, videos and navigation through your hearing assists. You can also control the volume and check battery status with this app.

Q2. What are the most common problems faced when using hearing assists?

Ans. When using the hearing assists for the first time, the brain takes some time to adjust to the present hearing ability and enhanced hearing ability due to the hearing assists. Due to this, sounds heard for the first few times can feel a lot unnatural and loud. But with prolonged and regular usage this problem solves.

Q3. Do hearing assists set off the metal detectors?

Ans. Most of the hearing aids are made of plastic material, hence there should not be a problem with the metal detectors. But if some security personnel do wish to examine your device under the x-ray, then you should request for a manual examination of the device. X-ray can be harmful for the device.

Q4. Can I listen to music and phone calls through my hearing aids?

Ans. Though it can be done with all the hearing assists, but with the ones which have Bluetooth compatible technology this can be done. With Bluetooth, you can very well take on the calls and listen to it and also hear your favorite music while workout, or travel.

Q5. What happens when the rechargeable battery dies?

Ans. If the hearing aid is under the warranty period, you should ask your manufacturer to replace it. Most of the companies replace it without any questions asked. If it has surpassed the warranty period then you have to replace it with a new one, with original replacement.