Phonak Hearing Aid Reviews – Here Is What You Need To Know

LAST UPDATED: October 17th, 2022 | BY: Stacy Merci

phonak lyric review
phonak lyric review

Tiny enough to be absolutely invisible, the LYRIC hearing aid is outlined by Phonak as the world’s 100% invisible hearing aid which is one of its kind.

As claimed by the brand too, PHONAK LYRIC is the art of invisibility and delivers natural and clear sound.

But, how much truth do these words hold? Let us find out….

The Lyric 3 is a unique hearing aid, and they are the first ones that are comparable directly, with the first two generations that preceded them.

A specially-trained otolaryngologist or audiologist inserts the LYRIC in the ear deeply and this device is not supposed to be taken out during the night (bedtime) and sits in the ear for months. These are removed when it is the replacement time for the battery inside.

Since the device is inserted deeply so it becomes a kind of impossible to see while the user is wearing the hearing aid.

By now, I think it is kind of convincing about the Phonak’s invisibility factor but what about the natural and clear sound?

This is basically ruled by the severity of the hearing loss of the user. So, the ones having mild hearing loss can benefit from this and will experience natural and clear listening with LYRIC.

The deep insertion of LYRIC is unique and this will sound natural than the other in-the-ear-style hearing aids. There is a simple rule that lesser the cavity between the eardrum and the hearing aid, the minimized occlusion effect will occur- means the effect due to which booming occurs when you speak.

Lyric Invisible Hearing Aids - Costs And Features

Advantages Of Lyric Hearing Aid

  • These are 100% invisible as placed in the canal deeply and no one can see them.

  • Enable natural and clear sound: The natural anatomy of the ear is utilized by LYRIC, which localizes sound and the wearer gets a full, natural listening experience.

  • You get the benefit of hearing 24/7 without the need of taking them out. You can wear them conveniently even while performing your daily activities such as exercising, showering, etc.

Micro Engineering At Its Best

This is designed to withstand the challenging conditions in-the-ear due to its miniature size and exceptional build quality.

LYRIC flaunts incorporating Swiss precision technology for creating unique technological art. This discreet and small hearing aid originated in Silicon Valley and is appreciated by many users.

The brand is quite supportive and you can make a LYRIC appointment to know more about this incredible and invisible hearing aid.

Phonak Hearing Aid Reviews

Disadvantages Of Lyric Hearing Aid

  • Prone to breakage: As they sit deep inside the ear, so the ear wax or other debris may block the hearing aid. This may require some fixing or repairs of the receiver or microphone.

  • IIC’s may be uncomfortable for some of the users if they don’t fit properly.

  • You may have to compromise on some features in comparison to the RIC and BTE models.

Expert Tip: Before going for an IIC take the advice of a Hearing HealthCare Professional (HHP) and test the hearing aid in your ears before you buy.

How Do These Hearing Aids Work?

The sound is collected using a microphone by the Hearing Aids. The collected sound is then amplified, and processed by making use of advanced digital signal processing technologies.

This amplified and processed sound is provided to the user through a small speaker.

They usually possess four major parts:

  • The Microphone: Acoustic sounds are picked from the environment by the microphone and then converted into electronic signals. This electrical signal is then sent to the hearing aid sound processor.

  • The Sound Processor: From the microphone, this electronic signal is taken by the sound processor and converted into digital format. Sound is amplified and digitally-represented by the hearing aid processor and before being sent to the speaker this is converted back to an electronic signal.

  • The Speaker: This is referred to as the- receiver, and this is where the sound waves go into your ear and vibrations are created.

  • The Battery: This is a power source that enables the proper operation of the microphone, speaker, and sound processor.

There are many additional hardware features too that are included in a hearing aid.

Real User Reviews of these Best Price Lyric Hearing Aids
  1. According to one of the user Calvin this is an amazing hearing aid and he really loved the 24/7 feature.

  2. As per one more user Jane, these are great and she want only this hearing aid to use.

This is hassle-free and comes with extended-wear technology, moisture protection, and long-lasting battery and be it the golf course, board room or shower this works invisibly.

Phonal Lyric Hearing Aid Price

You may find it challenging to find the price of LYRIC 3 online and for making things a bit convenient an advertising platform has been created for posting special deals. These are exclusively for hearing aid trackers.

You can take a look at the complete deals that interest you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Hearing Aids Lyric What Exactly Are They?

Ans: The latest Lyric hearing aids, sometimes called “invisible hearing aids,” are the first completely in-ear, longer hearing aids that are both inconspicuous and effective. Lyric hearing aids are designed to be worn for up to four months without needing to be removed, so you won’t have to worry about refilling expensive batteries every day.

Q2. Who Is A Good Candidate For Lyric Hearing Aids?

Ans: The Lyric-trained audiologists will evaluate your deafness, ear size and shape, health problems, and lifestyle to see if a Lyric hearing aid is best for you. Lyric candidates make up almost half of all patients with deafness.

Q3. What Are The Prices Of Lyric Hearing Aids?

Ans: Lyric is available as a yearly subscription which means you will pay for one year of Lyric hearing at a time. There are no fixes or battery replacements required. Because you will be getting new Lyric gadgets throughout the year, you will always have the most modern Lyric technology available.

Q4. What Does It Feel Like To Wear Lyric Hearing Aids?

Ans: The exterior is constructed of a flexible substance that molds to the shape of the ear canal. Lyrics are really comfortable to wear because of the soft exterior. Many patients no longer notice their Lyric hearing aids in their ears after a brief adjustment period.

Q5. Is It Possible To Swim With My Lyric Hearing Aids On?

Ans:It is not advisable to swim or dive underwater. If you want to swim, let us know and we’ll make you a pair of personalized molds to wear while you swim. Lyric hearing aids, on the other hand, are waterproof, so you can bathe while wearing them.