Best Wireless Earbuds With Long Battery Life Of 2023

LAST UPDATED: March 31st, 2022 | BY: Stacy Merci

Are you looking for a budget model, a premium model? Do you want low latency or longer battery & most comfortable Bluetooth earbuds? How about the pairing complexity? Are you confused with just a few features?

Music lovers are spoilt for choice due to the deluge of models in the market. Buyers are confronted with names that sound similar, terms that are strange and numbers that make it harder to understand the features of a model.

This guide is to help you identify the most suitable earbuds for you, explain the features that matter & compare top trending models:

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Top 5 Longest Playtime Wireless Earbuds - Comparison Chart


10-Hour Battery Life

High-Quality Audio


mini wireless earbuds

9-Hour Listening Time

Highly Efficient


True Wireless Earbuds

8+ Hours Battery Life

Unique Design

Great Voice


24+ Hours Battery Life

Quick Access To Siri

Easy Setup

Longest Battery Life Bluetooth Earbuds - Reviewed & Tested


Apple AirPods Pro

A list without the iconic Apple Airpods? No list can be complete without the AirPods – earbuds have gone to the next level, thanks in part to Apple’s contribution. Of course this model is only for those who swear by Apple products.

The features are simply breathtaking, and many of the models are partly inspired by the features that Apple rolled out through the first versions of wireless earbuds. Take a look at the top features to know why Apple is cult like :


  • Adaptive EQ intuitively adjusts music settings.

  • Charging case packs in 24 hours of playtime – very few models beat this.

  • Unbeatable, stylish design, wireless charging.

  • Force sensor on stem for active noise cancellation and transparency mode.

  • IPX4 water, sweat resistant – perfect buddy for outdoors/workouts.

  • Low distortion speaker, deep bass.

  • Mid and low frequencies enriched with additional microphone which adjusts sound inputs.

  • H1 chip ensures low latency, unseen in earbuds without the chip.

  • Automatic connection, multiple sensors for intuitive functions.

most comfortable in ear headphone

There really is no competition with Apple when it comes to products with multiple innovative features. Like all Apple products, the AirPods Pro is loaded. You get a whole range of sensors that handle a lot of actions intelligently, enriching your experience.

The design is thoughtful, permitting you to easily control the sound you hear. The charging case is like a magician’s box, leave the earbuds in for five minutes and you get an hour of playtime/Talktime on this Bluetooth 5 earbuds. It is a superior quality AirPods.


JLab Epic Air Sport True With More Than 10 Hours Battery

Are you the type who finds inspiration for workouts and fitness activities in music? Do you want wireless earbuds that will help you pump those weights, while giving you the choice of letting in or blocking out outside noise? Well, the JLab Api Air Support is definitely the best wireless earbuds with ear hooks that can meet your needs in style. Features that you will find interesting include :


  • Bluetooth 5 for clear connections

  • Long battery life of 10 hours, plus an additional 60 in the case

  • Multiple sound settings to put you in the right mood

  • Allows/blocks noise as required.

  • IP 66 sweatproof rating.

  • Siri/Google Assistant integration.

  • Make/receive calls at a single touch.

  • 8 mm dynamic Neodymium speakers

  • Codecs – AAC/SBC.

  • Firm earhooks, ideal for workouts.

best wireless earbuds for small ears

This is the typical workout buddy, and its IP66 rating means that even with rigorous workouts that make you sweat profusely, your earbuds will not get affected. The touch sensitive ear buds make it ever so easy to handle the controls.

The three different equalizer settings help you to choose the most appropriate one as per your specific needs. You can adjust the amount of environment noise that can be heard or blocked, which helps you to be more aware of your surroundings if you happen to be outdoors jogging, walking or cycling.


PowerBeats Pro Wireless Earphones

Beats was acquired by Apple, in one of the largest acquisitions in the history of the company. That is itself a sound introduction to Powerbeats Pro. If you belong to the music lover category, nothing, not even high cost earpods can stop you from bonding with the PowerBeats Pro.

The sound quality is absolutely stunning and mindblowing, and the build is extremely most durable bluetooth earbuds, you can have them on for long stretches of time. Top features include :


  • Android compatible despite being taken over Apple.

  • Innovative fast charge – 5 minutes for 90 minutes of playtime.

  • Lightning to USB-A charging cable.

  • Audio sharing – two sets of earbuds to a single source.

  • Stable build, perfect fit for extreme workouts.

  • Easy and practical control interface, helps during workouts.

  • Integrates with Siri.

  • Best of breed Bluetooth connectivity eliminates drops and disturbances.

  • Optical sensors to automatically pause and play when the earbuds are removed.

  • Impressive 9 hours of playtime, with 15 hours from the charging case.

most durable wireless earbuds

These classic black color pods, complete with features that will make other models sweat it out. While the cost is slightly on the higher side, it really will not matter for an avid music lover.

Imagine being able to simply say ‘Hey Siri’ to get the voice assistant working, or pausing the playback by merely removing the earbuds. This is packed with features and is definitely high on appeal.


Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless 2

Imagine this – you are playing your favorite music and you suddenly need to check if someone just rang the doorbell. With this model, you just pull out the earbuds and the music is paused automatically, resuming when you put the earbuds back on. Cool, isn’t it? This has definitely got to be the best. It is smart, it is intuitive, it is convenient and it packs a punch. Here’s a roundup of other features:


  • Bluetooth 5.1
  • SBC, AAC and aptX codecs
  • Longest playtime wireless earbuds– 7 hours, extendable upto 28 hours
  • Smart pause – automatic, intelligent pause
  • Voice assistant integration + calls
  • Active noise cancellation
  • Settings to permit awareness of environment as required
  • Configure controls as per convenience
  • Exceptional sound quality, bass, clear treble and mid range
  • Sleek design, snug fit, waterproof

earbuds that look like earplugs

You get to integrate this model with Siri and Google Assistant, and you can assign the controls as per your convenience. This means no fumbling and embarrassing moments.

The sound quality is truly mind blowing, which means that you will enjoy every single musical note with greater clarity from the Sennheiser 7mm driver. It comes with a two year warranty, which means a lot in an era where sellers forget the buyers after the purchase is made.

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Klipsch T5 True With More Than 8 Hours Battery

We’ve kept our promise of bringing the top of the best I various categories. This is one of the most comfortable bluetooth earbuds for the ones who love to do things in style.

The connoisseur’s choice, Klipsch T5 True Wireless is not just a classy poster model, but is loaded with features that make listening to music a deeply enriching experience. Here’s a round up of the features :


  • Ultimate appeal in design – from the charging case to the form factor.

  • 8 hours of battery, with 24 hours in the charging case makes it one of the top models.

  • Voice assistant integration, calling.

  • Simple, convenient controls for volume, play/pause and tracks.

  • IPX4 water and sweat resistant – makes it suitable for workouts/use outdoors.

  • One of the most comfortable designs, with a unique shape.

  • Codecs – AAC, aptX.

  • Bluetooth 5.0 for seamless connectivity.

  • 4 microphones for enhanced sound control.

  • Deep bass and crystal clear vocals, low and mid-ranges.

mini wireless earbuds

While you are likely to get carried away by the sleek design the moment you set eyes on it, remember the features under the appealing design are as good as the looks. Retro designs will always have an unbeatable charm and this is the finest example of a great pair of wireless earbuds presented in a classy design.

What Are The Top Features You Need Be Aware In Wireless Earbuds?

Ideally, you need to be aware about six features or distinctions of wireless earbuds. Each of the six dimensions are equally important, however, depending on the need of the user, there could be tradeoffs in favor of one or the other. 

#1 The form factor – Earbuds refer to the in-ear format, do not let yourself be pushed to buy other types (over-ear or on-ear). Wireless earbuds refer to the types that are not connected to each other with a wire, but two separate in-ear buds. 


#2 Cancelling outside noise – As the earbuds are designed to fit in your ear, the noise from the environment may impact the listening experience.

You, therefore, need a model that can actively cancel the surrounding noise. Remember the catchword here is ‘active’ noise cancellation – more on that later.

#3 Battery life – This is tricky, considering the design and the size. Having to frequently recharge it may actually see stop using it frequently. You need a model that has offers a decent playtime, and faster charging time – you certainly don’t want to be waiting forever to get the earbuds charged.

#4 Controls – Imagine fumbling and trying to control the volume on your earbuds, ending up pressing the wrong buttons? You need a model that has no room for confusion, especially if you want to quickly reduce volume or pause or answer a call.

best fitting earbuds

#5 Voice control – If you are tech-savvy and love to enslave technology, then you probably would want a model that understands your commands.

These features are offered in the premium category models, therefore, you will have to narrow down your choice if this feature is something that you insist on.

#6 Sound quality – Well, the whole purpose of earbuds is to listen to audio, and it, therefore, makes sense to have a model that offers you an exceptional experience.

You need booming bass, crystal clear vocals, and sharp sound reproduction that elevates the listening experience.

What Type Of Earbud User Are You?

Have you given a thought to the category you belong to, as an earbud user? Let’s give you some help here.

  • If you are the type who cannot imagine life without music, then you are a hardcore music lover. You need a model that gives you the best sound quality, and this means that you would be willing to tradeoff a few other qualities, as long as the sound matches your expectations.

longest playtime wireless earbuds

  • If you are the type who is always on the go and would like to use earbuds for work and pleasure, then you need one that supports you with longer battery life, and easy to use controls. You need performance.
  • If you are the casual user, who would most probably use the earbuds not very frequently, probably on a flight, or when you are relaxing someplace, then you could be the type who wants a model that is stylish, comfortable with good enough performance.

Your choice of earbuds should ideally be on the basis of how you intend to use the earbuds. Look for features that will meet your needs, do not get swayed by features that do not make a difference to your needs. Now that we have got that out of the way, let’s look at some of the top models in all the categories to help you zoom in on the most suitable model.

Comparison of The Five Models – At A Glance

Model Feature Sennheiser True Wireless 2 JLah Epic PowerBeats Pro Apple AirPods Pro Klipsch T5
Battery, Charging Case Good Good Good Good Good
Water-Resistant Good Good Good Good Good
Bluetooth connectivity Good Good Good Good Good
Sensors, Intuitive Features Good Average Good Good Average
Extra Features Multiple Multiple Multiple Multiple Standard
Sound Quality, EQ settings Exceptional Good Exceptional Exceptional Good
Build Quality, Form Factor Good Very Good Good Exceptional Exceptional
Noise cancellation Good Good Good Very Good Good

  • How To Zoom In On The Best Model?

The best way to zoom in on the best model, is to identify the features that you most want from the earbuds. Here is a little summary that will help you :

  • If it is style plus performance, go for Klipsch
  • If you own Apple products go for Apple AirPods
  • If you want one that is more like Apple for other devices, take PowereBeats Pro
  • If you want one for the outdoors, then JLab Epic is the model you need
  • If you want earbuds that have features that are good across all parameters, choose Sennheiser

That pretty much sums up how to go about choosing the most suitable model. Remember, it is always the most suitable model that you need and not necessarily the best or most popular.

Because it is really tough to find any product/model that checks all the boxes to become an ideal product. Make an informed decision, check out the costs to see if it fits into your budget and go for the best.

We have not cramped up this review with too many models – the idea is to showcase the best among wireless earbuds in various categories.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How Can I Make My Wireless Earbuds More Comfortable?

Ans: To simplify the tip into a comfortable position, gently tug on the outer rim of your ear. When the tip is properly positioned, you should experience a reduction in ambient noise. When hearing, to music, you’ll notice a wider range, particularly in the bass.

Q2. Is The Apple Airpods Pro A Comfortable Product To Use?

Ans: Best Wireless Earbuds For The iPhone, The interaction between AirPods and Apple’s other gadgets, such as the iPhone, iPad, and Mac, is unrivaled. The AirPods Pro doesn’t have the finest sound quality of our top recommendations, but for many individuals, it’s plenty. And it competes with Bose in terms of active noise canceling.

Q3. Is The Bose Quiet Comfort Earbud An Excellent Choice?

Ans: Best Noise-Canceling Earbud, If you need to hear to your music in silence, the Bose QuietComfort Earbuds are a great choice. They provide powerful, rich sound and the greatest noise cancellation offered in genuine wireless earbuds.

Q4. Are Wireless Earbuds Better And Comfortable Than Wired?

Ans: In general, tethered headphones have higher sound quality than wireless headphones. However, with the current advancements in wireless technology, sound quality has greatly increased with wireless headphones, making them incredibly comfortable to use on a daily basis.

Q5. Is The Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus A Comfortable Device To Use?

Ans: On a single charge, they can last up to 11 hours. That’s what Experts define marathon battery life for truly wireless earbuds, and several firms have been able to achieve Samsung’s Galaxy Buds Plus’s durability.

Q6. How long do Bluetooth earbuds last?

Ans: On average, a regular earbud will tend to last at least 3 to up to 6 months long; the rest is entirely subjective solely depending upon how often they are used. In most cases, the most common or the first symptom that is highly observed is the loss of sound on either side, even though there are no tangible indicators of damage.

Q7. How to make earbuds last longer?

Ans: Well, some significant measures can help you to make your earbuds last longer. For example: keep your earbuds immaculate and tidy or store them via using earbuds case instead of keeping them here and there, try to have a fixed place if possible, for keeping the earbuds that will help you find out easily whenever next is possible, avoid using them while you have applied moisture and at last, keep the sound of music to the moderate level to prevent any further internal damage to the earbuds.