Nano Hearing Aid Independent Reviews & All Models Comparison – 2024 Updated

LAST UPDATED: March 7th, 2022 | BY: Stacy Merci

Nano Hearing Aid Reviews

If you are searching for the best hearing aids at a highly affordable price, Nano Hearing Aid is the ultimate pick. Nano is an amazing online hearing aid brand in the U.S. With its inception in 2017, this online hearing aid company gives you the full value of your money.

It works on a simple principle, “hearing aids without middleman” thereby implying that customers can purchase the hearing aids directly from the Nano website without the involvement of any hearing aid specialist.

When compared to conventional hearing aids; the technology, comfort, design, and sound quality of Nano Hearing Aid is far superior.


Robert Carlson employed the Nano microchip technology and founded the Nano Hearing Aid Company. The inspiration was drawn upon him by his grandmother who lost one of her hearing aids and was in a state of incapability to replace the same.

Accredited with the title of “Number 1 online seller of hearing aids”, Nano Hearing Aid offers diverse models that can be chosen as per the specific requirement and hearing loss problems. Let’s have a look at some of the most talked-about models.

Nano Hearing Aid - Top Models Explained

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Nano Hearing Aid Reviews

1. Nano CIC

Nano CIC implies completely in the canal hearing assist. This is a small device that fits easily into the ears. Below are some of its pros and cons.

  • Nano CIC is available in two types- Digital Nano CIC and Rechargeable Nano CIC. If you own the former hearing aid, then you are required to replace the battery yourself. On the other hand, in case of latter hearing aid, you need to recharge the device by using the provided charging cases, charging plug, and USB cord.

  • The users have to confront low battery life issue owing to the small size of the battery.

  • Though the device fits neatly into the ear canal, however due to prolong insertion earwax and moisture starts building inside.

2. Nano X2

Nano X2 stand for a behind-the-ear hearing aid. It is a large device with long battery life, easy replacement of parts, easy control adjustment, etc. Below are some of its specifications.

  • It is available in two variants- Digital Nano X2 and Rechargeable Nano X2.

  • It comes equipped with background noise cancellation technology.

  • It houses two directional microphones.

  • It is available in multiple earbuds sizes.

  • It gives users access to four different environment settings- TV, restaurants, outdoors, and one-on-one conversations.

3. Nano SX2000

Nano SX2000, a behind-the-ear hearing aid is one of the most powerful Nano hearing aids. It is extremely tiny in size and almost invisible when worn in the ears. You can easily afford them without breaking the banks. Here are some of its vital specifications that need to be kept in mind while buying the device.

  • It claims to help people with any level of hearing loss.

  • It comes with large buttons that allow adjusting the volume and frequency with great ease.

  • It features automatic noise reduction and automatic feedback canceller that proves quite useful while sitting in noisy surroundings.

4. Nano Sigma

Well, a 2020 Nano hearing aid model, Nano Sigma boasts of being a wireless and app-controlled hearing aid. Using a mobile app and connecting it with a Bluetooth, you can control the hearing aid. Here are some of the features that make it a popular model.

  • It offers pristine sound quality and automatic noise reduction technology.

  • It gets nicely fit into the ear and remains invisible.

  • It is equipped with 4 sound environment modes.

5. Nano X2 Rechargeable

Nano X2 Rechargeable, one of the variants of Nano X2 is a behind the ear hearing aid device that comes with a portable charging case. It takes a total of 3 hours to get fully charged and works for 12 hours per charge. Below are some of the specifications that need to be considered before buying the device.

  • It hosts an amazing design that fits very well in the ear and remains invisible.

  • Its noise reduction technology lets the user hear effortlessly in noisy surroundings.

  • It comes equipped with 2 directional microphones and four environments sound modes.

6. Nano Plug Hearing Aid

Popularly known as the world’s smallest hearing aid, Nano Plug hearing aid is specially meant for those who feel wearing big hearing aid too embarrassing. Here are some of its vital features.

  • It has three basic parts- microchip, microphone and receiver which functions independently.

  • It boasts of tap technology that lets the user arrange the hearing aid device as per their requirement.

  • Its kit encompasses hearing aid, connector cable, software plus programmer, double-sided standard USB cables, five silicone tips in 3 variety sizes & one removal tool.

7. Phonak Virto

This Nano hearing aid model adapts to the user’s specific listening situation and allows them to understand speech in a clear and lucid manner. Being small in size, it fits nicely into the ear and remains unnoticeable. Let’s have a look at some of its specifications.

  • With Binaural VoiceStream Technology, it streams the full audio bandwidth in real-time and bi-directionally for improved sound quality and unmatched speech understanding.

  • It houses the AutoSense OS operating system.

  • It encloses the Tinnitus Balance noise generator in every Phonak Venture hearing aid.

8. Nano RX 2000

The Nano RX 2000 is the most advanced, discreet, and comfortable hearing aid on the market. It’s been designed to help people with mild to moderate hearing loss enjoy life more fully by amplifying sound in complex listening environments.

And it’s so tiny that nobody will know you’re wearing a hearing aid. Below are some of its features you need to get acquainted with.

  • It features noise reduction technology.

  • It is tiny and lightweight.

  • It can be used for 16 hours with a single charge.

Nano Hearing Aid Batteries

Nano Hearing Aid models come with a diverse range of batteries available in multiple sizes. How to choose from a variety of batteries? Your choice of battery relies upon the hearing aid model you choose as each hearing aid requires different power.

For instance, a Nano CIC hearing aid device needs Nano Premium Zinc Air hearing aid battery to function in an effective manner. Whereas, Nano X2 and SX2000 models require the Nano Size 312 hearing aid battery for efficient functioning.

Therefore, investing in Nano Hearing Aid batteries saves you from the risk of turning your hearing aid into a non-operational device.

Real User Reviews:

  • Undoubtedly, Nano company offers multifarious models of hearing aids at extremely economical pricing. It proudly claims the clearest hearing possible in a wide variety of listening environments. By combining Nano-microchip technology, it offers the best products to its customers. However, still, some users have different opinions regarding the device. Let’s have a look.

  • A user from the United States reviewed that he bought nano RX 2000 hearing aid at a highly affordable price and found that its adjustments were quite easy and the small size device was comfortable to wear. On the downside, he complained that the device hurt his ears when worn for a prolonged time.

  • As per another customer, the entire box and the packaging looked nice but hearing aids failed to work right after hours of trying and started giving horrible high pitched squealing sound. Even the customer service didn’t resolve their query and let them wait for an extended period of time.

  • According to one of the users, the Nano Hearing Aid with the rechargeable variant was worth applaudable. He was greatly impressed with the comfort and quality of hearing. With a well-built and sturdy look, he recommended this product to anyone with hearing impairment.

  • One more customer who bought this hearing aid found it of no use. According to him, with everything being so amplified, it didn’t help him by clearing speech. Even the customer support service was too slow and unresponsive.

Comparison Of Nano Hearing Aid With Its Competitors

While comparing Nano Hearing Aid with Starkey Hearing Aids, it has come to the light that the latter type of hearing aid is ideal for people who have only 1 type of hearing loss. Whereas, Nano hearing aid is suitable for people with any type of hearing loss.

Starkey hearing aids offer an iPhone compatible receiver-in-canal option. Like Nano, it allows us to understand and hear comfortably in a noisy environment. Also, it aims to deliver pristine sound and exceptional listening clarity.

nano ear hearing aid reviews

On the downside, buying Starkey aids requires scheduling an appointment with a hearing professional first which can prove to be quite expensive.

Like Nano Hearing Aids, Ovation Hearing Aids is also behind the ear hearing aids. It easily offers adjustment and selecting the hearing levels according to the user’s comfort.

However, when it comes to the selection between the two, people prefer Nano Hearing Aid over Ovation Hearing Aids. The former one comes imbibed with a plethora of unique and novel features that stand out from other hearing aids.


Nano Hearing Aid is the best buy when it comes to cost-effectiveness and high-end quality. The pristine sound quality and voice recognition it offers is simply unsurpassable.

Its dual microphones, background noise cancellation technology, and automatic adjustment according to the user’s environment give you full worth of your money. Why switch to any other hearing aid when Nano is a full package hearing aid brand thus eliminating the middleman too?