Noise Cancelling Earbuds For Sleeping

LAST UPDATED: October 19th, 2022 | BY: Stacy Merci

wireless noise cancelling earbuds

A sound sleep is what all of us crave for. Especially for people who want some relaxation to soothe their anxious mind before bedtime by hearing to their favorite tunes and calming ambient music.

Trouble-making noises like a snoring partner, traffic sounds, white noises, neighbors, a barking dog, ASMR (Autonomous sensory meridian response) soundscapes, etc…..need proper masking or blocking out.

Thanks to the Noise Cancelling Earbuds for sleeping which have taken the entire responsibility of resolving any such problems.

Out of a plethora of noise cancelling gadgets such as headphones (on-ear), earplugs, earbuds (in-ear), headband style headphones or bed phones and more, selecting one could be a daunting job. Not only are they of different types but the price ranges of these also vary a lot ($20 up to over $ 300).

For purchasing ear buds the prime consideration is comfort + ease of use. You also need to choose between a wired and a wireless (Bluetooth) option too.

Hence, after ample of introduction, we have our most recommended noise cancelling earbuds and more….. For an uninterrupted sleep. You are free to pick the perfect pair based on versatility, price, comfort, noise cancellation or smart features.

So, are all the sleep junkies ready to read…..?

Here we begin!!

Noise Cancelling Earbuds For Sleeping – Editor’s Picks

★ Editor’s Choice ★

1. Bose Sleepbuds II

We recommend you for Bose SleepBuds II as their 1st generation were completely recalled in the year 2019 (October), after the recognition of systematic problems in the silver-zinc battery technology which further led to frequent reliability problems and shutdowns.

The hearing device comes with a pair of rechargeable or disposable batteries with a carrying base. The hearing aids offer three different modes: quiet, social or noisy.

With the keen efforts of the engineers at Bose, the battery was replaced by a more dependable nickel-metal hybrid battery. Some modifications to the connectivity, frequency response, and materials were also done prior to the announcement of the Bose SleepBuds II.

You can easily play your own music or audiobooks with these amazing earbuds, but the content you play can only be from Bose Sleep app.

The sleep buds comprise of a collection of soundscapes for masking environmental noises at night like the noisy neighbors, busy traffic, or a companion who snores. The attenuating ear tips become a physical barrier for blocking out unwanted sounds as well.

Though the Bose buds come with the Bluetooth feature but the sounds are shifted to the solid-state memory of the earbuds on their own. This explains that they play from the buds directly and not from the phone. You also have the liberty to store 10 tracks on-board and download more from the app when required.

The ear buds come with 14 noise-making audio tracks which are designed to imitate the frequencies due to any night-time disruptions and later hide under the audio layers. For reducing your anxiety and relaxing to sleep, you are free to select from ‘Tranquilities’ or ‘Naturescapes’.

The alarm function makes you wake up in the morning to receive notification while the phone is ringing (although it’s just to answer the call).

A hockey puck-sized carry case is what you get when you buy the SleepBuds II. This doubles as a charging station and gives you 3 to 4 days of easy use without the need for a recharge.


  • Great solution for sleep

  • Secure and a comfortable fit

  • All night battery

  • Bluetooth compatible

  • Use innovative noise making technology

  • Passive noise blocking

  • Clinically proven to help you sleep better


  • Some users find it slightly over-priced but worth every penny spent

★ Best Anti-snoring ★

2. WUTAN Ear Plugs - Sleeping Noise Reduction

These versatile earplugs ensure to keep your hearing protected from loud noises and work wonderfully for snoring, swimming, sleeping, airplane travels, motorcycles, concerts, shooting, studying, and more.

The noise reduction level is NRR 33 Db, with which you can sleep peacefully throughout the night. The Wutan silicone ear plugs come with 2 pairs (S and L size) which are adequately suitable for kids, men, and women.

You can enjoy the all-night comfort as the patented Jellyfish bionic design along with the soft ear tips allow a comfortable and a snug fit for your ears. Even for the overall health of your ears they are safe to wear because these prevent secretions from being pushed deep into the ear (no pains, itch, or pressure).

The shark fin anti-dropping design eliminates the chances of the ear buds falling out all the night, and you can switch to any sides with comfort while you sleep. These are great for side sleepers too. These are made using imported Japanese silica gel, is waterproof, durable, washable, and easy-to-clean.


  • Easy to use

  • Made with durable and comfortable materials

  • Snugly fit into your ears

  • Offer passive noise reduction

  • Can be put to multi-purpose use

  • Good for side sleepers


  • Not the best for snoring in the list

★ Most Comfortable ★

3. Wireless Sleep Headphones

This amazing device is invented by a doctor when she could not search to wear any comfortable sleeping headphones in bed after receiving late night patient calls. This useful creation by the doctor herself and her husband has helped millions across the globe to have a sound sleep without resorting to drugs.

This is certainly an ideal option for side sleepers as these are ultra-thin, flat speakers and adequately convenient to wear while sleeping or lying down. The features such as play, skip, pause, and volume (built-in) easily let you control your Bluetooth-enabled devices.

You can easily listen to audio-books, soft music, white noise, and everything that helps you unwind your complete comfort.

You can have a fabulous experience by having a 12 – hour playtime and a full charge in just 2 hours. The sleep headphones’ Bluetooth connects up to 15 – 30 feet away and the crystal clear sound quality of the speakers is something you will surely appreciate.

This is again a high-quality product from the United States which comes with a limited warranty of one-year. When you can have the best, why to settle for the headphones that are of low-quality.

You get them in varied sizes (S, M, and L), and fabric: warm & soft fleece fabric, lightweight moisture-wicking breeze fabric. After removing internal components of the headphones you machine wash them with convenience.


  • A unique invention

  • Very helpful for side sleepers

  • Award winning sleep headphones

  • Good audio quality

  • Upgraded battery life

  • Available in different sizes, fabrics, and colors

  • One-year limited warranty


  • Band is not adjustable completely, so check the size before use

★ Smartest Ear Buds ★

4. Skullcandy - Indy Evo True Wireless In-Ear Earbud

The Indy Evo is a great alternative to those expensive ear buds that you may be fearing to lose and nervous to use. You get a whopping 30 hours of total playtime on a full battery charge.

You are free to do everything directly from your buds such as:

  • Skip tracks

  • Adjust volume

  • Answer calls

  • Switch EQ modes

  • Activate assistant

  • Turn-on ambient mode when needed

You can hear more of your surroundings whenever you want and that too without reaching your device. One more thing we really appreciate is, in case you ever damage or lose any part of the earbuds then Skullcandy is ready to replace it at a discount.

The In-Ear earbuds are sweat, water, and dust-resistant. Overall an awesome pair of earbuds that will keep your life sorted.


  • 3 EQ modes (music, podcast, movie)

  • Built-In Tile Technology

  • 30 hours total battery with a rapid charge feature

  • Every bud has full media controls (can use either bud solo too)

  • Water, sweat, and dust resistant (IP55)

  • Can be easily worn while you sleep


  • May not fit everyone’s ears

★ Best Moldable ★

5. NEWFUN Reusable Ear Plugs - Sleeping Swimming

This is another set of ear plugs which are not only inexpensive but very comfortable to wear. They are soft, moldable, silicone putty molds which are designed to snugly fit into the unique contours of your ears.

Like the others in our list these earplugs can also be put to multi use while swimming, sleeping, snoring, bathing, travel, concerts, motorcycles, loud events, concerts, flying discomfort, and more.

Absolutely safe for your ears as these are lab tested and proven to help relieve airplane ear pressure and pain due to flying.

They have some more qualities that make them stand apart like the superior-quality silicone material used to manufacture, they are also BPA free, reusable, washable, & hypoallergenic. You can use it as a gift too for your family and friends. Since they do not have any long end sticks so wearing them while you relax is a great feel.

Even the kids can wear the Newfun earplugs when they swim and ear infections like otitis externa and Surfer’s ear (exostosis) are also prevented. After sales services by NEWFUN is supportive & appreciable.


  • Quickly fits to the exact shape of your ear

  • Multi use earplugs

  • Moldable silicone ear plugs

  • Reusable and washable

  • Great customer service

  • Durable and comfortable while sleeping


  • Not the most quiet in comparison to its other counterparts

★ Budget-friendly Option ★

6. MAXROCK Sleep Earplugs - Noise Isolating

These are all day comfortable earplugs that can be worn for 24 long hours due to their super light, soft, and ergonomic ear design.

Constructed with 2-size ear tips, they fit completely in ear for most of the ear canals. The ear house of these sleep ear plugs enable it to fit and stay perfectly without falling out.

You can protect your listening in a loud noisy environment as the in-ear earplug design effectively drowns out background noise which turns out to be appropriate to block out the snoring, living-room TV sound, roommate move, and office noise.

The earplugs perform wonderfully with their super mini speaker which provide the perfect in-ear snug experience, also good performance for treble and mids without distortion. For long time wear these are soft & comfy, though slight lack of bass in view of the silicone house and 5mm speaker can be felt.

Taking calls and controlling adjusting songs is just a breeze with the in-line Mic. The durable zipper case keeps the earplugs sleep earphones perfectly intact. For a duration of 3 months you have no hassle for returning or replace if needed.


  • Comfortable for all day wear purposes

  • Ergonomic ear size design

  • Offers crisp & clear audio performance

  • Great to block out loud sounds

  • Noise isolating design for multi-use

  • Comes with an in-line mic and bonus zipper case


  • Needs a bit of care while using

More Options

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Key Considerations Before Buying – Noise Cancelling Earbuds For Sleeping

Before you decide which one to buy, you may come across a number of suitable options. Let us get into the details.

On-ear Headphones For Sleeping

Over-the-ear headphones normally offer you the highest quality and this is something any audio buff can be confirmed with. But for sleeping purposes!!! Picking up the right pair could be dicey.

active noise cancelling earbuds

These types of headphones are best suited for the people who sleep on their backs and are not regular side sleepers.

If you are strictly against the earbuds sticking in your ear canal all the time (night) then the on-ear headphones are the right option.

And comfort is the biggest consideration which will always rule your decision.

Earbuds Or In-ear Headphones For Sleeping

Since many of us are owning smart phone these days, so the commonest types of headphones being used are in-ear ones.

The best sound isolation and good sound quality is offered by the in-ear phones. Note one thing here that you need to ensure the right fit when you know you will be tossing or turning throughout the night.

You also need to consider your sleeping position, like if you are a side sleeper then some in-ear phones may end-up digging into your ear during the night which won’t be a pleasant experience for you.

Hygiene is another thing you cannot rule out here as wearing something in your ears may result in increasing the bacteria levels in your ears. Keep this thing in mind as no one wants to end-up with an ear infection in any case.

best bluetooth noise cancelling earbuds

Headband Earphones For Sleeping

A fabric headband that features embedded speakers, sleeping headphones of this type is a recent invention.

If you prefer ASMR sleep sounds while you drift off, are a hard-core side sleeper then the headband style headphones are surely an excellent choice.

Due to the more comfort factor you may need to compromise a bit on sound quality than the other models if you invest in a headband style.

Lastly, the fabric you select also matters a lot. If you want to avoid sweating and sweat a lot then do not purchase a fleece-type fabric. On the other hand you can go for lighter materials such as Lycra instead.

Wireless Sleep Headphones

Wires!! I simply do not like them. You have all sorts of options available these days, be it the wire-free or the traditional headphones (with 3.5 mm attached cable).

The battery life is one of the main constraints when you are to choose a wireless option.

Though the headphones of recent times are coming in the best new versions but you have to figure out the number of music playback hours before you pick a one which is wireless.

If cables are not bothering you, then also keeping the safety risk of sleeping with a wire strapped around your head cannot be left ignored. And choking probably is the most dreaded thing that can happen to you due to wires being wrapped several times.

best cheap noise cancelling earbuds

Noise Cancelling Sleep Headphones

The noise cancelling feature is what we are completely focussing here. If you want to block-out some disruptive noises at night such as your partner’s snoring, dog barking, TV sounds, etc. then go for a noise-cancelling sleeping headphone.

Two major types of devices exist here:

Passive Noise Cancelling

When we are discussing about passive noise cancelling then it is about blocking out any noise physically by reaching your ears. Numerous passive noise cancellation headphones are created to block out the noise brilliantly using the latest headphone technology.
These are specifically designed to block between your ear canal and the noisy environment.

Active Noise Cancellation (ANC)

The ANC requires dedicated signal processing and electronics to do their work. A microphone is needed to monitor the bedroom sound thereby feeding a mirror image audio signal into your headphone.

This comes with a net-effect of cancelling almost any environmental noise, be it your snoring partner or the drone of traffic.

The active noise cancelation does not come with 100% accuracy but only if in combination with passive noise blocking and music playing (background) can bring a whole lot of difference in minimizing the noise levels.

The Concluding Lines

With the best noise cancelling ear gadgets you can have a relaxing sleeping with almost no sound interruptions. Do keep all the key considerations mentioned in the write-up above before you finally pay for one.

All our recommendations & reviews of the products for you are selected after extensive research and 3rd party real user reviews.

Buy with confidence and sleep like a child.