Why My Air Pods Are Getting Quieter Or Louder?

LAST UPDATED: December 22nd, 2022 | BY: Stacy Merci

As I was using my Air Pods I observed that my left Air Pod is sounding quieter than the right one. Initially I though it is my mistake, that I have inserted them inappropriately, then after rechecking found out that the left one is a quieter Air Pod than the other.

This sound imbalance was pretty irritating and my hands just went on for an instant internet search and it revealed that the commonest problem is due to the ear wax.

This issue can be resolved by following the undermentioned solutions.

When One Airpod Is Quieter Than The Other…..

Clean your Air Pods

Take a slightly dampened cloth with some fresh water and wipe clean your Air Pods with it. Use a soft, lint-free cloth to dry it up. A big ‘no’ comes with any abrasive or sharp objects when you are cleaning your Air Pods.

When I was searching about this issue I got to know some tips too that will help you with the Air Pods cleaning. You can try to suck the speaker on your Air Pods and this will clean the earwax. Though being evident this has worked a lot for many people.

Buy some hearing aids kits or cleaning brushes, which will help you with the cleaning. This usual problem persists and you can use either or both the methods to clean your Air Pods for fixing up your quieter Air Pod.

how to clean airpods

Reset your Air Pods

If your left or right Air Pod is quieter then you can go for resetting process. (Check below for details).

When one Air Pod is louder than the other….

Let’s solve this:

Suck it on

Suck the biggest speaker on your Air Pod. You should do it repeatedly and test the sound for any improvements.

As we have mentioned above also that the underlying reason is the accumulation of earwax.

Just check out the video below for how to do this.

  1. Ensure to keep a thin cloth as you suck on it. Use the cloth to wipe the Air Pod each time as you blow.
  2. As you will feel the air going through the Air Pod, you will get better.

If the problem doesn’t get fixed try the next step.

Adjust the Audio Volume Balance

When you will check your iPhone settings, you will find that there is an option to change the volume with either of the Air Pods.

There may be a cause that one Air Pod sounds louder and by changing the settings and ensuring that they are same for both, you will be able to get a clearer picture of this.

Many of the Apple users and our wise readers have been benefitted with this.

Let us find out, how to access on your iPhone or iPad in iOS 13-

  1. Pounce into your settings App and then tap accessibility.
  2. You need to check and adjust the audio-volume balance slider (between the right & left channels of your Air Pods). For having an equal volume of sound, keep it aligned in the middle.

how to increase volume on airpods

Note this: The steps for your iOS 12 or prior versions will be: Settings>General>Accessibility>Hearing.

Cleaning your Airpods

You can follow the cleaning process which is already mentioned in the article above.

Use a gentle and soft brush for the speaker grills. Soft lint-free cloth, and sucking the Air Pods in combination will give effective results.

Note this: When you wipe or clean do not use excess of water or alcohol. The speakers are pretty delicate and using any excessive liquid will make things worse.

Try Air Pods with other Device

After trying out all the methods, if the things still do not get better then you need to find out if your Air Pods are faulty.

For figuring out whether your Air Pods are faulty or not, some have suggested to connect your Air Pods to some other devices such as iPhone, iPad, PC, Mac, etc.

Play a video or song once you are connected. Now check how well your Air Pods sound.

If your Air Pods are performing well with other devices then resetting these is needed.

Resetting your settings on your iPhone or iPad-

  1. Jump into your Settings app – then tap General.
  2. Next, select Reset.
  3. Reset All Settings on iPhone.

The last step of resetting your Air Pod comprises of the Home screen layout, privacy settings, network settings/Wi-Fi passwords, location settings, and more are reset or removed to their defaults.

Your data or media isn’t deleted.

After the reset completion, try out if your Air Pods are working or not.

Whether your Air pods sound muffled, loud, or quiet, and despite of following the rectification steps the problems remain unsolved then replacement or buying a new one is an open option always.

You can proceed in the following two ways and feel great:

Contact Apple support or Replace your Air Pods

You can get your Air Pods replaced by contacting Apple Support, if they are still under warranty period.

You can mail them or go to the nearest Apple shop.

Substitute approach is to contact Apple support, and I did it by using phone. Few questions were asked by some person and after some trouble shooting I was given an offer to replace my Air Pods.

That’s fab! What Apple does? I have my Air Pods with a one-year limited warranty. Air Pods warranty can be easily found out from its serial number. You can also find out the serial number of Air Pods in your iPhone settings.

  1. Settings → General → About → AirPods.

Your Air Pods are required to be connected.

Buy A New Air Pod

If your Air Pod problems remain unsolved and you are unable to fix one airpod that’s quite then you can buy a new one. You can always check out the latest offers and deals on amazon.com before finalising your purchase.

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