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Being a flagship brand of Demant, Oticon is owned by the world’s second-largest hearing aid manufacturer, Hans Demant. Founded in 1904, the brand was established when his wife had hearing loss. Holding a long history of manufacturing innovative and latest hearing aids, Oticon introduces various series intending to serve its customers the best quality products.

In 2016, the flagship OPn was first introduced and became highly popular with the introduction of its first Made-for-iPhone hearing aids. It was the first wireless “internet-connected hearing aids” and advances in sound processing for better hearing. Over a period, the latest flagship will be released in 2021, called “Oticon More.”

However, still being one of the most loved flagships among the users, I will discuss the most frequently asked question regarding the difference between Oticon Opn 1, 2, and 3. To clear your myths regarding it, read this article till the end.

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What is Oticon Opn:

One of the most advanced hearing aids manufactured ever, Oticon Opn is elegant and discreet in design. With an intent to improve the ability to hear and refine the quality of input (speech), the hearing aids work three times better in understanding the nature and complexity of the environment compared to the previous hearing instruments.

Quicker in response and decoding messages from the outside world, the hearing aids are five times faster than traditional models. Plus, it scans 100 times per second to separate the sound from the noise going around in your environment. Allowing you to identify and distinguish between sounds, now the brain has to make fewer efforts to cognizance, and will save much of your higher cognitive energy, making you feel less tiresome.

Designed to increase the efficiency of day-to-day tasks, the Oticon Opn series helps you in your ADLs (Activities of Daily Living). Available in more than seven colors to match up with your skin tone and hair, you can select a stylish accent color of your choice.

The popular and highly-loved among the users, Oticon opn, is a small behind-the-ear style, with a wealth of innovative features and functionalities that offer simple solutions, an easy and intuitive operation of volume, and intelligent features just with finger access and programs. It is powered by a tiny 312 battery that offers long-lasting battery life.

Features of Choosing Oticon Opn:

  • Working with multiple speakers, even in noisy listening environments, makes the hearing experience worth it.
  • Reduced listening to human effort and made it is easier for the brain to understand
  • Open soundscape features provide a complete, fully enriched sound, so you don’t miss a thing.
  • Connects to smartphones and almost all the limitless range of other internet-connected devices seamlessly.

  • Robust, reliable, discreet yet compact, the hearing instruments are designed to let you live life to the fullest.
  • All essential hearing aid components are nano-coated inside and out.
  • It has been certified and rated with IP68 for dust and water resistance (can absorb sweat and holds no harm if it gets wet in the rain)
  • Can be connected with the Oticon Opn App to provide assistance on all matters, and quick customer service makes it one of the most loved flagships.

The Three Performance Levels

Oticon Opn opened the world with limitless opportunities to hear better and introduced a broad range of hearing loss, dealing at levels from mild to profound. The hearing instruments work at the same incredible level, use similar technology, and manufacture the Tinnitus SoundSupport as standard.

The Oticon Opn family of hearing aids includes the three performance levels .i.e Opn 1, Opn 2, and Opn 3. All the performance levels are designed to resolve the various issues of hearing aids with an intent to provide support to your brain concerning tasks like clarifying speech, locating sounds, and various others depending upon the individual’s hearing capacity.

Difference between Opn 1, 2 and 3

The significant difference between Opn 1, 2, and 3 is how practical OpenSound Navigator works for a particular individual.

For instance, if users opt for Opn 3 (by opposing Opn 1 or 2), they might encounter a not-so-deep, clean, and enriched sound quality. However, the access of various speakers will stay the same, but the overall ability to eliminate sounds and noises will be a little less in comparison to preserving speech. But as you move ahead, each level of technology improves and works for better growth.

Opn 1 Opn 2 Opn 3
oticon opn 3 oticon opn 2 oticon opn 1
BrainHearing Support Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
Open access to all speakers
Rapid noise reduction
Localisation of sounds
Speech Clarity
Apersonalised listening experience

Which one should I choose? Opn 1, 2, or 3?

Compare the following three parameters to understand the difference better:

  1. Effectiveness in Challenging/Noisy Environments: The most crucial difference to determine, which one will work best for you out of three, is to consider the effectiveness of the hearing instruments in the challenging or noisy environment. While moving up to the advanced and latest technology , OpenSound Navigator is much more efficacious as you move from 3 to 2 and from 2 to 1.
  2. Sound Quality: The bandwidth in Opn 1 is comparatively better than Opn 2 and 3. The way to handle noisy, rushy, and challenging, louder sound environments, the more bandwidth is required to function effortlessly. The hearing instruments are better at dealing with the environment as you move higher up the technology ladder.
  3. Ability to Personalize: If you want to have more control as a professional, then I recommend you to choose Opn 1 than 2, and if a little less, then choose for Opn 2 than in Opn 3. In simpler terms, The level levels are crafted peculiarly to offer a solution that meets each patient’s specific needs.
Oticon Opn 1 Oticon Opn 2 Oticon Opn 3
Speech Understanding
OpenSound Navigator Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
Balancing power effect 100% 50% 50%
Max. noise removal 9 dB 5 dB 3 dB
Speech Guard™ LX Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
Spatial Sound™ LX 4 estimators 2 estimators 2 estimators
Soft Speech Booster LX
Speech Rescue
Clear Dynamics
Binaural Noise Management
Fitting Bandwidth (accessed in software) 10 kHz 8 kHz 8 kHz
Processing Channels 64 48 48
Bass Boost (streaming)
Transient Noise Management 4 configurations On/Off On/Off
Feedback shield LX
Wind Noise Management
Binaural Coordination
Personalization & Optimizing Fitting PPPPPPPPPP PPPPPPPPPP PPPPPPPPPP
YouMatic™ LX 3 configurations 2 configurations 1 configuration
Fitting Bands 16 14 12
Multiple Directionality Options
Adaptation Management
Oticon Firmware Updater
Tinnitus SoundSupport™
Speech Rescue
Fitting Formulas VAC+,NAL, DSL VAC+, NAL, DSL VAC+, NAL, DSL
Acoustic Notifications
Connecting to the World PPPPPPPPPP PPPPPPPPPP
Stereo streaming (2.4 GHz)
Made for iPhone®
Oticon ON App
ConnectClip (coming in 2017)
Remote Control 3.0
TV Adapter 3.0
Tinnitus SoundSupport™

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