Phonak Hearing Aid Price Comparison For Each Models

LAST UPDATED: October 19th, 2022 | BY: Stacy Merci

The company, founded in 1961, was initially named Phonak Industries AG. It has two divisions: Hearing Aids and Other Communication Devices. In over 90 countries, it sells hearing aids and other communication gadgets. The hearing aid manufacturer is rooted in 1947 and is owned by the Sonova Group corporate entity.

Recently, they have announced a new partnership through which they will provide devices for children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). This association with ASD International will help specialists working with children on the autism spectrum improve the auditory function of those suffering from debilitating effects of Autism Spectrum Disorder using advanced direct streaming technology employed by Phonak hearing aids speech understanding in difficult listening situations.

In January 2018, Phonak introduced its first customizable digital wireless solution called Invisity Studio 901 Bluetooth Device – an alternative for musicians who prefer custom-molded earphones over traditional ones. It features superior sound quality and comes with a lightweight streamer that can be concealed under clothing. The device is also equipped with a microphone, which allows for hands-free phone calls.

In the past, Phonak was a subsidiary of Sonova. In 2014, it became a part of the global corporation Sonova Group and operated under its own brand name. The company’s official website is The company has a presence worldwide with an over-market capitalization of over 9.5 billion USD and has around 3’000 employees worldwide as of 2014.

This blog post will talk about Phonak’s hearing aid review, its features, and the price of its products. Keep reading to know what actual users have to say about it.

Phonak Hearing Aid

Phonak's Hearing Aid Features:

  • Phonak devices for personal use offer benefits: connectivity with smartphones, Bluetooth, automatic feedback suppression, and wireless range. The company’s mission is to develop products that improve the lives of the hearing impaired.
  • Several Phonak hearing aids can be used with noise reduction tools such as NoiseTracker, which reduces background noise such as speech interference and improves speech intelligibility.
  • Wireless functionality includes tinnitus therapy systems available in selected countries.
  • With the myPhonak app, you can personalize your hearing aid settings to fit your preferences. The myPhonak app also allows you to operate your hearing aids from a distance with your smartphone.
  • Phonak manufactures the latest technology hearing aids , including advanced direct streaming and miniaturized custom molding. They are designed to improve the quality of life of those who suffer from hearing loss.
  • The latest sound from Phonak in the Marvel family is AutoSense OS 3.0, Binaural VoiceStream Technology, and Roger sound technology. According to Phonak, this combination allows the hearing aid to identify and automatically adapt to various sound conditions for more apparent listening with less effort in quiet and noisy settings.
  • The Rechargeable Phonak hearing aids include lithium-ion batteries that last all day and provide continuous streaming of sound.

Phonak’s Affordability:

The company’s products vary in price, starting from $999 and go beyond. Customers can find relatively cheap devices, such as the Phonak Bolero Q hearing aids (advanced direct streaming), or they can choose more expensive models, like the Phonak Agil Pro (tinnitus masking). Many variables affect the final price you will have to pay for your high-end device.

For its hearing aid models, Phonak offers a variety of “Features and Performance Levels.” As a result, you’ll pick whether the performance level should be Premium, Advanced, Standard, or Essential after you’ve decided on a model. The most expensive plan is Premium, which has the most cutting-edge technology features available. Essential includes basic-level technology and is the most cost-effective.

They are coming up with Phonak’s ClearSound Capture technology that enhances voice clarity and reduces background noise. They also have directional microphones that help filter out sounds coming from all around the wearer. These devices are available for $4,500 per pair.

Phonak Hearing Aid Device Lineup:


Audéo Marvel Bolero Marvel Virto Marvel Audéo Paradise CROS B & B-R Lyric
Battery Replaceable zinc Replaceable zinc or built-in rechargeable Replaceable zinc Built-in rechargeable Built-in rechargeable Built-in battery that lasts 3-4 months
Good For Mild to profound hearing loss Mild to severe hearing loss Mild to severe hearing loss Mild to profound hearing loss Single-sided hearing loss Mild to profound hearing loss
Style Receiver-in-canal Behind-the-ear In-the-ear Receiver-in-canal Behind-the-ear or custom shell Unique in-the-ear design
Bluetooth and app compatible yes yes yes,some models yes no no

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Hearing Test


And Free Hearing

Audéo Marvel

  • Phonak’s newest offering in the Marvel product line.
  • A new version of the first-ever wireless rechargeable hearing aid via Bluetooth Smart technology, allowing you to stream audio from various devices, and a touch-enabled user interface allowing you to adjust settings without taking your phone out of your pocket.
  • High-quality sound reproduction, lightning-fast technology, and stylish design give people with hearing problems back their sense of confidence.
  • The new Audéo Marvel is just as unique as its predecessor was 25 years ago.
  • The Audéo Marvel also features a new online update function that enables the hearing aids to be updated with the latest software version.
  • It starts at around $999

phonak hearing aid models

Phonak Bolero Marvel: Best to work with the noisy environment

  • Specializes in the manufacturing of digital signal processing devices for the management of hearing loss.
  • The Bolero Marvel has an output bandwidth of 20-18000 Hz, with 22 channels that are automatically selected by bolero’s proprietary automatic channel selection algorithm, channel coupling.
  • 32 bands of spectral compression for superior noise reduction thanks to the fast-acting feedback canceller and intelligent noise reduction circuit, real-time streaming of sound data

phonak hearing aid reviews

  • FMOD stream processor technology, two microphones with directionality control so you can pinpoint sounds more accurately thanks to directional microphones.
  • The Phonak Bolero Marvel hearing aids have been designed to provide improved sound quality in noisy environments, allow users with asymmetrical loss to pinpoint the source of sounds by improving directional microphones, significantly improve communication in difficult listening situations such as meetings or restaurants, and work even better with other digital signal processing devices such as cochlear implants.

Virto Marvel: A new generation of hearing aids

  • The goal was to develop modern devices that would be compatible with people’s lives.
  • The computerized Phonak Virto Marvel is an example of what this modern marvel consists of: it features memory for up to six programs, three different listening programs, and numerous digital processing functions like noise reduction.
  • Virto Marvel is available in four models:
    1. Classic model
    2. Boost model
    3. Buffer model
    4. Mix model.

phonak hearing aid cost

  • The Classic is an entry-level model for mild to moderate hearing loss. It has a very natural sound with good localization.
  • The Boost is recommended for people with severe to profound hearing loss. It has a practical noise reduction feature. Its overall sound quality is excellent, thanks to the use of transmission channels in both ears.
  • The Buffer offers optimum comfort thanks to three different listening programs, specifically designed for open offices or other noisy environments where background noise can interrupt communication.
  • Finally, the Mix is ideal for people who need greater flexibility on the phone (e.g., telephone relay operators). Its exceptional memory capacity allows up to six different configurations that the user can easily select depending on their situation (e.g., telephone only, telephoning and television, etc.)
  • Virto’s associates have striven for progress in four main areas: size, power source, digitization, and interface.
  • The Phonak Virto Marvel hearing aids became available at Harvey Norman stores across Trinidad and Tobago this month. They are priced from $868 for the Classic model up to $1,158 for the Mix model.

Audéo Paradise: For clear sound

  • The Audéo Paradise is a hearing aid that runs the Phonak Sound Intelligence platform.
  • It is said to have an exceptionally natural sound, can stream music directly from one’s phone, and adjust sounds depending on the scenario.
  • Phonak recently released their new set of hearing aids called “FEEL,” which stands for “Frequency Enhanced Intuitive Listening.” The Audéo Paradise is considered part of this line-up. Some prominent features include -FM Radio -UltraFocus™ Mic Directionality -WindShield™ Wind Noise Protection.

phonak hearing aid parts

CROS B & B-R: Hearing accessories for people who are hard of hearing

  • The CROS B & B-R hearing aid is a combination device. It works as a standard behind-the-ear (BTE) wireless device and a complete the canal (CIC) hearing aid. Both sides feature separate receivers and microphones, which makes it particularly easy to use in noisy environments such as restaurants or gatherings with several conversations going on simultaneously.

phonak hearing aid accessories

  • For people who prefer not to wear an earmold but still want the best possible hearing, the entirely in canal (CIC) version of CROS B B-R has been developed: CROS B-R CIC. This unique combination device is the first-ever CROS hearing solution that sits entirely in the canal.
  • The power switch enables discrete control over volume for each of the bodies separately – maximizing speech intelligibility
  • The companion phone button can be used to trigger the phone-only mode on your Powerlink system, where only voice is amplified and no music or other background noise. This feature allows you to leave your hearing aids switched on when taking a phone call in all situations (including loud restaurants) without compromising speech understanding.
  • The relaxed fit design makes the CROS B & CIC-R exceptionally comfortable and allows users maximum situational awareness due to its discreet design. The microphone openings built into the shell provide optimal sound input directionality and ensure excellent speech understanding in noisy situations such as crowded places and restaurants.
  • The completely in canal (CIC) version of CROS B&B-R, CROS B-R CIC, is not only ideal for people who prefer an invisible solution, but it also provides even more excellent protection against moisture than any other behind the ear product on the market.

Lyric: a new hearing aid that boosts what you want to hear

  • Phonak is specialized in processing speech and sound signals through a range of products called: Lyric” which are usually used by people with different types of possible disabilities, including those who experience “sensory impairments.” The company has received commercial success; it won awards for its innovation and design.
  • It is an innovative hearing aid that enhances the frequencies you prefer instead of amplifying them equally like traditional devices. It was designed to give users more control over their listening environments without compromising other sounds around them; this is possible by the device’s two distinct modes (Speech and Music).


  • Lyric can pick out specific sounds in a crowded room where many people are talking; this feature also helps with phone calls when someone else is speaking on the other end of the line. Lyric was designed for optimal clarity and is compatible across all listening situations.

Reviews and Testimonials:


Q1. What types of hearing aids does Phonak make?

Phonak makes several styles of hearing instruments, including “in the canal” (ITC), behind the ear (BTE), and in the ear (ITE) products.
ITCs are used for mild to moderate hearing loss who have excellent low-frequency but poor high-frequency hearing. Those with less severe losses or who don’t mind wearing an aid that protrudes out a little bit more than an ITC.
BTEs are primarily used by people who have hearing loss in both the low and high frequencies. They are for individuals with moderate to profound hearing loss,
ITE aids are generally considered more comfortable options since they sit entirely within an individual’s ear canal. This means that the aid is both invisible and rechargeable. The Soundbridge is a BTE device that sits in front of, rather than within, the ear canal.

Q2. What are Phonak’s digital hearing aids?

Phonak has several lines of digital products, including Helix(R), Quattro(R), and Virto(TM). Helix was designed for people with all degrees of severity who still have excellent low-frequency hearing but whose high-frequency hearing ranges from moderate to severely impaired. Helix offers two different levels of technology: ReSound LiNX2(TM) and Synapse(R).

Q3. What is Phonak’s approach to DSP Signal Processing?

Phonak has a solid commitment to delivering the most natural listening experience possible with every device it manufactures through advancements in digital signal processing (DSP). While some high-end hearing instrument manufacturers have recently introduced similar technology, Phonak was the first to offer it in a hearing instrument priced under $2,000.

Key Take-Aways:

The Phonak brand has been growing successfully year after year, even during the recession in 2009 when many other companies were forced to close down due to falling economic conditions. This company has gone from strength to strength ever since its inception and is dedicated to creating devices that improve the lives of those who suffer from hearing loss across the world. It is one of the most affordable and loved brands among humans.