The Playbeatz Reviews – Is It Legit Company?

LAST UPDATED: December 31st, 2021 | BY: Stacy Merci

Untangling the wired earphones every time could be frustrating and restricts physical activity. And If you wish to buy premium quality Bluetooth earbuds that offer a wide range of compatibility, it will cost you hundreds of bucks. Plus, It is human tendency to believe that the more expensive they are, the better they work. But not anymore.

Playbeatz might look highly similar to Apple AirPods but range aggressively less. It can be used for leisure purposes like watching movies, listening to songs, attending business calls, and even during the workout. They won’t slip out from the ear after every second.

Holding on to a wide range of compatibility with other devices and good standby time, many other features are yet to explore. Let’s have a look.

Technical Specifications:

  • V4.2+ EDR ensures the rich and sound quality.
  • Integrated high-quality chip with latest noise technology.
  • Offers standby time up to 72 hours.
  • Offers complete charging as little as 2 hours.
  • 500 mAh battery capacity of the case.
  • It perfectly works for up to 10 meters.
  • Easy and quick pairing.

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playbeatz wireless earbuds

Reasons To Invest:

  • Wireless connectivity with both iOS and Android devices.
  • Strong bass with clear sound.
  • Offers fast charging with 72-hour standby.
  • The unique and stylish body design.
  • Can hang up, receive, and redial calls using buttons.
  • Can forward, pause, skip and stop songs using buttons.
  • Budgeted option.

Reasons To Ignore:

  • No heavy discounts on bulk purchasing.
  • The monopoly of the product, i.e., the original website (add link of the website), sells the product.
  • Only sealed products are eligible for refunds.

Is Buying Playbeatz Worth It?


Most people complain about having irritations in the ear due to prolonged use of earphones. It even leads to hearing loss if you constantly use earphones at a high volume.

But not anymore, eradicating all the ear pains and irritations; Play Beatz is designed to offer long-lasting comfort in the ear even if worn for hours. They even stick into your ears, and the chances of slipping down are minimized.

Design And Build Quality :

Almost like Airpods, the first look of attraction is made via a sleek, simple, and sheek design. The design is carefully built to ensure that it fits every year even though no ear is the same.

Although there isn’t any official quality seal benched over the earphones, they are precision-made, and according to the actual user reviews, they are highly durable and robust.


One of the most notable features among the users is the high range of connectivity offered by Playbeatz. They can connect up to 33 feet without any obstacle.

Plus, they offer connectivity with both iOS and Android Operating Systems. Connects are intense and persistent. Hence, no issues of dropouts or disconnections will be faced.

Long-lasting performance:

If you have to charge your earphones after every some time, then somewhere, the whole purpose of buying Bluetooth earphones is defeated.

Playbeatz offers five hours of run time at a single stretch, and the case offers 72 hours of standby time. Keeping you worry-free, now you can enjoy doing your work without the tension of getting them charged every then and now.

Call support:

Receiving and making phone calls has been made easier by PlayBeatz. While receiving an incoming call, the earphones automatically switch to call mode, ensuring you can hear crisp, clear voice calls. Once the call is hung, the earbuds will immediately go back to music.

Price and Availability:

To get the original product, it is recommended to purchase it from the official website instead of any third-party vendor. No guarantee and warranty of the product are offered if it is purchased from any third-party website.

At the time, the company is offering 50% discounts on earbuds. You can have a look at the prices down the list:

  • 1x set = $39.99
  • 2x sets = $73.99
  • 3x sets = $99.99
  • 4x sets = $127.99

For bulk purchases, visit the website.

If you find yourself not satiated by the product, the return period of 30 days is applicable but make sure that the product should be in its original condition without any damage.

You can further contact the company via:



  • USA:- +1609 414 7087
  • Canada:- +1778300 0854
  • The UK & Ireland:- +448708 200084
  • Australia and New Zealand:- +6128607 8316.


To check the real users’ reviews, please tap here.

Review And Recommendations:

Choosing playbeatz means it’s time to experience the best audio quality, feel thunderous bass, time to listen to the most beautiful melodies, enhancing the fun, and experiencing music on a whole new level.

Being pocket-friendly and recently extremely loved by customers, the product has a monopoly to keep the rates as low as possible, excluding the costs of intermediaries and other miscellaneous costs.

Being an alternative to expensive earbuds, the product is legit, removing the hassle of wires, works fantastically, and fits all ear sizes.

Offering an excellent long-lasting battery with nice standby time, you need to rush to charge every time. But the product has encountered a drawback of latency in voice while playing games.

Otherwise, the product works exceptionally well, and yes! It is definitely worth the price.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1. How Does PlayBeatz Work?

Ans: These wireless earbuds work similarly to the other Bluetooth headphones or earbuds. All you need is to pair the earphones with the Bluetooth device, and now it’s time to enjoy hours of being attentive to your favorite music. What’s more, you’ll also be able to use this earbud to manage calls.

Q2. Is It Legit?

Ans: Yes. This product is legit. It’s fabricated from a reliable manufacturer. And therefore, the neatest thing about it’s that it comes with a guarantee. You’ll raise a refund if you’re pleased or satisfied with the merchandise. This is often proof that the maker is serious about providing the most uncomplicated headphones to everyone.

Q3. Is Playbeatz Waterproof?

Ans: Well! The information available out there is quite ambiguous. But, according to the makers, the product can be used while doing exercise. Also, when it comes to comfort, you need to consider buying this product.