Raycon E50 Wireless Earbuds Reviews : Be The Best Version Of Yourself?

LAST UPDATED: October 17th, 2022 | BY: Stacy Merci


Wireless Raycon earbuds are handy, offering you a power-packed performance in sleek, compact models. True wireless earbuds give you the ability to perform physical activity with the music still playing without having to worry about messy wires.

Among the top-selling models in the market, Raycon e50 enjoys leaderboard status. Let’s run through a detailed feature review to understand if it merits the position.


  • Bluetooth 5.0 – iOS and Android
  • Battery – 5 hours playback, 30 hours from charging capsule and 2000 hours standby power.
  • Snug ear fitting design offers complete grip.
  • Two step pairing to connect to devices.
  • Hands free calling.
  • IPX4 rating – sweat/water resistant.
  • Easy to use buttons for one touch operation.
  • Micro USB charging

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They are one of the most popular products among earbuds and offer users the power to multitask easily. You can wear it while working out or travelling, and listen to your favourite music, or make/take calls easily.

The sound quality is impeccable, the controls are easy to handle and the fit is great. You will find the silicone gel tips of various sizes fitting snugly into your ear. The model is sweat-resistant, so you need not be apprehensive of using it during intense works out.

Noise cancellation and sound leakage qualities are impressive, which means that you do not get to hear too much of ambient noise while ensuring that the audio is not audible to others around you.

The battery pack comes with the combination with the charging case ensure that you get enough playtime on the wireless earbuds.

It does lack a power saver mode though, which could have made this a better product. Pairing this with other devices is a breeze you can start and complete the pairing in just two steps quickly.

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How To Pick Your Raycon Headphones?

There are simple methods that can be used to zero in on the most suitable earbuds. Here’s how you can check out if the earbuds are fake or original .

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Checklist of features that your earbuds should ideally offer

Bluetooth Version :– Ideally you need to go in for earbuds with Bluetooth 4.2 or higher. Did you know that Bluetooth 5.0 has a feature that permits you to connect two devices at the same time? This is typically found in audio systems allowing the user to connect two speakers at the same time.

Raycon reviews

NFC Pairing :– This is a cool feature that permits you to pair devices by merely touching each other on a designated spot. Known as Near Field Communication, it eliminates the need for procedures in pairing devices.

The latency of devices :– Latency refers to the delay in the transmission of information between two connected devices. This is measured in milliseconds. In wired devices, this is consistent, whereas in wireless devices it depends on the physical distance between connected devices. Choose wireless earbuds that have less latency.

Charging Dock/Base :– Wireless earbuds typically come with a charging dock/base which is effectively a cradle to house the earbuds and recharge on the go (when you are not connected to a cable for power). This charging option extends the playtime of the earbuds significantly, often by as much as four or five times of the playtime.

Battery :– As a wireless device, this is a very important feature. You need to look at not just the battery time, but the time it takes to fully recharge the battery and the power saving options. Batteries that do not last for at least four hours are not worth purchasing.

Ideally, the playtime needs to be 4 plus hours, with an additional 20 hours or more playtime from the charging cradle and charging time needs to be under 90 minutes. The presence of power-saving options will make the earbuds battery last longer.

Features And Benefits

Companion App :– Certain wireless devices come with the option of controlling through companion apps. They are helpful, as the user can easily control the device and adjust settings from a convenient user interface.

They also eliminate the need for multiple buttons on wireless devices. Companion apps typically permit users to control the mic, effects, playback, and button configuration of wireless devices.

Ambient Noise Separation :– Advanced devices come with noise separation abilities. They filter out the ambient noise from your surroundings and helps you to listen to the sounds that are being streamed through the device.

Your earbuds need to have advanced noise separation capabilities because unlike the on-ear models with foam coverings, the possibility of other sounds streaming in is high.

Sound Leakage :– This refers to the sound from your earbuds leaking outside or becoming audible to those around you. You do not want others to listen in on your conversation when you are having one on the phone. Choose wireless earbuds that have minimal or no leakage.

Sound Profile :– This is another important functionality that you need to check in the earbuds. After all, your purchase is primarily concerned with your love for music, apart from the ability to take/make calls. The sound profile refers to the bass and treble range of the earbuds.

Ideally, earbuds need to have bass and treble range values that are as close as possible to zero. The bass range that is high on the positive side indicates that the earbuds have a high bass effect, while negative values indicate that the earbuds had light or low bass effect. Treble range values are also interpreted similarly.

Build Quality :– The earbuds that you buy need to have superior build quality. For instance, silicone gel tips need to be of the right size, so that it stays in your ear during movements and outdoor activities.

Buttons :– The buttons need to be easy to use, and easily accessible. Imagine having to take your Raycon ear buds off every time you need to press a button. Not good, right? Choose a model that offers simplified operations, with easy to use buttons.

Water/Sweat Resistant :– Look for a model that is sweat resistant. They will permit you to take up intense sporting activities without having to worry about the sweating. Ideally, IPX4 or above rating would be good. You may not need complete waterproofing in earbuds, as it is a lot different from speakers that you place by the poolside or outdoors. As this is wearable, sweat resistance would suffice.

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How does the Raycon 350 fare on the above?

You are probably waiting to know how the Raycon e50 fares on each of the above parameters. Well, here are our findings and ratings on each of the above.

The below scores are on a scale of 0 to 5 — 5 being the maximum, 0 representing the absence of the feature, while 1 represents poor performance or quality.

Product or performance issues that you need to be aware of when purchasing the Raycon e50

Remember to power off the earbuds when you place them in the charging dock. They have an issue that has not fixed. As a consequence, the earbuds start playing when placed in the cradle. They could reduce the amount of additional playtime that you expect when you place it in the cradle.

Raycon vs Hearing Aid

Raycon e50

Raycon is a very famous headphone and earbud brand like Skullcandy, Asus, Boat or any other brand. Whereas Hearing aid is a brand that offers the self-care hearing equipment or hearing devices used by elderly people in their day to day life.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1. Are Raycons Earbuds worth buying?

The Raycon earbuds do fit perfectly into the ear. The earbuds are manufactured using high-quality plastic and are super lightweight. They provide a steady and comfortable grip and stay in the ear.

Q2. Where to buy Raycon headphones?

Raycon headphones and Raycon earphones both are easily available at the Amazon. The Amazon provides great and amazing deals on the products. Do check the website for the breathtaking offers.

Q3. Who made raycon Earbuds?

China is the manufacturer of Raycon wireless earbuds and headphones. All the products are individually designed at the United Stated but have assembled in China.

Q4. How do you use raycon headphones?

If you are using a smartphone:

  • Turn off earbuds or raycon headphones.

  • Pair them with the Bluetooth.

  • Keep pressing both the earbud side buttons for the next 30 seconds.

  • Accept the invitation of the Bluetooth connectivity on your device.

  • The device has paired now. You can easily use them.