Raycon VS AirPods – Is Raycon Better Than Airpods?

LAST UPDATED: March 10th, 2022 | BY: Stacy Merci

Raycon Earbuds And Apple AirPods

Choosing between Raycon earbuds and Apple AirPods could be a cumbersome task. So, to resolve this issue, I purchased both Raycon earbuds and Apple AirPods.

I personally purchased them with the sole motive for doing exercise or working out in the gym. But I would be reviewing both the products based upon the CA scoring method 2.0.

In simpler words, I would be rating the products out of 10 in ten different areas.

Raycon, being a prestigious and esteemed brand, is known for its earbuds with the closed back. On the other hand, AirPods may have comparatively similar features but are well-known and are highly appreciated for their comfort level.

Unlike me, if you are looking to buy them for exercise or gym workouts, you should prefer raycon.

A variety of arguments can support this statement. To know about them in detail, continue reading.

Comparing Earbuds And AirPods On Various Factors:


Although both the products having unique and sleek body design but Apple AirPods comes up with a better rating in design they have open back and have a different shape in comparison to raycon earbuds. Raycon earbuds have closed back and fit well into the ears.

Raycon: 8.5

Apple: 9.0

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Raycone earbuds vs airpods pro


Price is one of the major factors, which we can’t ignore. Of course, no one wants to spend, more money for less or almost the same features. In this category, I prefer to go Raycon Earbuds than Apple AirPods as they are comparatively half the price of Apple AirPods.

Raycon: 9.0

Apple: 7.5

Audio Quality:

For this, I listened to both the products at the same time and got to the conclusion that Raycon’s sound quality is quite satisfying but is not much worthy as Apple’s.

Raycon tends to provide you with superior sound quality with extra boomy and heavy bass. Whereas, AirPods just not only focus on bass besides they tend to maintain a balance of sound that seems relaxing and soothing.

Raycon: 7.5

Apple: 8.5

Battery Life:

The battery is a key factor on which we should have eyes on. Although the standby battery provided by the case is 24.6 hours a lot less than Apple providing the battery life of 18 hours.

Working continuously on one time charge, Apple provides the listening time for approximately 4 hours whereas, Raycon offers 3 hours(if used in pair, otherwise of 6 hours).

Raycon: 8.0

Apple: 7.5

Apple AirPods battery life

Charge Time:

In comparison to the long battery life of Raycon, the charging speed of the Raycon earbuds is faster than Apple AirPods. Raycon takes approximately 0.5 hours to charge properly but AirPods take nearly 1.2 hours for proper and complete charging. So, we can conclude that Raycon provides better battery life in terms of both usage and charging.

Raycon: 8.0

Apple: 7.0


Raycon earbuds are tiny and fit perfectly into the ears. They can be easily adjusted according to your ear as the company offers 5 different ear tips that can perfectly fit into your ear. This further tends to be providing a secure grip into the ear, avoiding the fear of falling down. They are comfortable in the ear and can be used for long hours without making your ear feels heavy.

Whereas Apple AirPods does not come with any different size of ear tip and if you are lucky enough, they will fit right into your ear. Although, the AirPods are extremely comfortable. They tend to slip out from your ear but because of the sheik design, they look amazing in the ear.

Raycon: 8.5

Apple: 8.0

Recording Quality:

Both of the products come with in-built microphones. To check the sound quality, I record the same speech on my device using two earbuds and earphones.

I personally liked Apple’s recorded sound quality than Raycon. Although raycon quality according to its price was also quite satisfactory but could not beat Apple.

Raycon: 7.5

Apple: 9.0

Noise Cancellation:

Despite such amazing features provided by Apple, the AirPods does not offer any sort of noise cancellation. While they are in your ears, you tend to hear all the noise in the background which could be helpful sometimes but not all the time.

Whereas, Raycon earbuds tend to provide complete isolation of sound, blocking all the background noises and helps you to focus clearly on the audio you are listening to or the speaker to whom you are listening.

Raycon: 8.0

Apple: 5.5


Although connectivity of both the devices is quite simple and is an easy process. For connecting Raycon, you need to press the multi-function button for the four seconds after pulling them out of the case every time. Whereas, AirPods, automatically connect every time you pull them out and get disconnected too when put inside.

But Raycon can be connected to both ios and android without any source of difficulty. Whereas, AirPods do get connected with android but the functions like Siri won’t work.

Raycon: 8.0

Apple: 8.5

Multi-Function System:

Raycon offers multi-touch functions like single press either to play, pause the music, or even to answer a hung-call. The play next song double taps the right side and to play the previous, double taps the left side. To enhance volume, triple tap on the right side, and to decrease, triple tap to the left side. To reject a call, press power for two seconds.

While Apple, they have five different options from to choose after calling out Siri. You can play pause and extract preview check. You can set two gestures; both are double-tap on either side.

Raycon: 8.5

Apple: 8.0


Apple AirPods are exceedingly expensive in that they are marketed by an enormous brand, named Apple but both of the products are superior. In some areas, Raycon has a lead over AirPods. Although, Raycon offers similar features for a limited amount of money whereas AirPods which are comparatively expensive give you better style.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which One To Prefer: Raycon Or AirPods?

After comparing the two, I prefer if you have a limited budget, go with Raycon otherwise, AirPods can also work for you.

Is Raycon Worth The Money?

As expected, for the price, Raycon delivers a highly convenient and easy pair of earphones. And yes, they are definitely worth a look.

Are Airpods Worth The Money?

Yes, they are worth the price if you want extremely good and satisfying sound quality. you should definitely give it a try. Also Read: Are Apple AirPods & AirPods Pro Worth It

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