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An FDA registered company in 2016, Signia, is comparatively new to the field of hearing aids but has paced up with the speed of established brands. Offering reliable technology, with the objective to provide realistic sound quality, the brand deals explicitly only in hearing aids and related accessories like Chargers, StreamLive Tv, mini pocket, and StreamLive Mic, etc.

Reluctant to the style of traditional hearing aids, the brand focuses only on developing devices that are easy to wear and can stay in the ear for a more extended time without any pain. They are specially designed to keep the pain a tinnitus patient undergoes. Plus, covering all the levels of hearing loss (mild to severe), the brand allows you both online and offline purchases with a FREE hearing loss online test to evaluate your hearing profile.

However, the offline purchasing of the brand is extremely expensive as it undergoes various hidden charges. Plus, the use of advanced technology sometimes might make this brand unfit for the seniors. The rest depends upon the specification of the model and the type of hearing aid you choose.

In the blog, I shall be covering a holistic view of the brand and Should you spend your money on it? Read it till the end to know the answers to the questions you have.

signia hearing aids

Reasons to choose Signia over other hearing aid brands.

  • Offers rechargeable and restorable lithium-ion batteries
  • Easy, Intuitive, and effortless to control via a Smartphone app hearing aid that includes the features of:

    • Motion Sensor Data tells your hearing aid about how you are moving so it can make automated adjustments.
    • To make minimal changes like volume, bass, and treble or other subtle adjustments can be done from your smartphone.
    • Designed to improve mic steering i.e. choose only selective sounds to be heard by an individual (especially noise or the sound that can further damage hearing ability) if the sound is coming from different directions by virtually “steering” the mic to different sound sources.
    • Battery Warning messages are also displayed as a notification on the smartphone, to ensure proper charging and hearing aids to function authentically.
    • In case of any issue you encounter, you can always contact “CareChat” to get rid of the issue you are facing.
    • Video Tutorials are available on the app regarding how to use the app and hearing aids.

  • It can be connected via the Bluetooth technology
  • Dolby-Digital quality TV sound streaming
  • Offers prevention from Tinnitus through the use of white noise strategies
  • To target best hearing experiences, Acoustic-motion sensor tech are used
  • To make the voice quality better, “Own Voice Processing,” a unique feature, is introduced
  • If you are suffering from Tinnitus, then hearing aids come with a special feature of playing different white noise sounds to mask your tinnitus.
  • High definition sound quality using Ultra HD e2e technology for your hearing, protects your ears.
  • The hearing aids use Dynamic Soundscape Processing (DSP) to improve sound and speech quality in the varied environments.

What else could be improved by the company?

  • Like other hearing aids, Signia’s hearing devices are a bit expensive.
  • Most of the time, they are unavailable online. Hence, an appointment is booked to get your hearing aid(s) from an audiologist.
  • A huge price difference is seen if purchased from online and offline stores. Online hearing aids are comparatively cheaper.

Extensive line of Hearing Aid from Signia:

Signia offers various types of hearing devices, vastly varying upon individual’s need and features; some of them are:

  • in-the-canal (ITC)
  • receiver-in-canal (RIC)
  • completely-in-canal (CIC)
  • behind-the-ear (BTE)
  • in-the-ear (ITE)

Signia Hearing Aid Pricing

If you purchase the hearing aids from the online store, depending on the model and other specifications, the price usually ranges from about $1,500 to $3,000 (per ear).

However, this isn’t the scenario in offline shopping. Most people purchase their Signia’s from a hearing clinic, and the prices are comparatively a lot higher. It includes numerous hidden charges, for instance, a fair share of audiologists and clinicians, transportation costs, and any miscellaneous charges, marking up thousands of dollars.

In an offline store/ clinic, a client mostly spends at least $5,000 to $6,000 for a pair on the Signia hearing aids.

Type of models available

Hearing Aid comparison table:


Models Specialties Details
Signia Active  

  • Type: ITC
  • Features: AI (Artificial intelligence) digital assistant
  • Best For Mild-to-severe hearing loss
Coming up with a charging case and 26 hours of playtime, Signia Activa offers automated adjustment to different surroundings. Available in three unique colors: Snow White/Rose Gold, Silver, and Black, the hearing aids are reliable and offer clear and enriched sound quality
Styletto X  

  • Type: RIC
  • Features: on-the-go charging
  • Best for Mild-to-moderate hearing loss


Connected to Signia’s my Control app, the hearing aids are slim, stylish, and a solution to people who want less apparent devices. Built using rechargeable lithium-ion batteries, it holds a charge for a more extended stay.
Available in five colors: Black, Silver, Snow White/Rose Gold, Cosmic Blue/Rose Gold, and White, the pair is suitable for people living in the hoist background.
Silk X  

  • Type: CIC
  • Features: all-day comfort and perfect fit
  • Best for People who want a discreet hearing aid without the wait
Manufactured using soft silicone with an utterly invisible design, tiny hearing aids are compatible to be used with headphones and offer high sound quality.
Unlike Signia’s other hearing aids, Silk X is not custom-fit, though. However, they are marked at a reasonable price of $1500 to $2950 compared to other brands like Ergao’s CIC hearing aids. Both of the two colors- Black and Mocha, are exquisite.
  • Type: RIC
  • Features: Varies by model
  • Best for All levels of hearing loss
Sub Categorized in four different categories for every degree of hearing loss, it is one of the standards and favorite hearing aids out there. Ranging from $1800 to $2500, it is a cheap and comfortable option if you are new to hearing aids or enjoy doing outdoor activities like evening sports, golf, tennis, etc. Available in more than ten different colors, in all four versions, the hearing aids offer you to connect with various Signia’s high-tech options too.
Insio Nx
  • Type: ITE, ITC, IIC, and CIC
  • Features: Small design
  • Best for Mild-to-severe hearing loss
Discreet hearing aids manufactured to offer natural, crystal clear, deep, enriched sound seven in noisy environments used Nx technology to auto adjust the sound according to the human capacity. Varying in color options, models, and styles, the hearing aid usually costs between $1500 to $2500 and is recommended for the individual suffering or having tinnitus symptoms.
  • Type: BTE and ITE
  • Features: Designed for one-sided hearing loss
  • Best for One-sided hearing loss
Signia’s Cros hearing aids are majorly designed to accommodate hearing loss on one side only to offer a natural hearing experience. The use of wireless transmit sound from the ear varies from $900 to $1200. The product is suitable for all levels of hearing loss and demarks the value of money. Easy to control and manage, they are compatible with all of Signia’s high-tech options.

Signia Hearing Accessories:

StreamLine TV: Streams Dolby Digital profound sound from your television passes through your hearing aids. To enjoy different and fully enriched sound quality while watching the television, you must consider buying this.
Streamline Mic: It offers complete hands-free sound streaming for your phone calls.
MiniPocket: More like a keychain-like device, it enables you to modify settings on your hearing aid with simple buttons.

Reviews by the Real User:

Signia’s warranties and returns

In most cases, the standard warranty offered by the company is only for one year, but you can extend a one year plan to a 2-year plan. Further, offering repairing services and complete customer satisfaction. If the product is under warranty guidelines, no extra repairing costs are required to pay. Otherwise, the bills have to be paid by the individual.

Should you buy Signia hearing aids?

Based on the nature of hearing loss and specific individual requirements, the question is hard to answer. I prefer you inquire about all the information first and then look out if it matches your level of expectations. If yes, then definitely it is the right purchase for you; otherwise, looking for various other options like Md hearing aid Phonak, etc.

Another way to look for the best is, visit an ENT(ar, nose, and throat) specialist or Audiologist to determine the nature and the cause of the hearing loss and choose the product accordingly based on his advice. Plus, get a hearing test done before finalizing the product to know the severity of the hearing loss. You can take an online Signia’s hearing test for free. Click here to check


Q1. Is Signia the same as Siemens?

In 2016, the company- Sivantos acquired Siemens Hearing Instruments and introduced a brand-new that peculiarly dealt with hearing aid lines called Signia. Manufactured using old developed technology used by Siemens, the brand works intending to provide utmost comfort. In short, the hearing devices from Sivantos are branded under the Signia name.

Q2. How long do Signia’s hearing aids last?

On average, three to seven years of lifespan, Signia’s hearing aids have rest depending upon your care and lifestyle; sometimes, they last longer than expected and sometimes shorter. It has been commonly seen that in-the-ear hearing aids design usually lasts up to five years, whereas behind-the-ear hearing aids design has a lifespan of six years.

Q3. How much does the Signia silk NX hearing aid cost?

Silk Nx. Silk Nx, completely-in-canal (CIC) style hearing aid design usually varies in the range of $1,300 to $2,000 per device. The best part of choosing is that they offer realistic, robust sound quality with adjusted modes. Plus, they are super easy to navigate.

Q4. What is the battery life for Signia rechargeable hearing aids?

The answer to the above question is relatively subjective, as it depends upon your age, level of severity, and the device you are using. If counted on an average, the battery life would be from 16 to 19 hours, although if they are correctly charged.

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