Turtle Beach Battle Buds Review

turtle beach battle buds in ear gaming headset

Can you imagine the number of online gamers worldwide has gone above 2.69 billion in recent years? So, with the increasing number of ardent gamers, the rise in headphones and earbuds has come to an abnormal rise.

Indeed, there are differences when the mic quality between the earbuds and headsets are compared.

Even the efforts of the manufacturers of numerous brands could not give the most impressive microphone quality for the earbuds.

But the case of Turtle Beach Battle Buds is somewhat different as they have been crafted with much innovation featuring a detachable boom microphone. A few aspects may be missing in the earbuds, but if you want a not-so-expensive portable gadget with a good sound profile that matches your competitive online gaming, the Turtle Beach Battle Buds should be on your radar.

Some brands have come with gaming earbuds with great presets such as good microphone quality, low-latency modes, and numerous gaming-friendly presets, thereby keeping the gaming earbuds on a higher stage than the regular ones.

I think all such qualities are what we all gamers crave.

Let’s take a sneak peek of what all this spectacular product is there to offer:

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Key Features


Available in two color variants: Black & silver (with a silver logo), white & teal (with ear wings, logo, cable in teal).

On a note, I would like to put light on one thing that the Turtle Beach Battle Buds are heavier built than your conventional earbuds (wired option). Each ear bud in the Battle Buds has a prominent housing to hold drivers and a jack for the removable microphone, wherein the accurate wireless models accommodate batteries.

So, the Battle Buds do not have batteries to take care of, and they are not heavy as they appear so. Ear wings do not let the buds slip out from your ear, but you should select the right size to let them give you a decent fit.

Even if you shake your head, they won’t come out, but they will slightly hang out and could be disturbing at first.

The black and silver variant is quite sober apart from the big housings that attract attention while being worn. With models like the AirPods Pro, Apple has used these uncanny-looking earbuds, and nonetheless, the Battle Buds have gained a lot of attention.

Overall the Battle Buds offer the same Comfort as the other in-ear monitors, and if you are not an IEM pro, then I am scared these aren’t meant for you. But If you prefer using IEMs, no headset at this budget-friendly price can even dare to come near the Battle Buds.


These earbuds boast of having tried and true wired connectivity. The cord does not have a braided pattern, and that’s why the point where the cord meets the buds does not promise strength.

The cord is worth a discussion at this price as these offer all-inclusive in-line controls. The remote front owns a volume slider that conveniently lets you make on-the-fly volume adjustments. I feel that while playing, there could have been some more in-line controls in place of buttons for easier use. Under the volume slider, you will find a mute mic button, and the remote back dwells a multi-function button. You can use this button to take calls, play & pause music, and even skip tracks you want with a double click.

These Battle Buds work as great buddies by staying harmonious with a list of gaming platforms such as the – Xbox One, PC, PS4, Nintendo Switch, and mobiles,
One downside not to forget is that the Battle Buds do not own a splitter cable, and for proper gaming use, you need to invest in one before buying.


The headphones created by Turtle Beach are reasonably comfortable to wear. They are designed to stick out far without contacting the user’s ears.

Sadly, the tips feel a little complicated. But Comfort is something subjective, varying from person to person. But on the whole, you need to check that whichever headphones you select should in no case be the reason for any pain, stress, or fatigue even after using them for prolonged periods.

Portability & Breathability

The Battle Buds by Turtle Beach are genuinely portable and easily slidable in your bag or pocket with the help of a detachable boom microphone.

But, if you compare these with other wired in-ear headphones, then these are less portable.

These breath absurdly well with portability, and while your extended use (gaming or workouts) doesn’t heat your ears.

Audio Performance

The sound delivered by the Turtle Beach Battle Buds is not that arresting or in other words, less than expected.

But for all those gamers out there, these headphones with 10 mm drivers are pretty satiating. Specific frequencies are required for tactical and spatial awareness, and these headphones work well to strengthen them.

The gun reloading sounds, particular footsteps, or other sounds…all come with adequate accuracy with the Battle Buds.

Specific frequencies relating to vocals, such as the mids, are somewhat diminished, so we do not allow these for listening to music. Going for some regular game playing is just fine with the battle buds.

Microphone Quality

As I mentioned above, the detachable boom microphone is the charm that the Battle Buds carry. But that doesn’t certify that these earbuds are perfect at this price of $19.95 or are better than others.

Generally, while gaming, you get adequate warmth + clarity for most voice chats, but the overall quality substantially depends on what platform you use for the voice chat.

This mini marvel works wonderfully with Discord and other platforms which tackle the post-processing for echo cancellation.

Correspondingly, when the Battle Buds are used with Xbox Live, the results may be dissatisfying for your co-players or friends.

The microphone is pretty sensitive, and it’s a real problem as it tends to pick up sound from drivers. Though this problem is eliminated by Skype and Discord for Xbox Live, these buds stay miserable.


  • Decent portability
  • Comfortable & lightweight
  • Compatibility with many gaming platforms
  • Detachable boom microphone
  • Good sound quality
  • Multifunction in-line controller
  • Superior-quality 10 mm speakers


  • The echo is slightly more.
  • Earpieces project out due to their size.
  • It doesn’t comprise a Y-cable splitter.

Turtle Beach Battle Buds VS HyperX Cloud Stinger

Let’s check out which one is better:

The HyperX Cloud is less showy and somewhat underrated in terms of design. In short somewhat casual looking in its black plastic design with delicate red accents. The Battle Buds look unique with the wired in-ear headphones, wherein the earbuds are large, and the detachable boom microphone is reasonably small.

Both the headphones are comfortable in their way. The HyperX Cloud features spacious ear cups, while the Battle Buds stick out far with great earbuds. The former is light in weight but not that light on the head, and the tips of the latter are somewhat hard.

The controls of HyperX Cloud are poor, whereas the in-line remote controls of Turtle Beach Battle Buds work well. The HyperX Cloud is not that portable like the Turtle Beach Battle Buds.

If we consider the sound profile, then HyperX is slightly bass-heavy, whereas the sound profile of Battle Buds is somewhat muddy and dark.

Bottom Line

Compared to the Turtle Beach Battle Buds, the HyperX Cloud Stinger is better-wired gaming headphones. But the portability, controls, and breathable quality of Turtle Beach Battle Buds (in-ear design) keep them above the former.

The Final Verdict

If you want earbuds for gaming that characterize a detachable boom microphone, nothing beats the Turtle Beach Battle Buds. This single feature keeps them in a different place, making them the most desirable.

If you are an Xbox Live user, please ignore this product as it isn’t designed for this.

Maybe these earbuds prove worthy while gaming, offering a tactical benefit in competitive online games but are not the best for regular music listening.

Hence, all gamers looking for a wallet-friendly price then, the Turtle Beach Battle Buds are trendsetters.