Turtle Beach Ear Force PX24 Reviews

I tried PX24 for my PS4, and as they sound the same, I felt they are designed to support each other. Though the markets are loaded with many headsets from different brands, Turtle Beach is a renowned one, and their PX24 is quite alluring.

Yes, I have reasons to appreciate the new Ear Force PX24:

It’s multi-platform gaming, Super Amp battery-powered inline amplifier, audio processing, variable mic-monitoring, inline controller, and other additional features make it stand out from the crowd. I tried it with Fallout4, Madden NFL 17, Rocket League, SOMA, etc.

Packed with many features, you might think it must be an expensive affair, but this is reasonably priced too. Let’s dig into the details below:

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Design & Features

The Turtle Beach Ear Force PX24 is designed smartly to offer you comfort all day. The gaming headset is created to show compatibility with PS4, Xbox One, PC, PS4, Mac, and other tablet or mobile devices you use.

While wearing them, I could bend them with ease, and this kind of flexibility I am sure you won’t find with any other headset.

The construction is excellent and lightweight, incorporating a sturdy plastic frame in leather with some padding.

The headset comes with the modern Super Amp battery-powered inline amplifier and 50 mm speakers, which deliver crispy highs and incredible lows for that great sound.

The Super Amp lets you have control over mic monitoring levels, volume, virtual surround, bass boost, and other function buttons.

To enjoy the exclusive Superhuman Hearing of PX24, Super Amp is there to take care of everything. For gamers who wish to have a competitive advantage, the Superhuman sound setting will allow them to hear soft sounds such as the weapons reloading off in the distance, enemy footsteps sneaking up from behind, etc.

With all the presets such as Variable Mic Monitoring, Virtual Surround Sound, and Variable Bass Boost, you can avoid shouting at other players and listen to your voice instead inside the headset.

Though it’s your wish whether you want to use the headset with or without Super Amp, I think the users would certainly like to use it to experience all the features.

The Ultimate Feel

I felt comfortable using the PX24, as the cushioned mesh ear-cups offer adequate comfort.

It has a brilliant battery life, and once by chance, I forgot to switch off the amplifier for a night, and to my surprise, I found there was ample power to let the headset go.

The Super Amp battery-powered inline amplifier can be used with whatever controls you require as this needs a USB cable of your console for charging.

The appreciable part about the modern-day consoles is that the headsets can use a standard 3.5 mm jack lead.

It’s great!!! Ultimately, all use them. Hence, you can use your headset easily with laptops, tablets, or mobile phones (though carrying the amplifier would sound absurd).

Virtual Surround Sound

This attribute of the headphone works to reproduce sound only on the horizontal plane. Getting absorbed in the virtual surround sound is pretty standard i.e., binaural, 3D space, etc.

While you try it, it’s not so great, but it does a good job. The stereo jack is designed to plug directly into the controller, and you get an all-encompassing virtual experience. How and what is done when you change to no settings option on your game/console would be surprising.

Gaming Performance

While I used the Turtle Beach PX24 on my Playstation 4, I was left pretty satisfied with the in-game audio and voice chat.

Using the in-game audio of PX4 in Madden NFL 17 didn’t bring much of a difference, though I found significant improvement in the voice chat over my previous low-quality headphones.

Superhuman hearing is something I love, and this is a trick that the best results can be achieved by turning it on, forgetting the volume boost, and off while playing on the go.

It beats the purpose if you leave the Superhuman hearing on for the whole time. The PX24 in-game audio is fantastic, but beware that if you switch on the Superhuman hearing while playing this game, the things you hear will leave you terrified.

VOIP calls are a part of my life, generally through Go To meetings or Skype. When I connected my PX24 with my PC, I got a remarkable and enhanced experience for voice calls. There was no shouting or screaming at others as Mic Monitoring took care of it all, and the voice quality was brilliant. I heard the detailed background sounds that no one could see, including running water.

One should never forget that these headsets are fine-tuned for gaming and voice chat instead of music or movies. Yes, I am demanding the quality of my audio equipment, and for music, I was kind of disappointed. PX24 doesn’t take any responsibility to offer the same excellence for music or movies as the gaming audio.

An Honest Comparison

Turtle Beach PX24 VS PX22

To know how much both the PX22 and PX24 are similar or different, you need to consider some factors.

1. Design

These two are pretty similar in design, where PX22 is mainly black with blue logos, and PX24 comes in gray color with black logos. These boast of offering comfort for a longer duration with their thick headband pads and circular ear cups.

2. Platform Compatibility

Now, this is an essential aspect to compare before purchasing. The PX24 is designed to offer compatibility for multiple platforms like Xbox One, PS4, and PC, whereas the older headset of PX22 was created for Xbox 360, PS3, and PC. The PX24 has USB and 3.5 mm cables, and the USB cable used to connect to PX22 and the PC does not come with a control panel.

3. Mics

The PX22 and PX24 are stocked with Omni-directional microphones, but the mics vary. The mic beam of the PX24 is much more flexible and adjustable than the PX22. Even for ultimate clarity and audibility, both the mics come with changeable mic monitoring for making voice volume adjustments.

4. Gaming Performance

Both the headsets are designed to hear your voice while you speak.

If we consider the virtual surround sound, then both share that, leaving you with adequate space for a competitive edge for varied sound directions in the game’s environments.

50 mm drivers form the part of both PX22 and PX24. Nonetheless, the PX24 has the Super Amp featured, detailed above in the write-up. Both have a decent battery life, but the PX24 has extra modes than the PX22.

Overall, PX24 is a clear-cut winner with a better mic design, enhanced audio quality (due to Super Amp), and multi-platform compatibility. But for PS3 or Xbox 360, this won’t be the right choice.