Turtle Beach Elite 800x Reviews – Explore Upcoming Models

LAST UPDATED: October 18th, 2022 | BY: Stacy Merci

turtle beach 800x reviews

Turtle Beach Elite 800x Headphones - Features & Pros -Cons

An extraordinary wireless headset, Turtle Beach Elite 800 is simply a game-changer. Capable of offering ultimate comfortable experience, it comes equipped with an assortment of features. While playing, gamers can completely immerse into the sound and have a real-time with their mates. It is known for reproducing the home theatre surround sound experience.

Usage of good quality plastic ensures its perfect build quality. On the downside, its active noise cancellation feature doesn’t work well in blocking the outside noise. Rest its other specifications such as design, comfort level, sound quality, mic, battery, etc. are listed below. Based upon it, you can make your buying choice.


The wireless functionality of turtle beach elite 800 makes it stand out from other headsets. With these headsets, you can roam anywhere while playing the game with your teammates. The restriction of being tied to a cable doesn’t persist in these headphones.

It even has Bluetooth and a high latency rate. However, while using the RF base, the latency rate is low which offers an advantage to the gamers when connected through the optical audio connection. It can be easily connected to PS4 and the Xbox One with full chat capabilities.


As far as battery life is concerned, with a single charge, you can enjoy about 10 hours of gaming experience. This implies an average battery performance. The biggest drawback is that it takes too long to get charge and doesn’t even have a power-saving feature to save power.

However, the good side is that you can continue your game while it’s being charged. Also, it comes with a magnetic charging stand on which you can charge the headset and easily store it when not in use.


Turtle Beach Elite 800 comes with a decent design that offers a premium feel to the user. Made up of thick plastic, it is quite heavy and proves a little bit uncomfortable to the user who is resting it on his head for a long period of time.

However, sleek and good to look at, it has a smooth matte finish and thick earcup padding that gives a plush feel. The mics are inbuilt and are absolutely invisible from the outside. For your enhanced gaming experience, you can use a variety of buttons present on both the ear cups.

Other important buttons that prove to be quite useful and handy are noise cancellation button, the volume buttons, and the Bluetooth button. The user needs to be quite cautious as the buttons are somewhat sensitive in nature.

Its major highlight is the base station which is a centre of all the audio connections. It encloses a magnetic charger that gives power to the headset. Therefore, it eliminates the need for cable power for the charging purpose.


The sound system of Turtle Beach Elite 800 comes packed with the DTS Headphone that aims to add hollowness to the sound and the bass turns out to be overpowered. The active noise cancellation feature doesn’t ensure complete elimination of the background noise.

However, if the user is in the secluded place, he can experience a fairly clear sound of the gunshots and explosions. As per your specific needs, you can choose from 4 four sound modes enlisting Game, Movie, Music, and Stereo Mode. In case you are soaked into any game, you can switch to game mode.

Whereas, for drama, action and horror, movie mode is the best suited. If you are wishing for dancing, or listening to music, switch to music and stereo mode. However, in case of no need of any of the above 4 four modes, Switch to the signature sound mode for the best overall performance.


Housing a pair of mic fitted inside the ear cups, the Elite 800 microphone’s quality is satisfactory. The mic can be switched to a quiet room, normal room, loud room, and outdoor room mode as per the specific requirements.


If thinking of buying Turtle Beach Elite 800 headsets, don’t forget to carry out its detailed comparison with other headphones. Let’s have a look

turtle beach 800

Astro A50 Gen 4

Both Turtle Beach Elite 800 and Astro A50 Gen 4 Wireless 2019 are considered to be the headsets used by the elite class. But the latter one is considered better than the former one.

On the other hand, Elite 800 is more versatile than A50 gen 4 as it is more compatible with Bluetooth and features noise cancellation specification too.

The latter one has more upgraded features and offers ultimate comfort to the user. As far as audio quality, microphone, and the aesthetic look is concerned, A50 Gen 4 outnumbers Elite 800.

Turtle Beach Stealth 700

The former one comes equipped with ANC but it can’t reduce unwanted background sounds. When it comes to mic’s functioning, Turtle Beach Stealth 700 has an uppercase.

Both Turtle Beach Elite 800 and Turtle Beach Stealth 700 Wireless has a lot in common. Besides being cheap, they have an average performance rate.

Astro A50 Gen 3

A robust and sturdy built is something that makes it stand out from the crowd. On the downside, Astro A50 Gen 3 Wireless 2017 can’t stream music via Bluetooth while gaming as in Elite 800.

It doesn’t block much background noise as in the case of Elite 800.

As far as functioning and physical traits are concerned Astro A50 Gen 3 Wireless 2017 is far better than Turtle Beach Elite 800.

The functionality of its sound system and the microphone is highly superior and better than Elite 800.

Our Verdict

Largely keeping the requirements of gamers in mind, the design and structure of Turtle Beach Elite 800 headsets are worth applaudable. Its good sound system with optimum performance makes it a good wireless headset. However, there are many other wireless headsets available in the market which shouldn’t be overlooked while purchasing the one.