Turtle Beach PX22 Reviews

I have tested many headsets by now, and when it is about Turtle Beach, the brand surely doesn’t need any introduction to the gaming community. The brand shares a solid fan base, and their PX22 model has also left me, and many others impressed.

I recently reviewed the Turtle Beach Stealth 500P and how promising the Turtle Beach PX22 will be revealed today.

The brand claims that the PX22 is extremely capable, alluring, pocket-friendly, and a clear choice for both single-player and competitive gamers.

They are packed neatly in a blue-themed box, loaded with the AUX input, 50 mm drivers, independent volume controls, and multi-format compatibility.

Let’s check it out!


  • Good sound with 55mm speakers.
  • Innovation microphone.
  • Fits comfortably.
  • Solid noise isolation.
  • Independent volume controls.
  • Value for money.


  • It could be a little more sturdy.

Designed for Comfort

The Turtle Beach PX22 is a solid headset crafted with black plastic, cushioned headband, and snug-fit earcups. Soft faux-leather material is used for the top with a light-colored blue thread, and the company name is embellished on it.

The minute product details make it appear expensive and friendly.

You can say goodbye to sweaty ears as the fabric is comfortable and breathable without causing any discomfort to your head and ears even after prolonged use. The headset clutches your head firmly but is not that strong to cause any discomfort.

With decent dimensions – 7.09 x 5.12 x 1.97 inches and a weight of 8.1 ounces, the Turtle Beach PX22 works impressively for long gaming sessions. Even while traveling, you can use the headset with ease.

There’s a volume controller (uses a 1m cord & a 3.5 mm jack), making it adaptable to being used as headphones too. One additional cable of 3m coming out of the controller keeps you free to use it with your console.

After using the PX22 for longer hours, I can vouch for it as one of the most comfortable but not the most robust ones like its other competitors.

After discussing the design and comfort, the sound quality holds great importance.

Sound and Music Performance

Ear Force PX22

Turtle Beach has been renowned for delivering quality sound for more than 29 years, and even with their PX22, this stays justified. The 50 mm speaker drivers offer brilliant sound performance with solid isolation facilitated by the ear cups.

It is not as efficient as the Sennheiser PC 350 SE but fairly tackles the external sounds without letting much sound leak.

Surround sound and stereo imaging are truthful, and the virtual surround sound also made us glad. The Turtle Beach PX22 is designed to deliver well, as the acid test of gaming proves this.

The PX22 is genuinely exceptional for its price range and proudly matches quite a few expensive headphones our team has reviewed before. Even at a total volume, the bass is well-balanced without showing any signs of distortion.

While gaming, hearing music, or watching movies is another thing you can do, this is not the area they excel. Though one thing worth appreciating is the inline adapter, fine-tune bass, and treble options make the music sound clear and pleasant.

I tried these with music from Flogging Molly and G.F. Handel for getting a decent mix of genres, so it came up well though I had to play treble and bass for a perfect balance every time I used them. Similarly, with the rock music, it sounds a bit distant, and the overall accuracy was improved upon when I turned up the treble and for any low notes getting lost, turning up bass tackled it well.

Overall Gaming Performance

Yes, testing the PX22 for overall gaming performance needed some action, and while wearing them, I played The Assassin’s Creed and Titanfall. I got a clear idea about how the headphones perform for competitive action titles and games where dialogue, orchestral soundtrack, and ambient sounds share a prominent space.

When the bass was turned-up, for both the games, peripherals performed exceptionally well. The firefight in Titanfall was quite involved, cramped with mech suits rattling with wild attacks and the advanced soldiers climbing over the collapsing walls.

While in Assassin’s Creed Unity, it was pretty easy to make out what the French townsfolk were conversing with the husky burbles of guards as they lost their lives to Arno’s hidden blade.

Still, I can’t find any unique feature that makes the Turtle beach PX22 stand out from the crowd compared to its peers.

Microphone Quality

A thin and flexible metal ending is integrated into the mic boom of PX22 (sponge-covered mic), which is easily movable, but the headphone is not easily removable. You may appear slightly foolish if you do not use them as headphones outdoors.

Indeed, this is a plus point as the boom is easily adjustable and sits in its place once moved. Be it gaming or VOIP calls – Voice over Internet Protocol, the headsets flaunt being clear & accurate. Even the noise cancellation is good but is not the best.

The Final Verdict

The pair of headsets offer excellent audio quality at this price range, and I am sure you won’t find anything at par in the gaming headset community that sounds better except a few devoted headphones contributing any considerable refinement.

The headsets worked great with a fabulous microphone and noticeable sound clarity while using Skype on PC and gaming on the Xbox. For taking calls, you can hook it up with your mobile too.

As I talked about the build quality, too, it’s excellent as superior quality plastic and cables are used in the headset construction. Hence, the mixture of these appreciable attributes makes it worthy and adds, making it an impressive package for the user.

Frequently asked questions

Q1. What is Turtle Beach PX22?

Ans1. Turtle Beach PX22 – A noise-isolating wired stereo gaming headset with analog and USB connectors.

Q2. When was Turtle Beach PX22 released?

Ans2. The release date of Turtle Beach PX22 – is April 30, 2013.

Q3. Is Turtle Beach PX22 compatible with Xbox one?

Ans 3. The PX22 is a wired universal amplified stereo headset that shows compatibility with PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, PC/Mac, and Xbox One.