Turtle Beach Recon Spark Review – A Universal Gaming Headset

LAST UPDATED: October 18th, 2022 | BY: Stacy Merci

Turtle Beach Recon Spark reviews

We have reviewed several headsets by Turtle Beach (a brand that doesn’t need any introduction). Like the other ones, the Recon Spark also comes with many expectations.

The headset is massively comfortable, features an innovative design with impressive aesthetics, and is robust and affordable.

Though designed to work on multiple platforms, the Recon Spark is known to lack the desired sound performance.

Principally marketed at female gamers due to its soft color palette and comfort, Turtle Beach has tried its best to keep Recon Spark at par with their products such as Elite Atlas and Recon 70.

This headset is known to stay similar to its other cousins in many aspects. Then how does the Recon Spark position itself differently?

Let’s figure it out.

Turtle Beach Recon Spark Is Created For:

  • All those ardent gamers are searching for a wallet-friendly headset made to work on multiple platforms.
  • Those at-home workers who like to have some flashy or showy color schemes for their Zoom calls.

Turtle Beach Recon Spark

Alluring Design

Undoubtedly, this headset is an eye-catcher!

The white and lavender color theme of Recon Spark is highly captivating, and the firm feel through plastic gives it a premium look. The users appreciate its sturdy flip-up mic with the flexible and easily adjustable metal-reinforced headband.

The Recon Spark is matchless in terms of comfort as it’s one of the comfiest headsets that our team tested. The padded headband, the memory-foam ear cushions, and a glasses-friendly design give it a snug fit while you wear it for the long gaming sessions.

We discovered that those who wear glasses regularly also found this headset very convenient to wear for longer. Indeed, sometimes breaks are needed for the users to relieve the heaviness from their heads.

Overall wearing this headset gave us immense pleasure.

Recon Spark Gaming Performance

Gaming Performance

The overall performance and experience offered by the Recon Spark are no different than other headsets in this category. As such, there are no extra perks in this stereo gaming headset.

We are in no mood to demotivate you, and indeed the Recon Spark is built to suit multiple platforms like the Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4, PS4 Pro, Xbox One, and mobile.

Genuinely, you can use this to meet all your gaming needs. The headset comes with a 3.5mm audio jack and will require an adaptor for the iPhone in case there is no audio jack port that’s already built-in.

We tried several games on the PS4, such as the League of Legends, Dauntless, and Sunset Overdrive on PC, and all of these sounded outstandingly well on the Turtle Beach Recon Spark.

As far as virtual surround sound is concerned, this is somewhat lower than other standards.

For the gaming experience, we have not much to say as it works well and is not so great, but there is nothing wrong with this, and the multi-hour sessions were pretty comfortable.


Sound Quality

You get precise sound though it might trip on some of the similar things like the other headsets. You will observe a significant emphasis in the bass range – 150Hz and a pervading de-emphasis 1000Hz onward.

Nonetheless, these peaks and valleys occur in a limited range, and plausibly no distortions will be noticed by you.

Such a frequency response is terrific for electronic bass music, especially music that isn’t dependent on subtle string elements. While gaming, you should not worry about boosted bass, which usually many of the headsets designed for this suffer.

Boosted bass is portrayed to make all things quite involving, but the reality is this makes loud parts louder, but this will not distort the boom or crash sounds sharp. You will hear the thunder of gunfire and explosions slightly louder but won’t miss any subtle game sounds.

The multi-platform approach and decent comfort are what the Recon Spark offers, but sound performance is not the best. Though it’s 40 mm, drivers do not let the sound get distorted. Henceforth, the audio performance is good but not great.


Microphone Quality

The microphone is error-free for a gaming headset but with some issues like its cousins. The Recon Spark delivered an explicit chat via its high-sensitivity microphone when we tested the voice chat. The mic is slightly quiet and flips up to mute.

In the bass and the mid-range, there is noteworthy de-emphasis around 400Hz, making deep voices sound somewhat distorted. Again, there is nothing wrong exceptionally.


  • Rare gaming headset which works well for TV or music without compromising on the audio quality
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Good sound
  • Multi-Platform compatibility
  • Flip-up Mic


  • Little bulky and warm with huge ear cups
  • Not the most durable one
  • Overall it does the job

Other Alternatives To Turtle Beach Recon Spark

The below mentioned are some promising alternatives to the Recon Spark which you can seriously consider if you aren’t tied to the Turtle Beach:

The Final Verdict:

Recon Spark, a headset known for its attractive design, comfort, and affordability, is sadly turned down due to not-so-promising sound quality.

If your search is for a headset designed for multiple gaming platforms, is robust, and does a fair job, the Recon Spark is for you.

If sound quality is an extremely crucial thing for you; just like the comfort, you could probably try some other headset that performs better.