Turtle Beach Stealth 500P Reviews

LAST UPDATED: April 16th, 2022 | BY: Stacy Merci

Upgrading your headset can undoubtedly let you transform your entire gaming experience. But with the release of new titles, it’s pretty standard for the gamers to get ravished.

With numerous brands popping up today, selecting the right one could be a bit daunting, Do not worry! As we keep you sorted and away from trouble.

Yeah! All those PlayStation lovers can try their hands on the new Turtle Beach 500P, crafted specifically for PS3 and PS4. You can also use it with your PC or mobile phone. Many of the features of this headset are made with the newest technology, such as the latest Dolby virtual surround sound, the wireless set-up, and more, at a wallet-friendly price.

Hence, go from ‘GOOD to GREAT’ with a mighty headset designed for ardent gamers.


The Stealth 500p is crafted using superior-quality plastic material and appears durable. The Turtle Beach logos are embellished with a blue strip highlighting both the ear cups, letting the design look complete and pleasant.

Once the fit is adjusted, the headset stays comfortably on the wearer’s head.

You need to press the Turtle Beach logo on the right cup to switch it on or off. Else all is controlled through the buttons positioned on the right. Two volume controls when the headset is connected to the computer, and on the headset’s right side, a 3.5 mm jack can be plugged in if used with a VITA or PS4.

The charging can be done via a USB cable connecting to the right side, whereas on the left cup dwells the microphone connector.

You can also establish a wireless connection as Turtle Beach Stealth 500p allows a USB dongle to join your Playstation optic port. When not in use, just let the ear cups rest while keeping them handy.

Comfort Level

To set up the Stealth 500p is super easy, especially when it’s ready with the charge. The headphone and microphone volume controls get reciprocated when you use them with your PC as they aren’t designed for this.

Adjusting the headband doesn’t come with any hassles; it is somewhat rigid and less possible to move the headset. The headband edges are slightly pointy, thereby making the adjustments uncomfortable.

The headset fits snugly on your head, and quite a pull is required for getting them in the initial place.

The good part is: that pressure is kept away from your ears as the headset has sufficient cushioning though it may get uncomfortable after prolonged use.

The headband has nothing to do with offering support to the headset, thereby avoiding any pain in your head. The headset is relatively light-weighted, whereas the clamping is tight, so even if there is a hard headbang, they won’t budge.

The volume controls are pretty easy to hit by accident, so a hard volume up/down button or volume wheel is preferable, adding grace.

Overall, the Stealth 500p by Turtle Beach flaunts the proper ergonomics with all controls within the user’s decent reach, thereby being an impressive headset.

Audio Profile + Performance

A good experience of crisp and crystal clear audio through the stereo mode can be enjoyed using the Stealth 500p, offering you a sensible range of 5m approx. (maybe reduced by walls). The headset is designed to deliver a wide variety of listening with a slightly boosted treble and reasonably prominent bass.

The closed-back design and tight seal of the headset ensure the blockage of the external sounds. However, our experts found out that the noise reduction is minutest and not precisely as we expected. But the best thing is there will be no music leakage (with open back headphones) of any sort while traveling in a bus or train, thereby keeping your fellow passengers happy.

While playing with varied audio profiles, the vocal boost does a promisingly great job by bringing voices to the front. I found out that the natural sound profile was adequate, thereby eliminating the requirement of any other boosting profiles.

As far as the surround sound is concerned, we are pretty impressed by it, but not as much as the Z300 (quite evident for the headset’s price tag).

Though we are the supporters of virtual surround sound usage, which brought films and games to life. While competitive gaming, the sounds were tracked decently to know where the enemies were coming from.

The battery life of 15 hours is good enough; if left idle for some minutes, the headset is programmed to power down automatically (saving battery).


  • Impressive surround sound
  • Decent comfort
  • 100% wireless
  • Battery life 15 hours
  • Adequate mic monitoring


  • Fine-tuning chat could be better
  • The signal may drop sometimes

Is it worth it to buy Turtle Beach 500P?

Decent sounds, both the modes: stereo and surround, is what the Turtle Beach 500P is designed to offer.

It’s relatively comfortable and easy to use, though some may find the fit slightly tight. Noise isolation is somewhat missing, and the headset works correctly only with the PS3 & PS4.

So, one-size-fits-all is not the case with the 500P model.

The Final Verdict

Undoubtedly, the Turtle Beach 500P is an ideal start for PS3 & PS4 gamers looking out for stereo and virtual surround sound.

Some may find a bit of an issue with the model ergonomics, but it’s completely worth having it for single-game console types at this price range.