Turtle Beach X 12 Review

Turtle Beach X 12 Review

Turtle Beach claims the model Ear Force X 12 to be an ultimate one for the gamers who are keen to experience:

  • Crystal clear communication
  • Amazing game sound
  • Enhanced comfort and more…

The company still holds a good reputation. The headset delivers decent sound at a budget-friendly price (the deal is better than before) but carries extra weight and depends on USB power; these are the drawbacks.

But some of the users have a different opinion for the same. Some cool features are incorporated into the headset, like the microphone monitoring and the bass boost control, making it more desirable for gamers on a budget.

Some others even say that if you love gaming on your console or PC, then X12 is worth trying.

Let’s read below to find out what the headset delivers!

The purchases can be made directly from Turtle Beach or retailers like Amazon.

Turtle Beach X 12

Product Specifications:

  • Product Specifications
  • Weighs 1.49 pounds
  • Impressive long cable
  • Standard USB amplified power
  • Stereo audio- input/output via 2.5mm jack
  • 20Hz – 20kHz speaker frequency
  • Handy Mute button for group chat
  • Built-in microphone monitor
  • Product dimensions – 6.73 x 8.74 x 3.74 inches


  • Wallet-friendly price
  • Variable Bass Boost
  • Crystal clear microphone
  • Decent gaming and music performance
  • Amplified audio
  • Lightweight and fully adjustable


  • Mostly suitable for gaming
  • Triple wire connections could be more durable
  • USB required
  • Slight audible hiss sometimes
  • Some find it a bit tight

The Turtle Beach Ear Force X 12 looks cool and great with big ear cups that flaunt a winter concealed pattern. The model name and device logo on the X 12 give an excellent look to most headsets, giving a plain black look.

We have personally used the headset and found that a reasonable amount of padding is present on the ear cups and inner headband.

Designed with grace, the headset’s ear cups are significant but not absurd and are covered with a delicate & breathable fabric. The good part is these can fit any ear size with the least fuss where the padding is slightly tight but still doesn’t offer any exceptional comfort.

The swivel feature is somewhat universal in most of the ear cups of headsets of various brands.

The microphone of the Ear Force X 12 is extraordinary. Unlike other headsets, these have an adjustable mic with a two-way process, allowing users to have fine control of where it ends {the microphone is located at the bendable coil’s end).

Fine details of treble & bass are something you won’t be able to control, but with the headset’s convenient dials, the Bass Boost, chat volume, game volume, and a mute button for the microphone sort it all out.

One thing we are not that satiated with is the dominance of connectors. The headset will connect through a 3.5 mm audio + mic jack in the software absence.

It requires a lot of power to operate, and a USB cable is needed to establish connections with your computer or console. Overall not that recommendable for phones or tablets.

Comfort Level

As I always quote this in my write-ups, aspects like comfort are somewhat subjective, varying individually. I have seen some people are comfortable wearing heavy headphones for a longer duration while some get irritable in no time.

But the Ear Force X12 is made to be invariably comfortable for youth, adults, men, and women alike. Turtle Beach wanted these headsets to remain modest for those fierce and lengthy gaming sessions.

The over-ear design, foam cushioning, earpads with breathable fabric, and flexible & adjustable Omni-directional mic let you enjoy wearing this headset.

However, some people may feel some pressure while wearing the headphones for a long time, but overall, they offer decent comfort. You can even use the mic with ease while resting the headphones around your neck.

Audio Performance

The users love the X12 headset’s crystal clear audio. According to many customers, the headset is extremely impressive for gaming or hearing others during a live chat.

Some were so delighted to hear all the sounds with adequate detail that they probably never came across with headsets or speakers. The FPS game lovers appreciate this headset for getting alerted to the minutest footstep sounds.

The surround sound mimic effects are also something that the open world, RPG, and atmospheric game lovers will enjoy.

The microphone sits sensitive, as whatever you shout or speak is picked up quickly by your friends. You have the mute button at hand with more background sounds or irritable noises. The bass boost improves the entire gaming experience on the inline control.

A lot of depth and a life-like feel is added to the war-style and FPS games.

Music & Gaming Performance

The first aspect I noticed in the Ear Force X 12 while hearing music was the background hiss, irrespective of raising the volume. Though this may add some craziness to the listeners, nothing matters more once the music gets started.

Though gaming headsets aren’t made for music carrying stellar fame, those who have designed Ear Force X 12 have done something great. The music delivered is not only full of richness and vibrance but attributes bass boost assuring a sufficient amount of sound for the type you choose to listen to.

A fantastic balance is present between the instruments and vocals. I love listening to Operas and classical music. To my happiness, all this complex music has sounded genuinely pleasing while using this gadget.

No detailed equalization options or devoted software is present in Ear Force X12, but the bass boost feature handles the bass you wish to hear.
I tested the headset with Assassin’s Creed and Titanfall, and the results were good for more cinematic action games and competitive multiplayer alike.

I tested it again while having a Skype chat with a coworker, and the microphone sounded fresh & crispy. For the microphone adjustments, I just used the flexible arm of the X12, and everything turned out to be super easy.

Wrap up:

Overall, Ear Force X 12 by Turtle Beach is excellent, and you can invest with confidence. Except for slight drawbacks, the headset is backed with brilliant ratings, and honest user reviews also support the same.

At this price range, you can just, it’s genuinely a rockstar, and you can wet your feet with

Ear Force X12. Seriously, they deliver an outstanding sound!