Turtle px4 reviews

LAST UPDATED: September 7th, 2021 | BY: Stacy Merci

Listening to music is one of my greatest passions, and for this reason, I experiment with new sets of headphones every now and then.

While there are numerous varieties of headsets available online, the Turtle PX4 headphones, which I have come across lately, seem to stand out, by virtue of their price, easy usage, and attractive features. Buying a good set of headphones is not as simple as it may seem.

As you certainly need to make sure that they fit around your ears and over your head giving you plenty of comfort while you wear them. You also need to ensure that they are portable and durable, lasting for a long time and giving you value for the money that you spend on their purchase.

The Turtle beach PX4 headphones are readily adjustable, can be set up with ease and come with numerous control features that allow you to maneuver and use this headset with convenience.

To know more about whether, or not the Turtle PX4 headphones can be a good product for you to buy, read on.

turtle beach px4 reviews

What are the features of the PX4? How is it Beneficial?

Visually Appealing and Easy to Set Up 

The Turtle Beach PX4 headphones are characterized by instant aesthetic appeal. The slick branding and the matching color scheme of the PS4’s will make you instantly aware of the fact that you have procured a top-quality product. The Turtle beach PX4 headphones can be set up without hassle.

A wired connection default setup is what the Turtle beach PX4 headphones is characterized by, which allows you to connect the device to a USB power port, and an entertainment console simultaneously.

The wireless receiver that comes with this set of headphones, allows audio inputs as well, which enables you to use a regular speaker with these headphones, if you so desire.

There are many preset equalizer settings that you can choose from, when using the Turtle beach Px4 headphones, by simply pressing on a single button in the control panel.

While there is a total number of six present options available at your disposal, you can also opt for a standard stereo figuration, to keep things simple.

Compatible with Most Entertainment Consoles and comfortable on the Ears

A key feature, and perhaps an important benefit of the Turtle beach Px4 headphones is the fact that it is compatible with just about any and every gaming console. This is a set of headphones that you can use with the Xbox One as well as Xbox 360 Elite.

There is also an ample amount of passage or space that is contained within the headband of the Turtle beach Px4, making this set of headphones quite comfortable, for you to wear. Typical leather coverings around the ear cups have been avoided, and mesh covering has been used in its place.

The mesh material is breathable in nature and keeps your ears comfortable and cool, even when they are surrounded by ear cups.

Wireless and Bluetooth Connectivity

The Turtle beach PX4 headphones are entirely wireless in nature, which means that you can roam freely in your room, enjoying any entertainment of your choice, when using these headphones.

The Px4 headphones work on Dolby Surround technology and allows you to link them easily to a PS4 controller, to engage in voice chatting during a gaming session. There is a detachable microphone that comes with the Turtle beach PX4 headphones that makes it especially suitable for voice chatting while multitasking.

Yet another standard feature of the Turtle beach PX4 headphones is Bluetooth connectivity. This feature makes the pairing of your headphones with a phone of your choice, quite an easy process.

The adapter that comes with the Turtle beach Px4 headphones enables you to connect these to any entertainment console, using a cable.

It is possible to connect the PX4 headphones to more than two devices at a given time, and you can easily use them when traveling or on the go, as these are not cumbersome and large like conventional headphones.

Excellent Control Options

In-gaming control options and chat volume indicator are two other unique features of the Turtle beach PX4 headphones that can make their use quite beneficial for use. Such features give you full control over the audio, the chat mix, the power button of the device and the Bluetooth buttons that are located along the earcups.

Sound quality, including surrounding sounds can be easily adjusted using the control options on the PX4, allowing you to control the direction in which the sound is coming from, right into your ears, for maximum effect and exposure.
turtle px4 reviews

Comparison with other Headphones

The control features of the Turtle beach PX4 headphones are slightly more complex than the features of other headphones available in the market. There are two wheels that are to be used for adjusting volume levels and a set of additional seven buttons are provided for various other functions.

This may be a disadvantage or an advantage depending on your preferences, as most other headphones only have a set of volume buttons, and two to three additional buttons at the most.

The sound quality of the Turtle beach PX4 headphones is reasonably good but is not as great as other headphones as the Sennheiser CX headphones or the Boat Rockerz wireless earphones.

The lack of a noise canceling microphone, which is a feature that is present in the Sennheiser CX earphones for instance, is another reason why the Turtle beach PX4 headphones are not the best headphones in the market today.

The Sennheiser CX is a set of headphones that is capable of operating at high levels of frequency, unlike the Turtle beach PX4, and this along with its noise canceling microphone feature, gives it an edge over the Turtle beach PX4 headphones.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How do I use the Turtle Beach Px4 headphones?
Ans. You need to press and hold down the pair button that is located on the transmitted, for about 5 seconds, until the power link on the transmitted rapidly flashes. Then release and press down over the power button for about six seconds, until you hear a beep for the second time, then release again. You will see the headset link flash quite rapidly.

Q2. How do I connect the Turtle Beach PX4 headphones to my computer using Bluetooth?
Ans. You need to go to the settings option on your PC, and on the devices tab, followed by the connected devices tab. Then you need to press and hold down the connect button that features on your headset until the LED light that is located on your headset has started to flash.

Q3. Are the Turtle Beach PX4 headphones capable of being used on phones?
Ans. Yes, the Turtle Beach PX4 headphones are easily compatible with phones. You need to ensure that this headset is running on new firmware and that it has been customized according to your preferences, with Turtle Beach Audio Hub, if you are using an android phone.

Q4. Can my Turtle Px4 Headphones work on PS5?
Ans. Yes, the Turtle beach PX4 headphones are compatible with a wide range of both PS4 as well as PS5 devices.


To conclude, the affordable price of the Turtle beach PX4 headphones, the fact that these come with Bluetooth and wireless connectivity options, are convenient to set up, are easy on the head and the ears, and have in-gaming control options, makes their use quite desirable.