Best Wireless TV Speakers For Hard of Hearing – Multi Purpose 2023

LAST UPDATED: January 5th, 2022 | BY: Stacy Merci

The Hearing Impaired can hear their Television Better!!! Of course, with some of the best wireless TV speakers created with current innovative technology.

These offer absolute convenience to those who do not like or prefer to wear headphones and want to get rid of the discomfort of headset listening systems.

These wireless speakers work well as hearing aid and can be placed directly beside you. These speakers function to transmit sound from your TV to a speaker and this won’t bother other family members too if the TV volume is raised high.

People with hearing issues need not worry about missing out on their favorite music, TV shows, or movies as we have done extensive research, reviewed some real user reviews, and collected authentic data along with the manufacturer’s reputation to provide you with the best speakers ever made and your money can buy.

Let us plunge into the details:

Some Of The Best Wireless TV Speakers For Hearing Impaired

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Top 6 TV Speakers For Hearing Impaired Reviewed

★ Premium Choice ★

tv sound amplifier

1. ZVOX SB380 Aluminum Sound Bar TV Speaker

The ZVOX SB380 Aluminum Sound Bar comes with AccuVoice Dialogue Boost and has a built-in sub-woofer- 30 day home trial. Want to know the price of this supreme quality speaker, click here.

The users really appreciate this little performer, and this is a perfect combo of everything you require, is super-slim- 3.3”, sturdy aluminum piece.

The sounds are controlled in the digital unit itself and this confirms clarity for all sounds such as the voices, sound effects, and background music.

The built-in subwoofer keeps the tones rich and the Accuvoice facilitates great sound clarity during dialogue. This is not a very expensive option and will suit every buyer’s budget too.

Bottom Line: You get a quality product and a great value together when you buy this one.


  • Crisp dialog audio in one slim cabinet, subwoofer/bass plus clear.

  • You can try it with confidence with the 3-day home trial offer.

  • Digitally controlled amplifier makes the output sound enjoyable and clear.

  • Super slim shape, made with sturdy aluminum.


  • Numerous users are satisfied with it except a few for some durability issues.

★ Editor’s Pick ★

wireless tv speakers for hard of hearing

2. ZVOX SoundBase 440 28" SoundBase TV Speaker

The SoundBase 440 features extra length for TVs that are up to 55” in width. ZVOX is a brand you can trust and this model is just one slim cabinet with no external speakers or speaker wires.

The subwoofer provides great bass on movies and music and the output leveling feature tames loud commercials.

The 3 speakers make it quite worthy, and the sound output is quite satisfying for everyone who hears. Interested in this Click here for the current price.

Like the other ZVOX models, this one is backed-up with a 30-day home trial.

Bottom Line: This model sits remarkably with amazing hearing aid technology, and is manufactured by a brand that you can trust. As researched well this is our personal favorite due to its sleek design and excellent bass quality.


  • Works great with most TVs to 55” in size.

  • AccuVoice features uses hearing aid technology.

  • Built-in sub-woofer for amazing bass.

  • Includes three speakers.

  • Supreme quality room-filling 3D sound.


  • A satisfying product, except for one who complained about the low-sound quality after using for some time.

★ With Upcoming Features ★

tv speakers for hearing impaired

3. Serene Innovations TV-SB Wireless Listening Speaker

This is an appreciable device to hear TV better. Bluetooth is not required either. You just attach it simply to your TV through wifi and listen to the amazing sound.

This great system works with Bluetooth or without it. That’s a real plus for those who want simple radio frequency operation. You don’t need WiFi either –– simply connect to your TV and listen to the great sound. Want to know more about this Click here.

One good thing about this is that it is compatible with every famous TV brand. This rechargeable and the speaker knob is designed to work on its own. This is extremely easy to connect and this has cables of different colors to ensure that you set everything orderly.

Bottom Line: The Serene Innovations is certainly a model that is filled with appreciable attributes and is a complete package of upcoming features that cannot be missed.


  • Doesn’t require a Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

  • Easy cable installation.

  • Works up to 100 ft. away from TV.

  • Compatible with nearly all TV brands.


  • Great convenience with no major drawbacks.

★ Budget Pick ★

tv speakers for hard of hearing

4. Sanwo Bluetooth Speaker Bar Wired

You can enjoy the stereo booming sound with a sound bar of superior quality. You can just feel the real scene of your favorite movies, shows, and sports with dramatic bass.

This is combined with speakers of great quality and the sound bar has a fantastic 3D stereo surround sound performance. Flexible, fashionable, and portable design that suits any home decoration. Check more about this, click here:

The sound bar is 10W, you can turn the speaker’s toggle switch to the right to increase the volume. Later on, use the volume button on the TV remote to adjust the volume. By using a remote control you can control the speaker by the button.

Bottom Line: With a price tag of just $39.99 this speaker is the most economical in our list. The only thing is that if it doesn’t have the AUX or RCA then it will be unable to connect with the speaker. Overall a good speaker with some good features.


  • Supports devices with Bluetooth.

  • Excellent sound performance.

  • Sound bar is 10W.

  • Built-in rechargeable battery.


  • The TV needs to have 3.5mm AUX output or RCA output to connect with speaker.

★ Unique Design ★

best tv speakers for hard of hearing

5. Audio Fox -Wireless TV Speakers

Proudly manufactured in the United States, this is a new and innovative patented design in external wireless TV speakers for hearing impaired. They show compatibility with any TV audio output.

They feature thin adjustable steel straps, enclosed in Vinyl that help in holding the unit in place and a desired distance can be maintained from the ears. Click here to check out the current price of these special TV speakers.

The Audio Fox uses broad spectrum hopping technology between 30-channels in order to search the clearest 2.4 MHz frequency available. This doesn’t require line of sight and you just need to plug the transmitter into the audio port of the television and an 110V power outlet.

These are backed-up with a 30-day money back guarantee along with a one-year warranty.

Bottom Line: These uniquely designed TV speakers are quite convenient to use. By just plugging in power up your receiver, and you get personal volume control while the others can continue to listen at their own desired level.


  • Hear the TV without filling the room with sound.

  • Easy to install as one simple connection works.

  • Watch TV without wearing inconvenient headphones.

  • Allow others to keep the room volume where they want.


  • According to one user may fall short on durability.

Important Things To Be Kept In Mind Before You Buy Right

Some of the key aspects that are essential to consider prior to your purchase of the best tv listening devices for hearing impaired. Let us get straight to the point:

1. Radio Frequency or Infrared

Both these are the most common choices as a TV hearing aid. They are often used as both of them are fairly inexpensive, easy to set-up, use, and readily available.

The technology is made in two parts:

  • A transmitter that you can plug-in your TV back.

  • A receiver that will deliver the sound directly to your receiver.

tv listening devices for hearing impaired reviews

One more benefit is that both these can be used without a hearing aid. IR systems could be slightly limiting as they require a line of sight. Whereas the radio frequency transmits the audio wirelessly through the FM waves (from television near to the listener). Just note that the listener may not be in the room as can hear wherever they are and just need to be in the product range.

2. Power Supply

A power supply of about 110V is used by the speakers of the TV Ears and Audio Fox. You can conveniently plug them into an electrical outlet without worrying about the batteries being worn out.

A lithium rechargeable battery is used by the sound box speaker and comes built-into the speaker offering a life of 8 hours approx. Whenever there is an indication of the battery running low with the light then it needs to be placed back into the base for a charge.

3. Compatible With Your TV

All the recommended products in the article are compatible with your TV brands (any). But there could be some TV set-ups that may be complicated, then you need to check up with the manufacturer before you purchase your wireless speaker.

The audio output jacks at the TV back need to be accessed. If the sets are older which have no outputs, mostly possess optional microphones that can be placed next to the TV speaker.

Accessing the ports could be troublesome for a wall-mounted TV model. Check the compatibility feature thoroughly for making an educated-decision.

tv listening devices for hearing impaired reviews

4. Range

Infrared technology is used by the TV Ears Speaker and the SoundBox speakers. This is the line of sight and the functioning of this should be in liaison with the transmitter.

The working of this is similar to that of a television remote control. Though the range becomes somewhat limited with this, this won’t affect much if your plan is not to be around much.

5. Sound Quality

The sound quality offered by these speakers is usually good and in case you are particular about sound then the SoundBox boasts of the best quality.

The speakers tend to be closer to the ears of the listener, as the volume is not supposed to be cranked up making the sound unappealing.

device to hear tv better

6. Design

The general speakers and the TV listening speakers that are designed for the hearing impaired differ slightly.

General speakers tend to amplify the sound coming from the TV and make it feel and appear like any other speaker type. Though Audio Fox is an exception to this with its unique design.

The biggest distinguishing factor between these two speakers is that the latter come with a clarifying software that adds more clarity to the hearing voices from the TV.

7. Easy setup and use

Most of these are easy to set up and use with not a very complicated process. For modifying the device tone usually there is a large knob to make self-adjustments. Follow the manufacturer instructions before you do the set up as this will make the entire process easy.

The transmitter should be plugged-in the TV back. Make the necessary attachments of audio port and cables for ensuring the appropriate connection.

You can also use the on, off, or mute options on the products. Hence, these are quite easy to operate.

8. Warranty

These devices usually come with a limited warranty of one-year along with a 30-day money-back guarantee. While the TV Ears provide unexceptionally long 5-year limited warranty.

Wrap Up: 

The wireless TV speakers are designed with brilliant engineering and innovative design which are worth buying.

Out of the plethora of options, you can select the one that suits your style and requirement parameters. Not only these speak of style but are also recommended by experts for people who possess hearing issues or loss.

They come with innumerable benefits and ease of use, so owning one by those who need it the most becomes quintessential.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Are Sound Bars Worth The Investment For Hearing Impaired?

Ans1. The soundbar designed and produced by ZVOX SB380 is a great option for people having hearing issues. People who are hearing impaired can enjoy a better listening and viewing experience. There are other great models of wireless TV speakers that you can check in the above write-up.

Q2. Does A Sound Bar Upgrade Tv Sound?

Ans2. The answer to this is a straight yes, as the easiest way to upgrade your TV sound is to use a soundbar. This is easy to install and worth every penny spent. The immersive sound of a full surround-sound system (with separate speakers installed in each corner of the room) can’t be matched to that of a single bar of the speaker and a subwoofer.

Q3. Are Wireless Tv Speakers Worth Buying?

Ans3. Wireless TV speakers are worth every penny spent for experiencing better audio quality. Certainly, you will get higher fidelity audio for movies and music both and a superior quality soundbar promisingly offers this.

Q4. Which Is The Ideal Sound Bar For A 55 Inch Tv?

Ans4. It is advised that you buy a soundbar that is sized between 40 to 50 inches. Since a 55 inch TV will feature a width of 47.8 inches approximately.