Widex Evoke Reviews – Models and Comparison 2021

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Widex was founded in Denmark in 1959 by Dr. Jorgen Widenhouse, who named his company after his initials (W+D). The company has grown since then into a worldwide establishment selling its products in over 100 countries. It was developed to create hearing aids that could be tailored for each user, which had never before been done on this level. His idea was to build a device that could be adjusted for a person’s specific hearing impairment.

Over 90% of those needing a product have moderate to severe hearing loss in the global hearing aid industry. In 2010, Widex launched their first line of Made for iPhone hearing aids which provides another platform for the company to advance its products and technology as a whole. In addition to this, Widex has been under significant transformation in the past few years, which has included several management changes and a company rebranding.

Being the leader of digital scanning and 3D printing in hearing aids, Windex is known for its behind-the-ear and in-the-ear design to overcome mild to profound hearing loss. Further, available in many more models, the brand is getting popular for its EVOKE model.

widex evoke

Reasons to choose Evoke Model:

  • The broad evoke line has a rechargeable battery built into it which makes it convenient for day-to-day use.
  • They are also very compact and lightweight, just like the first model of all Widex hearing aid lines – the Widex primax mini.
  • The comprehensive evoke aids offer directional microphones that help focus on what you want to hear – without any effort from your side.
  • The wide evoke works with the Widex command center, a unit that allows two-way communication between you and your doctor or audiologist. You can go to an appointment for programming updates or troubleshooting if there are changes in your hearing or have the unit shipped to you when you are traveling.
  • The comprehensive evoke line is one of the few that can be taken into the shower or bath because it is waterproof.
  • The comprehensive evoke aids come with up to 6 programs, which can be customized for different listening situations. However, they cannot be programmed for each ear individually.
  • The broad evoke line has Bluetooth capabilities if you want to pair them with your cell phone, but they don’t have the “hear through” feature that allows you to blend sound from your hearing aids with the sound around you so that you don’t have to take them out when in a crowded environment).
  • The broad evoke line also offers telecoil connectivity, but only in the T and M models.

What could have been better?

  • Their directional microphones are not as sophisticated as some other brands.
  • These hearing aids can be pretty expensive if you purchase them from an audiologist (even with coverage through medicare) and even more so when paying out of pocket for them.
  • It does not offer any direct purchase from the website.

Final Thoughts:

The comprehensive evoke hearing aids are prevalent because of their lightweight design, stylish colors, and features. They come in all colors of the rainbow, but there will be no matching behind your ear or body tube to blend with your skin color. Providing you with your daily comfort could be an excellent investment.

Known for their quality, evoke hearing aids will broadly vary between $1300 to $1800. Offering remote care with tinnitus therapy enhances the care. Suitable for all age groups, the hearing aids are app-based control.

Widex EVOKE Model Comparison

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The Widex Evoke hearing aids are designed to be custom aid compatible with several different sets of ear molds. Six different sets of ear molds for the Widex Evoke hearing aids have been designed so that you can find a set that fits both your ears and your personal style.

  • The standard formable earmolds are made from soft silicone, which can be molded while wet to fit the exact shape of your ear canal. These standard ear molds are available in small or large sizes, with an optional frequency lowering or t-mold available for the left-only hearing aid size.
  • The other five sets of earmolds are built differently, each with its unique style. This includes the low-profile ear (similar to the standard formable mold) and the ultra-low profile ear for those who want their hearing aids to be as discreet as possible.
  • The relaxed-fit earmolds are designed with an open back, which allows them to remain in place while you speak or remove them without pushing on your eardrums. This makes it easier to wear open-fit earmolds all day long without discomfort.
  • The micro-thin earmold is a semi-transparent material that allows you a clear view of each piece when they’re in your ears while also being much more discreet than traditional hearing aid tubing.
  • Finally, the thin tube ear mold is designed to be as small and discreet as possible.

Widex EVOKE Technology Levels

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Features of Evoke model in depth

Compact size:

The Widex Evoke hearing aids are designed to be invisible. The slim profile is only 14mm deep, which makes it smaller than other open-fit manufacturers. It’s also very low on power consumption, making it an excellent choice for those who don’t want to recharge batteries throughout the day.

Direct Feedback suppression:

In addition to the speech enhancement, the Widex Evoke features some other technologies to help make your hearing experience more natural and hearing aid-friendly. The Direct Feedback Suppression feature allows you to hear what you’ve said while also letting you know if you’re speaking too loudly or at a high pitch. This helps reduce shouting and harsh sounding voices.

Evoke Smartphone app:

The Widex Evoke range of hearing aids uses the free Evoke smartphone app, which can further enhance your listening experience. The advanced digital signal processing allows you to control noise suppression, high-frequency boost, and feedback cancellation.

The app can also play phone calls directly into your hearing aid in many different ways, including using the phone’s built-in speaker, using your hearing aid as a telecoil or wireless headset, or through Bluetooth connectivity, which makes it easier to hear callers on the other end of the line.

The app communicates with your hearing aids wirelessly and can be downloaded onto devices running either iOS (7.1 and above) or Android (4.3 and above).

Widex Evoke Smartphone App

DEX wireless audio streaming accessories:

The audio streaming function of the app can be used to enhance your listening experience even further with compatible DEX audio streaming accessories. These accessories allow you more options for listening to music by using wireless Bluetooth technology to play music directly into your hearing aids or through any pair of traditional headphones.

The DEX streaming accessory range includes many products, such as the DEX 2.0 that lets you stream music from compatible smartphones or tablets through wireless Bluetooth technology; DEX 3.0, which is a wireless communication accessory that lets you stream hands-free calls and music directly into your hearing aids and the small lightweight miniDEX which can be used to turn standard headphones into wireless Bluetooth stereo headsets.


The modern design of the Evoke range means that the hearing aids have a shallow profile and can be worn in a variety of ear shapes without being too visible or bulky. They also come with the latest wireless connectivity features, which enable you to stream music wirelessly from any Bluetooth enabled device as well as make and receive hands-free phone calls directly through your hearing aids.

As with all Widex hearing aids, Evoke RICs come with an industry-leading ten-year warranty period. The range has been designed for many clients, including those who require a discreet solution, need a more comfortable fit, or require streaming functionality.


The Widex Evoke range of hearing aids offers an invisible, compact solution perfect for a wide range of clients. The low profile design and wireless connectivity combination make the Widex Evoke hearing aids a great option no matter the wearing style, lifestyle, or budget.

The wireless connectivity means that you can stream music from compatible smartphones, tablets, or devices through wireless Bluetooth technology and make and receive hands-free phones.



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